Geography Question Answer

Q. Where do the sunrays leave India?
1) Gujarat
2) Pondicherry
3) Goa
4) Andaman
Ans: 1
Q. Which one of the following is a great circle?
1) Tropic of cancer
2) Tropic of capricon
3) Equator
4) Arctic circle
Ans: 3
Q. One Astronomical unit is the average distance between –
1) Earth and the Sun
2) Earth and the Moon
3) Jupiter and the Sun
4) Mars and the Sun

Ans: 1
Q. The eastward continuation of the Brazil current is called –
1) North Atlantic drift
2) South Atlantic drift
3) Counter Equatorial drift
4) West Atlantic drift
Ans: 2
Q. Which country loses highest amount of top soil from its crop lands due to erosion?
1) Brazil
2) U.S.A
3) China
4) India
Ans: 4
Q. There has been an increasing incidence of floods in Northern India in recent years because
1) There has been increase in deforestation in the catchment area
2) The gate of silting of dams has gone up
3) There has been an increase in annual rainfall
4) The ice has been melting faster due to slight increase in atmosphere temperature

Ans: 1
Q. Jodhpur receives less rainfall than Delhi because
1) Arabian Sea runs parallel to Aravali
2) It is on leeward side of the winds
3) Condensation does not take place three
4) All of the above
Ans: 4
Q. Palghat Gap connects Tamil Nadu with
1) Kerala
2) Karnataka
3) Andhra Pradesh
4) Both (A) and (B)

Ans: 1
Q. In India, the longest day occur on
1) April 13
2) October 13
3) June 21
4) March 21
Ans: 3
Q. Great Barrier Reef is situated in
1) Australia
2) Nova scotia
3) North Sea
4) Southern China

Ans: 1