Motorola Telephonic Interview

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Motorola Telephonic Interview
The selection procedure starts with a call from Motorola. this is a telephonic interview round. They will ask you general questions such as your hobbies, your goals in life etc etc
This is just to judge your communication skills. When I was appearing for the round, one of my seniors guided me through the entire process. I will put all that guidance in square brackets.
[[For the interview, do not mention that you are interested in software or R&D, as soon as you say that, your file is closed.]]
This has been verified with some of my friends, who said this and did not get a call, even though they have very good communication skills.
[[it would be really great, if you read books or write blogs. Do make a mention of this, it will really help.]]
[[try to find out what is is patents and what are the various steps involved in the patenting process.]]
If you do all of the above, you would surely get a call (given that you have good written and oral communication skills.]]

Motorola Written Round
This round happens at the Motorola’s Gurgoan office.
It is typically a subjective round lasting 2-3 hours.
During this round you are given two technologies to compare and contrast and to write an essay as to why you want to be a patent engineer.
the technology at my time was quite simple (related to USB and some data lines). Just remeber to clearly write the similarlities and dissimilarties, do not tabulate the result.
Make sure your sentences are gramitically correct and write short sentences. Crisp sentences will help you futher.

Motorola Second Part
Why you want to be a patent engineer?
write this essay in a way that it show that your personal aspiration is to be someone who is involved with technology and specially something that is new. Read about 2-3 new technologies and make a mention that you researched on them ( dnt lie, as this will be asked in ur future rounds)
Again make sure that your sentences are gramitically correct etc etc.

There are 3-4 interview and all of those are conducted by relatively young staff, except one that was conducted by the head of the team.
During these interviews they will try to judge your technical abilities and communication skills.
Do not lie in the interview.
the interview with the head is like a stress interview, where he asks you wiered kind of question to break you down.


I did not make it . However, a couple of my friends made it.
They had the following conclusions:

1)The team works for only internal client and is a cost saving tool for Motorola. So even though the initial salaries are good, but the follow up increments are very little, almost close to zero.

2) Those who have been with the team for last 2-3 years still do the same work. When we had asked about the future path they had said you could take up managerial opportunties or become a subject matter expert.
But what i have heard is that most of the initial people left the team to join MBA programs and no one became a subject matter expert. Two of them are now maners, but that is pretty much end of the road because the team looses most of its trained people every now and then.
Please feel free to ask this question.

3) Unlike software where the position increment means change in role, here you would be doing the same work.

4) However, they did mention that this was the safest place to be in motorola and no one was fired from the team during recession
All in all, if you want stability or a brand for your mba this is a fantastic opportunity. However, if you are looking for a long term career in this with motorola, that becomes a little tough because of the stagnating nature of the job and growth.

This is as real as it gets. I don’t want you to be discouraged, but have presented the real picture.

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