today it is bad experience to me, this is happen bcoz of lack of knowledge in test pattern , i searched for so many sites , but i didnt find any , even the pattern. soo i want to share my experience and pattern dat i faced today.atleast now the others may get the useful info from this.


Totally 220 mebers attended only 22 selected in written(they attempted 4 th section) out of them 6 got selected .no one really don’t know the pattern and the timer action

for me it is online test duration is 30 min and note dat it is 4 sections, u hav to maintain da time carefully(i didnt attempted da 4th section bcz i dont know dat it is there  upto last second i tried da rest of sections, the timer shows only the over  all time , not the sectional time , soo wen u complete one section fully, then only u will get nxt section questionss)


here is da pattern

1.Verbal( 9 questions)

it is very easy one total 9 questions r there , some are spelling corrections , some antonyms and synonyms, easy ones , i didnt rember da questions


2.Aptitude(7 questions)

this is also easy one, i got

1.numerical problems,

2. wat is the angle wen the time is quarter past 9, problem like there are hens and cows the legs r double the number of heads then how many hens r there,

4.if one number is divided by 10 it gives 9 , if divided by 9  gives 8 as reminder,with 8 gives 7………….and if 2 gives i wat is dat number.

5.problem on intrest , like for a given ammount 4500 the rate for some amount is 4 % and for the rest of ammount it is 6 %, even though he is getting the same  amount wat is da avg rate

6. one person A sold his flat to B for 10% gain , again b sold his flat for 10%loss, wat is da deal given for A by B

7.some thing related to % problem(error)



this one is very very easy


1.if a word  RESULT is reprented  as 346751 and CAM E is represnted as 4651 not the same like this one

2. if word MANAGER represnts as AAEGMNR   then wat shoud SANDEEP reprentss not the same, like this one

3.problem on streams

4.and 4 more easy questions easy one , u can mark  by seeing  them


4 .Basic computers 

all easy questions likee

1.wat is IP

2. identify the binary number given below

3.wat is other name for mother board(system board)

4.wat is the first micro processor(8088)

like this easy ones

here only  I lost with out attemting the 4th  section bcz lack of pattern (i.e .timer shown by computer)

so friendsss  beware of this model ,I know this will help u alott, all the best for u all


all the remaining rounds are common i.e gd, tech1, tech+hr all are depending upon ur resume

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