Persistent placement paper

Persistent placement paper

1> Write a program to count the no. of occurrence of word in given string
Ex- Ram is good boy. Ram is doing good job.
Ram – 2
is – 2
good – 2
boy – 1
doing –1
job – 1

2> Write a program to search the student record on the basis of binary search where records are search on the basis of roll no.

1> write a program to reverse the string? U can’t use extra space instead some counter variables?
Ex- Life is beautiful.
Output—beautiful is Life.
2> Write a program to count the no. of vertices connected to a vertice in graph using adjancy list.

I cleared the written test and called for interview.
There r 2 technical interview and 1 hr interview.

1 technical interview on 22 oct 2007

Sir: with hand sacked… Hello, I m mr. jha
Sir: tell me abt urself.
Me: said
Sir: why u have chosen j2me and blue tooth technology
Me: as I told in my intro I hve done Blue Presenter system as major project in my last sem., which is based on bluetooth technologies.
Sir, We want to be different from the people that’s why we have chosen these technologies.
Sir: wht is this blue presenter
Me: said.
Sir: ur favorite subjects
Me: data structure, database, Uml and Oops concepts
Sir: lets first talk abt ds, What is data structure
Me: said
Sir: why we use data structure
Me: said
Sir: do u know types of data structure, linear and non-linear
Me: I thought, he will definitely ask me abt graph, so I was socked and looking to the sir
Sir: wht is nonlinear data structure?
Me: Sir, Graph and Tree are nonlinear data structures
Sir: How many types of tree do u know
Me: binary tree, avl tree, b+ tree, multi-way tree, balanced tree, and threaded tree.
Sir: which searching algorithms are used for tree?
Me: after sometime, I replied, sir, preorder, inorder and postorder.
Sir: just tell me post order of this tree
Me: said
Sir: explain me, how u get this
Me: explained
Sir: tell me the algo to search the tree level wise
2 3
4 5 6 7
o/p? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Me: first I just made a adjancy list and told sir we can get it from this
Sir: tell me how u hve converted this tree into it while I m having only root node address
Me: sorry sir, can I try for other way
Sir: ya sure,
Me: had tried 2-3 times and finally,
Sir: wht happened
Me: sir I got one solution but it produces twice the second level
Sir: while u go to the 3 level it will print it thrice. Just explain me wht u r trying
Me: explained
Sir: just left it. Lets talk abt link list, how to delete a node from linked list
Me: sir, from where start or end or by value
Sir: given me one linked list, told me just delete the node whose value is 3
Me: I have written a code to delete that node
Sir: but it can’t work in the case if it’s first node
Me; tried, really it’s not working, I tried in other way, but I didn’t able to write general code… it’s was very embarrassing for me becoz I love linked list and not able to write this simple code that time.
Sir: tell me the logic
Me: explained, and it was right, I know
Sir: wht r the advantage of C over Cpp?
Me: said
Sir: what is oops concept?
Me: explained,
Sir: what is used in the case of template classes
Me: sir, reusability
Sir: is it oops concept
Me: no sir, Inheritance is used in template classes
Sir: Do u know database
Me: yes sir
Sir: wht is normalization?
Me: said
Sir: why we use de-normalization?
Me: said
Sir: what is ACID?
Me: sir they r properties of transaction, Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and durability.
Sir: Do u want to ask me any question?
Me: I thought I was not cleared the interview?
And I asked sir, in which technologies ur working?
Sir: all, java, .net c, cpp
Me: sir, any suggestion for me, as I m fresher, don’t aware of the industries environment
Sir: U hve made good project in ur curriculum, u just do search on net wht new technologies is coming in market. That’s it.
Me: thank u sir, nice to meet u…
Sir: wait down the stair and send the next candidate.

I was cleared the first round and called for second technical tomorrow

2 technical
Me: May I come in sir
Sir: yes plz, hve a seat
Me: thank u sir
Sir: looking to my written test sheet and first interview marks, U have asked abt ds, c/cpp and database in first interview
Me: yes sir
Sir: lets talk abt java? From where u hve made final sem project
Me: sir, from college
Sir: tell what is blue presenter system
Me: explained,
Sir: have u use any API or implemented it itself
Me: Sir we have used bluecove API, which is freely available on the net.
Sir java doesn’t hve direct support for com, and we have to use third party sw, since we r fresher don’t have enough money to invest, we have used vb for com support.
Using socket-server programming communicated java and vb.
Sir: meanwhile another sir has come in the cabin
Sir: sir, he has made a project in bluetooth technology, do u want to ask any questions?
2 Sir: how r u controlling the applications
Me: Sir, we have implemented one client application which is installed on mobile phone and one server application which is running on desktop pc.
2 Sir: how to installed client application on mobile.
Me: sir, just send the jar file to mobile and select that file it ask u, U want to installed the application and follow the instructions.
2 Sir: what is the use of ur application?
Me: sir, while we giving presentation, there is a headeck of synchronization between operator and presenter, or while u want to change the slide u have to come near the PC or Laptop means u r not free to give walk around presentation.

This application free u from this restrictions and walk around presentation improve presentation performance, u can see the list of slide titles on ur mobile, back and forth the slide or even see the slide notes on ur hand.
1 Sir: wht security u hve used in this project?
Me: there is no use of security in this project, only one mobile is connected to pc at a time
1 Sir: let consider I m connected to Pc and shutdown the Pc and some one want to control any application.
Me: sir, using pass key u connected to the PC, it’s the functionality of bluetooth device.
Sir when u shutdown the system our application is terminated which is running on PC and then mobile application. So, no other person will perform any operation.
Sir: what is J2Me?
Me: said very well
Sir: what is the difference between desktop application and mobile application?
Me: said perfectly
Sir: what criteria r considered while implementing mobile application?
Me: Sir, since mobile application have less memory and power capability, we have to take care of memory, so that performance of the device is not degraded.
Sir: Do u know design pattern?
Me: yes sir, Singleton pattern and factory pattern
Sir: What is Singleton pattern
Me: explained with example
Sir: write the code for singleton pattern
Me: yes sir,
Class A
private static A a;
private A()
public static A getObject()
a=new A();
return a;
Sir: what is the difference between equals m/d and == equal to?
Me: said perfectly
Sir: can we use == instead of equals m/d in this code
Me: sir yes
Sir: modify the code
Me: yes sir
Sir: I think it won’t return or return is missing in this code?
Me: yes sir, I modified the code
Class A
private static A a;
private A()
public static A getObject()
return (a=new A());
return a;
Sir: I want to reduce the line of code and use only one return?
Me: yes sir, I modified the code once more, sir just remove the else and one return
Class A
private static A a;
private A()
public static A getObject()
a=new A();
return a;
Sir: if there r 2 thread running then what happened with this code
Me: sir as ‘a’ is a static member of class, it is shared among both thread
Sir: but second thread overrides the 1st instance
Me: sir it may happen
Sir: if 2 threads is running simultaneously then, how many times new is called
Me: thinking, I answered sir once
Sir: if at the same time both threads at a==null, both find a==null and create the instance then
Me: I was in dilemma; I remembered it’s just like a dirty read problem, and after sometime
Sir: think dear, use pen and paper
Me: after that I answered sir, new is called twice, we can avoid this problem using synchronization
Java support 2 types of synchronization semaphore and monitor
Semaphore: when we use synchronized before variables, it’s called…
Monitor: when we use synchronized before m/d it’s called monitor or using synchronized block
And I modified the m/d signature as
Synchronized public static A getObject(){ }
Sir: synchronized is used before access modifier
Me: no sir, after access modifier, since on page I didn’t find space after public I written it before
Sir: what is factory pattern?
Me: I didn’t work on it sir, but I know why we use it and what is the utility of it, and explained it with example.
Sir: Lets move to data structure, very simple question
Me: yes sir
Sir: what is the difference between stack and queue?
Me: explained with example
Sir: looking to my written and objective answer sheet, (as I got 5 marks out of 7 in OS), Do u know OS?
Me: yes sir
Sir: what is paging?
Me: I explained whole procedure and why we use paging
Sir: anil, do u know database
Me: yes sir
Sir: what is transaction?
Me: sir, transaction is a logical unit of set of operation, which is execute all operation or none.
Sir: What is ACID?
Me: said
Sir: U wants to work in java or C
Me: sir, it’s totally depends on organization requirement.
Sir: ya I know but tell me whether java or C
Me: sir, I more interested in java but I don’t have problem in C, if organization needs me to work in C, I can do so.
Sir: Ok anil
Me: thank u sir, nice to meet u..

Before HR interview, assistance hr came and told me we got some comment on ur interview…….. and after that told me but it’s positive side, ok come at 2:30 o’clock, it’s 12:30 o’clock…. Sir it’s too let…
Sir: no it’s ok, come at 2:30 after taking lunch
While I was waiting for lift, sir had come and told me after 10 min ur hr round will be taken, do u hve any problem
Me: No sir

Sir: be comfortable
Me: yes sir
Sir: from when u r in pune
Me: sir, from 5-6 days
Sir: u hve given any other companies’ interview
Me: yes sir, CSC, nec-hcl and persistent in our college campus and I was out from final round
Sir: what turns u back
Me: means what sir
Sir: what u have done in theses days and performed very well in interviews
Me: sir, I have worked on my technical skills, and basically I was working on my communication skills, I think my public speaking skill is not good
Sir: what u hve done for it?
Me: sir, talking with friends, reading news papers and I have joined many communities on Internet and orkut and reading articles over there
Sir: which article you have read recently?
Me: sir it’s of bluetooth and laser technologies, u can access laptop or pc without mouse or keyboard using laser technologies. There is no need to connect mouse and keyboard.
Sir: who is the author of this article?
Me: sir, it’s general discussion group, there is no specific writer
Sir: how frequently do u open these discussion group
Me: sir, whenever I find time
Sir: what is the charge of Internet in indore?
Me: sir, 10 rs per hour, but I m not living in indore, my father is transferred from ujjain to dhar.
Sir: how far you have to travel to access net
Me: sir, 3-4 km
Sir: which game do u play?
Me: cricket
Sir: ohh boring game
Me: sir, it’s good for health and I learned team working there
Sir: do u play professional cricket or gali cricket
Me: sir, I didn’t play professional cricket, I played in college with my friends
Sir: how frequently do u play
Me: sir, I didn’t find time to play cricket now
Sir: another game which u play
Me: carom, badminton and computer games.
Sir: do u have racket in ur home
Me: yes sir,
Sir: Anil, tell me about ur self
Me: said, and at last I said
“I am a person who enjoys challenges and looking for creative solutions to the problem”.
Sir: do u solve puzzles?
Me: not frequently sir, but ya when I find, I can
Sir: I am giving u one puzzle solve it
Me: there r 2 buckets 1 is of 5 liter and one 6 liter, 3rd bucket of 20 or 25 liter, and 1 nal which can produce water,
U have to measure 9 liter water without wastage of water
Wastage of water means? once water is taken from nal other then 9 liter is wastage of water
Me: I am thinking
Sir: how much time will you take?
Me: sir, 5 minute, I am still trying to solve it and ask sir not single liter wastage
Sir: tell me what is the puzzle
Me: I explained
Sir: ok, solve it
Me: I got one solution but there is 1-liter wastage
Sir: have u solved it
Me: yes sir, but there is 1-liter wastage of water
Sir: tell me the solution
Me: I explained
Sir: try without wastage
Me: I tried in other way but still there is 1-liter wastage
Sir: sir, what happened?
Me: sir, I got 2 m/d but in both cases, there is 1-liter wastage of water
Sir: so what do you think? There is no solution without water
Me: sir, I think so
Sir: just take a 6-liter water put it to 5-liter bucket, what remains
Me: 1 liter
Sir: put it into big bucket now try to solve it
Me: I was trying,
2 hr Sir: told me ur 5 minute is over,
Me: sir, I am trying
1Sir: what u can’t find the solution?
Me: sir, I will ask to my friends,
Sir: if no one is around u then
Me: sir, I go to the net, and search the solution, put the query on the puzzle communities that I have joined, and ask for solution
Sir: it’s means I have to change the question next time
Me: sir, if I don’t find the answer I will definitely do that
Sir: put 5-liter water from 5-liter bucket to 6 liter and take one-liter water from nal, now
Me: yes sir, we can do like that 5 times
Sir: 5 times??????????
Me: sorry sir 4 times
Sir: 4 times????????
Me: no sir, in 3 times we can measure 9-liter water without wastage.
Sir: now what I have to do?
Me: sir, what can I say?
Sir: why r u here?
Me: sir, to be a part of persistent
Sir: so ask me
Me: sir, will I selected?
Sir: yes u r selected, now just behave like an employee of persistent
Me: I was very happy and smiling
Sir: do u want to ask me any question?
Me: no sir,
Sir: r u sure, u don’t want to ask any question?
Me: sir, what is the package
Sir: 3.0
Me: sir, what abt the bound?
Sir: we don’t have any written bound just oral bound
Me: sir, what abt the training?
Sir: it’s abt 2 and half month on r skills, when do u want to join
Me: sir after diwali
Sir: be comfortable, interview is over, just talk in normal way
Abhi de de offer letter
Me: yes sir,
Sir: document is not ready this time, when will u return from home
Me: 10 nov
Sir: when will u come for offer letter
Me: sir, on 11th nov
Sir: ok, we will send u mail, just put ur bag here and come with us to take lunch
Me: thank u sir, both hr told me congrats and then, one hr mam has come there and told me congrats…

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