SAP Candidates Experince

SAP Candidates Experince shared by Arpan Kumar
The first one was a technical interview lasting for about 35 minutes.
Firstly, he asked me to introduce myself. I told about my academics, family, achievements, strengths and hobbies. He asked about my father’s occupation and what and why have I got to learn from his work. I told my hobbies as playing logical games and solving logical questions as well as net-surfing.
He asked which type of websites do I visit and why. He asked me the areas of interest. And I told C, C++ and java. And, I prefer C++ more. He asked some basic theoretical questions like the Difference between C and C++, Explanation of procedural and object-oriented programming,
OOP concepts, explanation of encapsulation and polymorphism, function overloading and function overriding with examples, friend function, synchronization and advantages of multi-threading.
He gave me two programs to make like swapping two variables without using a third variable and insertion and deletion of elements from a queue. Then, he gave me two SQL queries and in OS, about deadlock, process synchronization, conditions and solution of deadlock. Then, he came to my project and asked about all my three projects done thoroughly with architecture and coding.
Later, he asked two puzzles.
1) Two candles and a match box is given, each burning for 1 hr, how to measure 30 minutes.
2) Nine balls are given. All are equally weighed except one that was less weighed. How would we identify the less weighed in two chances?
I answerd them correctly.
Then, the MR and HR were a combined round for about 20 minutes.
I introduced myself. Then, he asked about SAP. I told almost everything from its inception to its lasting.
Then, he asked why do you want to be in SAP and Why Have you come for this profile. I told everything with reasons.
Then, he again asked about a rough idea about my projects and told his profile.
He asked me to write an essay of about 200 words of any favourite topic.
Then, he asked any question if I wanted to ask him.
Overall, Both the interviews were very greatly experienced.
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