HCL Interview previously asked questions

HCL Interview previously asked questions with answers.HCL Candidate experience with question and answers -HCL Placement papers


Hello frndz.

I would like to share HCL written and interview experience. Because when I appeared for the drive there wasn’t much info available. Just in a hope that anyone appearing in future can get some help from my post.
Round1: English assessment test

Paper Pencil Test. 50 question in 60 mins. Difficulty level moderate. I mark each correct answer. No negative marking
Round2: Programming test.

90 Mins. 10 program. Paper pencil test. % marks each question. Below are the question
Q1. Write a program to explain the concept of call by value and call by reference.
Q2. Write a program to implement following logic
An employee can be promoted if
a)      He has good communication skills
b)      He is good in training
c)      He is either good in programming or debugging.
Q3) write a program to add all the non-diagonal elements of a 2D array.
Q4) write a program to implement following logic
If the price of the book in between 100 to 500 book is “Normal Book”
If the price is between 501 and 5000 book is “Costly book”
If greater than 5000 than book is “precious book”
Q5) write a function called reverse to print the reverse of the digit entered by the user.
Q6) write an abstract class with two member function NextDate and Leapyear. Nextdate to print next day and leap year to check whether the year is leap year
Q7) write a program to count number of prime number between two numbers entered by the user
Q8) write default and parameterized constructor accepting two variables
Q9) Write a class stringOperation to check whether the characters entered by the user are same or not
Q10) write a program to encapsulate …… don’t remember complete question.

Round 3: Technical interview.

Below are the questions
What are constructors why are they used?
1)      Explain method overloading
2)      Convert following for loop into while loop
For (i=0; i>n; i++)
{ ….
3)      Operator overloading happens at run time or compilation time (and compilation)
4)      Type of inheritance

Round 4: HR Interview
Simple questions about our self and family. Why IT as I belong to non-IT branch
Round 5: Essay writing.

100 words essay. Topics will be something about you from your HR interview. Very simple

Just prepare OOPs concept very well. They were only checking the logic that you use to write the program. It’s not mandatory to write program in C, C++… you can chose any programming language you are comfortable with.
Just prepare well and keep faith in GOD. ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE.

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