General knowlege Questions and answers from various Competative Exam



1. The representative of the crown came to be called as ‘viceroy’ instead of ‘governor general’ from the period …..?

ANSWER :-  1858


2. The ‘Vernacular Press Act’ was passed in India during the period of _____
ANSWER :- Lord Lytton


3. Lord Curzon became the viceroy of India after ____
ANSWER :- Loed Elgin -II


4. The non-cooperation movement was accepted by the congress party in its ____ session.
ANSWER :- Nagpur


5. The river known as ‘Sorrow of Bihar’ is ___
ANSWER :- Kosi


6. The man named as ‘Father of Indian archaeology’ is ___
ANSWER :- Alexander Cunningham


7. The mountain ranges in the eastern part of India forming its boundary with Myanmar are collectively called as?
ANSWER :- Purvachal


8. Which one of the following lakes is a salt water lake?
ANSWER :- Sambhar


9. The first population census was taken in India in the year?
ANSWER :- 1872


10. The country which has higher average population density than India is ____?
ANSWER :- Bangladesh


11. In which district of Kerala, Edakkal is situated?
ANSWER :- Wayanad


12. The rights of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions in guaranteed in the ?
ANSWER :- Article 30


13. The statement “Eternal Vigilance is the Price of liberty” means:
ANSWER :- People should be conscious of their rights


14. The assets of a dead man without heir or will undertaken by the state is called ?
ANSWER :- Escheats


15. The Principle of Rule of Law implies?
ANSWER :- All should be treated as equals


16. Who among the following formulated ‘People’s Plan’?


17. Which of the following is not established by the constitution of India?
ANSWER :- Planning Commission


18. Parliamentary Committee on Subordinate Legislation came into existence in ?
ANSWER :- 1969


19. Judicial Review Power of the Supreme Court relates to ?
ANSWER :- Constitutional Validity of law


20. The minimum age required to be eligible to contest Presidential election in India is ?
ANSWER :- 35 Years


21. The National Human Rights Commission was established in ?
ANSWER :- 1993


22. “Optical Phenomenon” in the fringe pattern of CD is:
ANSWER :- Interference


23. The Weakest force among the following?

ANSWER :- Gravitational


24. Exchange Particle in Quark-Quark Interaction?
ANSWER :- Gluon


25. Special Theory of Relatively was proposed in ?
ANSWER :- 1905


26. IRADIAN is ?
ANSWER :- 57.3


27. For liquids, both Cofficient of Viscosity and Surface Tension ?
ANSWER :- Decreases with increase in temperature


28. Fraction of volume of ice seen outside when immersed in water?
ANSWER :- 10.5%


29. Celsius and Fahrenheit show the same temperature at ?
ANSWER :-  -40


30. ____ occurs when source of light approach an observer?
ANSWER :- Blue Shift


31. Which colour indicate Highest Temperature?
ANSWER :- Dull Red


32. The country that declared the year 2013 as National Year of Rice?
ANSWER :- Philippines


33. The chairman of the joint parliamentary committee on the 2G scam?
ANSWER :- P.C.Chacko


34. The first Aadhaar number holder Ranjana Sadasiv Sonawne belongs to ?
ANSWER :- Maharastra


35. The legless amphibian reported from Meghalaya by a Malayalee Scientist ?
ANSWER :- Chikilidae


36. Arogyakeralam award instituted by the Government of Kerala is given to ?
ANSWER :- Local Bodies


37. The director of the film Celluloid?
ANSWER :- Kamal


38. India’s 100th successful space mission was on ?
ANSWER :-  9th September 2012


39. Name the first private person of India who was given ‘Z’ security cover by the Union Government?
ANSWER :- Mukesh Ambani


40. ‘Saraswati Samman’ 2012 was awarded to poet Sugathakumari for her work?
ANSWER :- Manalezhuthu


41. Olympics 2012 held at London was the?
ANSWER :- 30th

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