CSC Placement-Paper

Hi all

First of all I would like to thank Freshersworld since it proved to be a great help in my preparation for placements.

CSC visited our campus in second week of Feb 2012 for placement drive.

The profile they offered was for remote infrastructure management(RIM) and the package they offered was 3.25 lpa.

After the corporate presentation of about 30 min, back to back written test for aptitude, technical skill and essay writing were conducted.

Duration of  Aptitude test was of  40 min. it comprised of questions from

1.Time and distance

2.Simple puzzles like completing the square matrix for specific sum along column and rows.


4. Permutation and combination.

5. Percentage.

6. Ratios.

7. Average of numbers.

8. Venn diagram.

9.  Time and work.

10. Statement comprehension.

11. Rearranging sentences for a meaningful paragraph.

12. Word meaning in the form of fill in the blanks, word meaning same as, opposite etc.

13. Simple logical deduction from functions or statements.

In all there were 40 questions of one mark each. There was no negative marking.

Technical question paper was of the same format as earlier papers available on freshersworld.

It comprised of 75 question to be answered in 50 min.

The major topics were from :

C language and logic. Most of them were repeated or of the same form as in earlier papers.

Microprocessors,  logic gates, DBMS, Operating system, networks, few questions were from physics like ferromagnetic substance etc.  A basic know how of each subject is required to score a good total.

The questions were either easy or  moderately difficult. C questions were tough .  So the advice is to go through all the basics thoroughly and study past 3 year papers of the same.

Then there was essay writing of 150-200 words.  Four optional topics were given and and the time given was 10 min. Since we were given technical question paper and essay topics at the same time we had good time to think and write.

Then was the GD round where all the students who  got through the previous rounds were divided in batches of 10-12. Each one in a batch was given a chance  to speak on a given topic or him/herself for 2-3 min.

They may compromise on your technical skill but they will not compromise with bad communication skills. So speak with a cool mind, clearly, confidently and with ease. What you speak is of little importance in comparison to how you speak.

After the GD shortlisting there was a technical interview.

It was not very tough. Be clear with your project and simple program logics done in first year.

After that there was an HR round which was very easy. Simple questions about family, bond, job location were asked. Watch out for questions like: if u were selected in previous companies on campus why r u here? They can prove to be a reason of elimination.

Finally out of 280 students 55 were given offers.

I was not offered although I got through all the rounds coz I was reluctant to work in the profile they were offering. I expressed this after a good discussion about the profile in the technical round.

All the best to  those preparing for CSC placement drive.

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