IBPSGraminBankRRBs Placement-Paper : 41834

IBPS CWE RRB Written Test Model Questions for Banking fianancial awareness 2013 questions with answers

1) Which Indian stock exchange is going to join the list of exchanges such as
Deutsche Borse AG,
London Stock Exchange (LSE),
NYSE Euronext and Singapore
Exchange whose shares are traded on the stock exchanges?
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

2) Under whose chairmanship a committee was formed to review BSNL’s operations in 2009-10, which had recommended selection of the best professionals from the private sector at market rates, and appointment of an eminent person from the private sector as chairman?
Sam Pitroda

3) Who heads the panel constituted by the Palnning Commission to consider issues relating to Producers Price Index (PPI) and revision of the Wholeasale Price Index (WPI)?
Saumitra Choudhury

4) As per the finance ministry data, the maximum number of financial inclusion accounts have been opened in which state during year 2011-12?
Uttar Pradesh

5) According to Indian market regulator SEBI’s latest announcement on 8 December 2012, the promoters of a listed company need to have made their shareholding disclosures at least how many years before any transfer of shares between themselves without triggering an open offer for public investors?
3 years

6) What was the margin of victory for the motion seeking Rajya Sabha’s approval for allowing 51% FDI in India’s retail sector?
123 – 109

7) Which company took place of Indian IT solutions company Infosys in the listings on the NASDAQ 100, after Infosys shifted its listing from NASDAQ to NYSE?

8) It is expected that the price of Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) would come down due to a measure taken by the union govt. What is that measure
The Petroleum Ministry agreed to bring ATF prices under the purview of PNGRB (Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board)

9) Who was appointed as advisor to Finance Minister P. Chidambaram with the rank of state minister in December 2012?
Parthasarathy Shome (who is also Chairman of Committee on General Anti-Avoidance Rules (GAAR))

10) Which Indian private sector bank launched iWish, an online recurring deposit product targeted primarily at young depositors, on 5 December 2012?
ICICI Bank (In this new deposit, unlike regular recurring deposits, investors will not be penalised for missing a monthly installment.
However, they will have to make up for the missed payments in the subsequent months)

Union Budget 2012-2013 Questions with answers

1) What is the fiscal deficit for 2012-13 (FY 2013) as announced in the Union Budget 2013-14?
5.2% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which is lower than the targeted fiscal deficit of 5.3% of GDP

2) What is the fiscal deficit for 2013-14 (FY 2014) as announced in the Union Budget 2013-14?
4.8% of the GDP

3) What is the total outlay for planned expenditure, as announced in the Union Budget of 2013-14?
Rs. 16,65,297 crore

4) What is the total outlay for budget expenditure, as announced in the Union Budget of 2013-14?
Rs. 16,65,297 crore

5) What is the total outlay for non-planned expenditure, as announced in the Union Budget of 2013-14? – Rs 11,09,975 crore (for 2013-14)

6) Finance Minister P. Chidambaram didn’t announce any changes in the tax rates for 2013-14, which were much anticipated. He however, announced a tax credit for people earning between Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh. How much tax credit would be given to people in this income bracket? – Rs. 2000

7) A 10% additional tax surcharge has been imposed on super-rich people of the country, by which their effective tax rate has gone up from the present 30.9% to 33.9%. What is the definition of these super-rich? – People earning an income over Rs. 1 crore per annum

8) What is the name of a special fund of Rs. 1,000 crore announced in the Union Budget 2013-14, which has been created to empower women and provide safety to them in wake of the Delhi gangrape incident? – “Nirbhaya Fund”

9) How much TDS (tax deduction at source) was imposed on sale of immovable property in the Union Budget 2013-14? – 1% (This is not applicable to agricultural land)

10) It was announced in the Union Budget 2013-14, that all public sector banks would have ATMs at all of their branches. What is the deadline for implementation of this announcement? – 31 March, 2014

11) What was the total outlay for defence forces for 2013-14, as announced in the Union Budget 2013-14? – Rs. 2.36 lakh crore (including Rs. 86,721 crore for capital expenditure)

12) It was announced in the Union Budget 2013-14 that every town with a specific population will have an LIC branch. What was the announced specification of such towns? – Towns with population of over ten thousand (10,000+)

13) Announcement of India’s first all-woman bank was made in the Union Budget 2013-14. How much initial capital would be provided by the Union Govt. to open this bank? – Rs. 1,000 crore (The proposed bank will lend mostly to women and women run businesses, support women SHGs (self help groups) and women’s livelihood)

14) Establishment of two new ports has been announced in the Union Budget 2013-14. In which states these new ports are to be established? – West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh

15) An Indian Institute of Agri-Biotechnology (IIAB) was announced in the Union Budget 2013-14. In which city this proposed institute will be established? – Ranchi (Jharkhand)

16) Finance Minister mentioned name of two countries in his budget announcement, which are the only major countries in the world to have grown at a faster rate than India during the last year. Which are these two countries? – China and Indonesia

17) Excise duty on sports utility vehicles (SUVs) was increased to 30% in the Union Budget 2013-14. What was the present excise duty on SUVs? – 27%

18) Two changes were made in the Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme (RGESS) in the Union Budget 2013-14. What are these changes?
a) Benefit for 3 years would now be available for investors in RGESS instead of the present 1 year
b) Limit for investing in this scheme has been raised from earlier Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 12 lakh
(i.e., now an investor with annual income of Rs. 12 lakh can also take benefit of this scheme, which is for first time investors in equity and mutual funds)

19) How much import duty has been imposed on imported luxury cars in the Union Budget 2013-14?
100% (This duty was presently at 75%)

20) Duty free limits on gold were increased in the Union Budget 2013-14. What are the new limits now?
Women Travellers Rs. 1 lakh and men travellers Rs. 50 thousand (i.e., no import duty would be levied till these limits for respective traveller classes)

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