Frequently asked GK Questions

Frequently asked General knowlege Questions and answers from various Competative Exam


1. The representative of the crown came to be called as ‘viceroy’ instead of ‘governor general’ from the period …..?

ANSWER :-  1858


2. The ‘Vernacular Press Act’ was passed in India during the period of _____
ANSWER :- Lord Lytton


3. Lord Curzon became the viceroy of India after ____
ANSWER :- Loed Elgin -II


4. The non-cooperation movement was accepted by the congress party in its ____ session.
ANSWER :- Nagpur


5. The river known as ‘Sorrow of Bihar’ is ___
ANSWER :- Kosi


6. The man named as ‘Father of Indian archaeology’ is ___
ANSWER :- Alexander Cunningham


7. The mountain ranges in the eastern part of India forming its boundary with Myanmar are collectively called as?
ANSWER :- Purvachal


8. Which one of the following lakes is a salt water lake?
ANSWER :- Sambhar


9. The first population census was taken in India in the year?
ANSWER :- 1872


10. The country which has higher average population density than India is ____?
ANSWER :- Bangladesh


11. In which district of Kerala, Edakkal is situated?
ANSWER :- Wayanad


12. The rights of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions in guaranteed in the ?
ANSWER :- Article 30


13. The statement “Eternal Vigilance is the Price of liberty” means:
ANSWER :- People should be conscious of their rights


14. The assets of a dead man without heir or will undertaken by the state is called ?
ANSWER :- Escheats


15. The Principle of Rule of Law implies?
ANSWER :- All should be treated as equals


16. Who among the following formulated ‘People’s Plan’?


17. Which of the following is not established by the constitution of India?
ANSWER :- Planning Commission


18. Parliamentary Committee on Subordinate Legislation came into existence in ?
ANSWER :- 1969


19. Judicial Review Power of the Supreme Court relates to ?
ANSWER :- Constitutional Validity of law


20. The minimum age required to be eligible to contest Presidential election in India is ?
ANSWER :- 35 Years


21. The National Human Rights Commission was established in ?
ANSWER :- 1993


22. “Optical Phenomenon” in the fringe pattern of CD is:
ANSWER :- Interference


23. The Weakest force among the following?

ANSWER :- Gravitational


24. Exchange Particle in Quark-Quark Interaction?
ANSWER :- Gluon


25. Special Theory of Relatively was proposed in ?
ANSWER :- 1905


26. IRADIAN is ?
ANSWER :- 57.3


27. For liquids, both Cofficient of Viscosity and Surface Tension ?
ANSWER :- Decreases with increase in temperature


28. Fraction of volume of ice seen outside when immersed in water?
ANSWER :- 10.5%


29. Celsius and Fahrenheit show the same temperature at ?
ANSWER :-  -40


30. ____ occurs when source of light approach an observer?
ANSWER :- Blue Shift


31. Which colour indicate Highest Temperature?
ANSWER :- Dull Red


32. The country that declared the year 2013 as National Year of Rice?
ANSWER :- Philippines


33. The chairman of the joint parliamentary committee on the 2G scam?
ANSWER :- P.C.Chacko


34. The first Aadhaar number holder Ranjana Sadasiv Sonawne belongs to ?
ANSWER :- Maharastra


35. The legless amphibian reported from Meghalaya by a Malayalee Scientist ?
ANSWER :- Chikilidae


36. Arogyakeralam award instituted by the Government of Kerala is given to ?
ANSWER :- Local Bodies


37. The director of the film Celluloid?
ANSWER :- Kamal


38. India’s 100th successful space mission was on ?
ANSWER :-  9th September 2012


39. Name the first private person of India who was given ‘Z’ security cover by the Union Government?
ANSWER :- Mukesh Ambani


40. ‘Saraswati Samman’ 2012 was awarded to poet Sugathakumari for her work?
ANSWER :- Manalezhuthu


41. Olympics 2012 held at London was the?
ANSWER :- 30th

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