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igate Interview previously asked questions with answers.igate Candidate experience with question and answers -igate Placement papers


Hi all…i attended Igate employee referral drive on 9th feb 2014.


Igate had called me by invitation mail to Mumbai (Andheri East).


There were 3 rounds-

1. Aptitude Test

2. Technical interview

3. HR Interview

Totally approx. 300 students were present at the venue..


1. Aptitude Test


All were sent for aptitude test in the batches. It was offline test & answers needs to be recorded on OMR sheets…It was warned to everyone that no one will get an extra OMR sheet…..so..whenever u will go their..be careful to fill the information on an OMR sheets…..First listen the instructions given to you by the invigilator…


Aptitude test was so easy……but cut off was very high……it was around 40 to 43 out of 50. So you need to be more accurate.

There were 20 questions on Quantitative Aptitude and 30 questions on Verbal.

60 minutes were given to solve 50 questions.


If you will crack Aptitude ..the work is 75% done.


2. Technical Interview:


After 30 minutes ,my turn came.


me: may i come in  Sir?


Tech. HR: Yes,,come in.


me: Hello sir,nice to meet you.


Tech. HR: Same here.Please have a seat?


me: Thank You sir.


Tech. HR: Tell me about yourself??


me: told


as soon as i told him that i am from ECE, he interrupted me and asked-


Tech. HR: you are from ECE , Right??


me: Yes Sir


Tech. HR: Then Why IT??


me: I answered it correctly…always be ready for this questions if you are from Non CSE group.


Tech, HR: Tell me about your project??


me: told


Tech. HR: who was the leader of your project team & what was your role??


me: told


Tech. HR: Do you know C??


me: Yes Sir..i learnt it in my 2nd year of engineering.


Tech. HR: You must have forgot the concepts because its too long time ago u learnt?


me: No sir….. i had practiced it well…..so C is not the problem for me.


Tech. HR: What is linked list & its application??


me: i told confidently..but i was not able to tell the applications.honestly i said that ..” sir, right now i cant recollect”


tech. HR: ok fine rajeshwar….It is all done from my side…do you have any question?


me: No sir..Thank you very much.

So, you should know C & ur Project if you are Non CSE student.It was easy.


3. HR Interview:


HR interviewer was a lady…….


me: May i come in Mam…


HR: Yes…Rajeshwar right???


me: yes Mam..


HR: please have a seat…why dont you tell me something about yourself


me: i told…..


HR:(suddenly interrupted me & asked) what is your objective??


me: told


HR: why igate??


me: told


HR: Is this your first off campus event….or you tried for any other companies?


me: I honestly told that i had attended the L&T off campus drive and was eliminated in HR interview.


HR: what was the reason for your elimination their??


me: told that according to me everything was fine……but as it was my first HR interview……….i was little nervous their………learnt alot from that event ..


HR: good…..are you ready to relocate??


me: Yes mam….


HR: ok rajeshwar..thanx….you will hear from us soon…


me: Thanx mam…


They will just check ur Communication skils & confidence.


Then after 16 days result was declared and i got the mail that i got selected.


Always be confident & believe in yourself……..

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