Aptitude Interview Practice Paper

Hai Frinds,

1. The first round is an aptitude paper 30 questions in 30 minutes: The paper is one of its kind that i have ever seen. It consists of everything. The questions are divided into 4 classes namely A, B, C and D.

The D level questions are the simplest and will fetch u only one mark while the A level questions are very lengthy and conceptual, however will fetch u the maximum number of marks i.e four. The D level questions are very very simple, as simple as look and answer.
For example: 4 pictures are given and looking at them u have to answer which once is different from the rest of the 3. Another simple question of this type is the one in which there is a pool of figures such as pentagon, hexagon, rectangle and square and below this pool value of each figure is written. U have to calculate the value of the pool by counting the no of figures and replacing them with there values.

The C level questions are from R.S Agg, simple questions based on percentage, profit lose, time and work and number problems basically there to check ur ability to deal with quantitative problems. I suggest u to go through the solved examples of R.S Agg and practice some questions based on the same.

The A and B level questions are based on Logical Reasoning where the Level B questions are simpler than the level A questions. I could hardly solve any A level question. You need to solve atleast 15 questions to seek ur chances of getting to the next round.

2. The second round is an HR interview: Its a general HR interview in which u could be asked simple HR questions based on ur resume, some situational based questions like design a mobile phone for deaf and dumb, some basic technical questions. You cannot get eliminated from this round unless u can’t speak english.

3. Third round is another HR/ Basic Technical Round: You would be
interview by a Japanese HR, they would judge ur basic technical skills, discuss ur projects. I felt if this round was just to make sure that ur profile matches the profile that u have been called for.

4. Fourth Round/ Core Technical round: This was a core technical round
which revolved around all the technical stuff that u could possibly dream of. U could be asked to design a module and then implement it on the computer. Mind u they not only check ur basics but penetrate to the insights of the topics aswell. They may also ask u puzzles to check how logically strong u are.

5. Fifth Round/ Technical + HR: The last round here is the technical cum HR round. Here in the HR was an old japanese person who finally asks u any thing and everything of technical and HR, they won’t be satisfied if u can make the program but they would be satisfied if u can make an optimized program. U don’t have to be the master of the trade but one with very very good logical skills. They want you to do things quick and smart and that too in a compact manner. A simple program of ( if else ) in C can also be written through ( ?  : ), use the latter option because it makes the size of the program small and thats what they love.

Once u are through all the rounds u would be offered a package which can smartly be negotiated.

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