Hello friends,
This is pradeep.M completed B.E-Telecomm. I attended Novell Software Development Ltd test and i cleared the test. The Test consists of
1) Analytical section(15 Questns in 20 minutes)[Easy]
2) Computer Concepts (15 Questns) [Difficult- you should Know basics Well]
3) C(15 questions)[Bit difficult-No questns were asked from TEST UR C SKILLS]
4) Write an essay on Linux/Open source[Easy].

I got questns from Analytical part like
1) Logical Questions like
a) All pens are pencils
b) some pecils are books

2) time and work, Rate and interest
3) Ages, Speed and distance
In Computer concepts part, questions on LRU page replacement policy, semaphores, scheduling, cache memory,Data structures etc.

I am not sending the questns because i forgot all the questns. sorry for not sending. Then I attended technial interview.

In technical interview, they asked to choose favourite subjects. I said C and Linux. They started asking questns On C.

Some of C Questns i encountered (with answers)
1) Questns on static, global
2) questn on function pointers, Pointers
3) what is name equivalence of structures ?
soln: In C, structures can be assigned only if they have the same name. C doesn’t support assignment of two different structures.
4) Then how is name equivalence overrided?
soln: By using Explicit cast we can overrride this equivalence. Then i gave an example.
struct structure1{int i;} s1={1};
struct structure2{int i;} s2={2};
s1= *((struct structure1 *) &s2);
5) if unintialized Global/static variables are stored in BSS segment. Then after Implicit intialization with zero. will they reside in BSS segment?
Soln: I said yes. (I dont know this soln can anyone please send soln).
6) if no reigsters are available in MPU, then register variable is taken as auto variable. Then we can apply & operator to it?
Soln: I said no. I couldnt explain this properly. (Can anyone send me the correct soln)
7) some questns on Right Shift, left shift, Unions,Dangling pointers,Memory Leaks.
8) Questns on Data structures(linked lists, Binary Tables)
Since I was weak in data structures I couldn’t answer most of the questions.
9) Then they asked questns on OS(Defn of OS,Process Mgmt, Memory Mgmt,File Mgmt)
-Process Mgmt (Scheduling, fork() in Linux,zombie)
-Memory Mgmt(what is page, paging, Demand paging,Fragmentation)
-File Mgmt(File System, inode, locking,open(), lseek())

I didn’t clear the interview. I think I was weak in Data structures. This info would be helpful to you. Be well prepared. Salary is around 24K. They expect more from u.

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