TCS Technical Round

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TCS Technical Round
1.Introduce yourself
2.Question related to your hobbies
In my case i was asked to elaborate upon a novel which i had read recently.

3.Tell me something about your project
He started off with basics of c++:

4.What is polymorphism?

5.What are public and protected?

6.What’s the difference between them?

7.What are constructors?

I answered all except contructors..

Then I was asked Which was my favourite subject?

I answered mpmc

He then asked me to write up a program to accept input from the user and add the numbers..

then he asked me again something related to my hobby…

Again he switched to my subject of interest mpmc…

he asked me what did i know about microprocessor…

I explained him the complete architecture of 8085

This way he kept on switching between sort of HR questions and technical….

After clearing up this round we had an MR (Mangerial Round)..

Herein, maybe its my assumption all who had less marks in aptitude were given a puzzle to solve while those who had secured good marks were asked things related to their hobbies…

I was asked about my hobbies and about my project in this round….

Then after clearing the two rounds came the final HR round….

In HR round you get relaxed and aren’t much tensed since you have already been through 2 interviews just a few hours back…

My HR round started off with me introducing myself then the HR (a sweet lady) questioned me about my hobbies…

Then she asked me to elaborate on one of my hobbies…

After that she queried about my internship…

Then she asked me that how would I balance work life…

My answer to it was that giving my first priority towards the  company I would complete my commitments first and of course would give equal priority to my family life also…

she was then questioning me about my answer itself….

atlast she briefed me about the bond and relocation factor….

and my PI came to and end with me greeting the HR a big thank you with a big smile on my face….

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