Nagarro Placement-Paper

Naggaro came for placements in our college on 28/aug/2009 . The written test consisted of two rounds as usual.. An aptitude of 60 mins followed by a technical of 90 mins. The aptitude test was damn simple. it consisted of questions like given two angles of a triangle find third. and some trigonometry formula based direct question.
In aptitude try to elimininate the answers like if the value of x satisfying a eq. is asked then don’t try in forward manner, just check the answer which satisfies it. I joined TIME for MBA preparation and I think the chapter on geometry and trigo should be sufficient. The apti paper was so simple that I completed it in 30 mins. So don’t panic for the apti test .
In technical round we were given 90 mins and 4 coding questions were given. The questions were

1. A table containing decimal nos. from 1 to 100 and their roman Equivalent was given. We were required to write a function :       char* ConverToRoman(int number)  :      to convert the given number( 1<=number<=100) into its numerical equivalent.

2. An array was given and we were required to write a function : int CalculateThirdHighest(int a[ ])   :  which calculates the third highest number in the array. While coding in C remember to calculate the length of array using formulae
length of array=sizeof(a)/sizeof(int).   Because the number of elements of array were not passed as argument.

3. Two sentences are given and we were required to print the common word in the two sentences. Words were delimited by space, full stop, ? , ! and ,   . The trick in the question was that common word should be printed only once so if ur first sentence contains two word “how” and second contains “how” then in output how should be printed only once for this u can replace each matched word in second sentence by spaces .

4. We were required to write a program to check whether the given number was of the form 3^n. ( i.e. 3 to the power n). I knew that it can be done by bit manipulation but couldn’t make out the logic. so try to read some tutorial on bit manipulation or mail me on my id   :   :   will b happy to help u. and please post your papers too on this site as this can help many students like u. If u like the post mail me at this id  this is not my real id because it can create few problems from Naggaro side :). I m still waiting for the results. if i get through this then will post about next technical round and interview. Best of Luck my friends.

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