Hello friends
I am from GJUS&T
i had attended  iGATE  campus at chitkara engineering college.
It  has three stages :
1.)general aptitude: it has 15 subjective questions that are to completed in 30 mins.

Ques can be:-
a. what is the sum of the nos b/w 100 to 1000 that  are divisible by 14?
b. if a boy travels 5km at 30kmph and 6km at 24kmph what is its avg speed?
c. what is the value,by which radius and height hould be increased so that volume of the cylinder remains the same,given that radius is 3cm and height is 5cm?
d. if in 49litre of mixture contais water and milk in the ratio2:7 ,and after that 14litre of pure milk was added ,what is the new ratio?
e. if day before yesterday was sunday then what will be the day after tomorrow?
f. if price of sugar is increased 20% then by how much should richa reduce the quantity ,so that expenditure remains the same?
g. if min man sab=dancing and singing ,if  add sab got = dancing with me and fgh man ter=singing is good then what represents and?
h. if a can do work in 15 days ,b can co work in 10 days ,if a,b and c started doin work ,and they completed it in 5 days ,there master paid them 720 rs find the share of c?
i. if in a hostel there are 36 boys and thery have some expenditure spent over them,if no of boys increased by 4 and expediture is increased by 4 and then expeniture per head is decreased by 1,then find the original expenditure?
j. if  a wheel traveled 1.1 km in 560 revolutions then what is the area of the wheel?
k. if a train 1km long crossed aplatform 3km long in 10min then what is the speed of that train?
l. if  a is 7th from the top ,b is 3 rank behind a,c is 7 rank behind b and, d is fourth from the bottomand 32 behind c.what are the no of students in class?
There are three more simple questions that i dont remember after that there is technical round that contains 7persons in separate cabins taking interview at the same time, its ur luck, to which person u go…
Questions asked are from dbms,from aptitude test taken ,datstructure,simple flowcharts will be shown and o/p will be asked…
stick to the basics do revise normalizatin and rdbms…

The above round was the elimination round and they will see ur communication skills……they will concentrate on ur apti power….after that ,if u are recommended you have to face HR, it is a mere formality if u look confident and have good communication skills…….
they will ask
why igate?
describe urself?
name ceo of igate?
why should i select u?
what  are ur weakness and strengths and give related examples? well thats all be prepared

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