CSC Placement-Paper

The Whole process of selection involved 5 stages

1. General Aptitude
2. Technical Aptitude
3. GD
4. Technical Interview
5. HR Interview
I. General Aptitude (40 Qs, 40 mins)
This Section involved aptitude questions such as the following
1. Sudoku. you need to fill-up the table using the hint(addition of row, column, diagonal =15) and available cell values. its easy. if you figure it out, you can answer
five questions correctly.
2.If y=MAX((3x+y),(11x-y)) then what’s the value of y?
3.1 Que. on book arrangement. if u find out the series you can ans five ques. correctly.
4.2 Ques. on Probability, ages
5. Ages
6. Venn diagram –> Out of 100 students, 45 do not know typing, 60 know shorthand. 25 know both 6 do not know anything then find out haw many know both?
7. if  f(y,0)=y+1, f(o,x)=x; f(y,x)=f(f(y,0),f(2*y-1))  then find f(1,1),f(2,3),f(3,0); 3 question based on this. Its very very simple…
8. 1 Ques on Percentage : Price of a book increases 15% successively (2times) what is the new price of the book more compared to that of the old price:
a)32.25%    b)23.34%    c)36%    d)39%
9. 2 Questions based on Time and speed.
10. Passage and questions…
II. Technical Aptitude:
This section consisted of questions from C (Pointers, files, strings, arrays),Micro Processors ( most of the ques) ,RDBMS, SOFTWARE ENGINEERING, Networks etc…some of the questions are

1. main(){

float fl = 10.5;

double dbl = 10.5

if(fl ==dbl)

    printf(“UNITED WE STAND”);


   printf(“DIVIDE AND RULE”)


what is the output?

a)compilation error b)UNITED WE STAND c)DIVIDE AND RULE d)linkage error.   Ans : b

2. main()


void vpointer;

char cHar = ‘g’, *cHarpointer = “GOOGLE”;

int j = 40;

vpointer = &cHar;


vpointer = &j;

printf(“%d”,*(int *)vpointer);

vpointer = cHarpointer;

printf(“%s”,(char*)vpointer +3);


what is the output?

a)g40GLE  b)g40GOOGLE c)g0GLE d)g4GOO    Ans: a

3. .#define FALSE -1

#define TRUE 1

#define NULL 0

main() {



else if(FALSE)





what is the output?

a)NULL b)TRUE c)FALSE d)0      Ans: a


4.what is done for push operation?? Ans: Stack Pointer in incremented and value is stored



5.The OR gate can be converted to the  NAND function by adding—-gate(s)to the input of the OR gate.




6.combination of LOGIC GATEs


7.voltage requirment for pentium preocessor  ??

8.K6 processor is from which company????


9.more questions on microprocessors, Data structures, Prepored, postorder, Networks(piggypagging), SQL, Superkey..etc i could not remember…

GD was conducted mainly to check our comm. skills. they allotted time to everyone to give a short talk on a topic chosen…it was nice..
IV Technical Interview:
Questions on Pointers, OOPS concepts, Deff b/w DBMS and RDBMS, Projects you have done (UG&PG), OS (UNIX,WIN), etc..
V HR Interview
1. Tell me about yourself???
2.How did u write your written test??? -i said “i did well mam” and i asked for the marks..
3.Why CSC??
4.Family background??
5.R u ready to work anywhere inside/outside india?? i gave a big “Yes mam”   [ in b/w tea came and i was offered a cake]
6.why didnt u go to previous companies??
7.when i  asked for time of result “Result will be announced around 6:30 p.m”. she said..
8. Thank you mam….
 since i was the first person interview stsrted around 3:30 pm. finally around 9:00 pm results were announced. 24 were got selected. I’m one among them…i was so happy.. thanked god…see you at CSC Expericnce. Results.
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