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CICI Candidate Experience 2012, ICICI Business Development programme Exame 2012,


Helo frndz ,

Today i wrote by ICICI Business Leadership Programme Exam -2012 for 4th Batch to start in October’12 .I am going to outline the process an key elements for future aspirants for their reference.First of all paper diffculty level it’s too easy to handle , practise for 7-10 days thoroughly will put u in commading ability to handle questions.


Exam Type : Online

Diffculty Level: Too easy (i mean it guyz :-))

Duration :44 mins

Sectional Cutoff : Yes it was there

Negative marking not mentioned anywhere on the screen.

1Section was Reading Comprehenshion: Vey short passages of 3-5 lines , followed by 2 Question .In all 5 passages where there with 9 mins as limit

Section-2 : Sentence Completion : 2O question where there and we need to fill the blanks too easy to handle coz the english was easy .Time to look out only 7 mins

Section-3:Numerical Ability : 20 Question to be done in 18 mins . All were easy based on Percentage, Ration and Proportion, Man & Work ,Simple Interest

Eg:  3 numbers are in ratio 2:3:1 , then if second largest is 42, then what will be third largest ?(based on memory…)

Section-4:Non-Verbal (Diagrams): 15 question to be done in 6 mins , guyz this was very easy , just rotation to follow on all the diagrams , practise will make you hit 15 in 6 mins

Section-5:Analogy : Very Easy 15 Question to be completed in 4 mins

eg: Cow:Bull :: Hen:?


Like these

So only matter of concern was time not question , so practise , and will definately crack it


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