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1. Consider the following statements about parliamentry standing committees :
(a) Commonly known as miniparliament, these committees include numbers from all political parties and even independent MPs.
(b) There are 31 members in each committee-21 from Lok Sabha and 10 from Rajya Sabha.
(c) The Committees monitor the functioning of all major central ministries and. departments.
Which of the above statements are true?
(1) only (a) (2) Only (b)
(3) only (c)
(4) All of the above (Ans)


2. Consider the following statements about Lok Pal Bill:
(a) The submit their reports which are placed in both Houses of parliament.
(b) The governmen t is not bound to accept these reports, but generally it does accept some of the suggestions.
(c) The Lokpal Bill has been reffered to the parliamentary standing committee for personel public grievances, law and justice.
(d) Headed by Rajya Sabha Congress MP, Abhishek Singhvi, it has three months to give it report.
Which of the above statements are true?
(1) only (a) and (b)
(2) Only (b) and (c)
(3) only (c) and (d)
(4) All of the above (Ans)
3. Recently in news Teesta water deal between—
(1) India and Bangladesh (Ans)
(2) India and Nepal *
(3) India and Pakistan
(4) India and China
4. The central government on announced a 7% hike in the dearness allowance (DA) of its employees to give them relief from the near double-digit inflation ahead of the festival season.
(1) 14 September, 2011
(2) 15 September, 2011 (Ans)
(3) 16 September, 2011
(4) 17 September, 2011
5. Who of the following is regarded as “Father of Employment Guarantee Scheme” and a postage stamp was released on his name by the President of India recently ?
(1) K M M a d h e w
(2) Kasu Brahmanand Reddy
(3) Daulat Singh Kothari
(4) Vitthal Sakharam Page (Ans)

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