NALCO Placement-Paper:Aptitute

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I’m Praveen. When i didn’t saw any mechanical paper. I feel very sad but now i’m shareing the whole test paper for NALCO, What i remembered.
Aptitute: 60 Questions
Technical: 60 Questions

Time: 2 hours 30 mins


Q1. Polyster belongs to:
a) thermoplastic b) thermosetting c) PVC d) all
Q2. Ratio of hoop stress to longitudinal stress
a)1/2 b)2 c)1/4
Q3. Flow of water frm nozzle:
a) elliptical b) parabolic c) hyperbolic d) circular
Q4. Inclined venturimeter gives:
a) same reading b) less reading c) more reading
Q5. Max friction comes to play when a body jst begins to slide over another surface:
a) dynamic friction b) static friction c) limiting friction
Q6. Continous beam is:
a) one support at the end b) more than two support
Q7. No. of isotopes of hydrogen?
a)1 b) 2 c) 3 d)4
Q8. Organisation who decided boiler standardisation
a) IBR b) BS c) ASME
Q9. Purpose of sprue
a) to take molten metal from basin to gate
Q10. Basic shaft basis
A) upper deviation Zero
Q11. PCD of involute profile gears depends upon:
a) pressure angle b) its an element helps in manufacturing
Q12. Unit of power in SI units
a) watt
Q13. Value of G
a) 6.66 X 10^-11
Q14. True centrifugal casting.
 and soo on.
1. What is the currency of china
a. yuan    b. dollar       c. euro

     2. What is minimum gap between tow session of parliament.
a.a. 3 month  b. 6 month     c. 12 month    d non of these


3. Who got the Rajiv Gandhi khel rattan 2010
a. abhinav bindra   b. seina nehwal   c. vishawa Nathan 
Choose the synonyms of the following.
Find the next terms of the series 
8. 5,17,37,65,…..,145
a. 95      b.  101   c.  107 
9. 5, 1.5, 4.5, 13.5……………
a. 40.5 ans
10. 3, 11, 19, 35, 51, 75……..
a. 91 ans
11. P man can do a work in the day. In how many day np man do this work and times
a. tm/n ans
They  given on passage with 5 Questions
One  data interpretation with 3 Questions
Ten Questions from data sufficiency like is  two consecutive no. p>q
1. p+q=odd              2. p.q=even
Second part is technical in they give very simple Questions
1 Full form of MIUs
a. Million instructions per unit ans
2. ~ ~A
a. A       b. ~A        c. 0        d. 1
3. ~A(A+1)
a.0        b .A            c. ~A         d. ……
4. (A+B)`
a. A`.B`ans
5. Which of the following language platform independent
a. java
6. Which is the typical error
a syntex error   b. semantic error    c. run time error
7. Cache memory is which type of memory?
8. Magnetic Flux is measured by which meter?
Ans: Fluxmeter
9. If diagonal of square is increased by 30% then how many % increases in area?
a) 69%
10. Which country is allow for wolf hunting after 45 years ban?
11. Ellero is temple of
Ans: Buddist, Hindu, jain
Dear friends its a very easy question but you should little keep in touch, please pray for me.
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