NALCO Placement-Paper

Hi Friends,
I appeared in the test of Nalco there are two part first general aptitude and one technical both contain 60-60 Qs. Time for both 2:30 hours
First part contain some question
1.what is the currency of china
a. yuan              b. dollar        c. euro

     2. what is minimum gap between tow session of parliament.
a. 3 month  b. 6 month     c. 12 month    d non of these

3. who got the rajiv Gandhi khel rattan 2010
a. abhinav bindra   b. seina nehwal   c. vishawa Nathan 
 Choose the synonyms of the following
Find the next terms of the series
8. 5,17,37,65,…..,145
a. 95      b.  101   c.  107 …………
9. .5,1.5,4.5,13.5……………
a. 40.5  ans
10. 3,11,19,35,51,75……..
a. 91ans
11. p man can do a work in t day . in how many day np man do this work m times
a. tm/n ans
They  given on passage with 5 Qs
One  data interpretation with 3 Qs
Ten Qs from data sufficiency like is  two consecutive no. p>q
1. p+q=odd                    2. p.q=even
Second part is technical in they give very simple Qs computer have 32 bi address space it can address
a. 4Gbyte ans
2. ~ ~A
a. A       b. ~A        c. 0        d. 1
3. ~A(A+1)
a.0        b .A            c. ~A         d. ………
4. (A+B)`
a. A`.B`ans
5. Which of the following language platform independent
a. java ans
6. Which is the typical error
a. syntax error      b. semantic error    c. run time error
7. Who acquire VSNL
a. tata      b. reliance   c. Mahindra
8. Who should have the public key
a. sender      b. receiver     c. both      d. non of these
9. Which operation select from two table
a. select    b. project        c. join         d. NOT
10. A super key which include more column called
a. candidate key ans
11.  Which OS is GUI 
a.  Win 98       b.  XP     d. all of these  ans
12. OS is a  
 a. application program    b. system program 
13. Which is 4G language
a. SQL ans
14. Which language is machine dependant 
a. machine language      b. assembly language   c. high level language
15. What is the main part of JSP
16. Which is the applet state
a. idle     b. initialization………………………..
17. Which language used in WAP
18. Which  is a free e-mail service 
 a. yahoomail          b. hotmail    c . gmail
19 What is  EDI
a  electronic data interchange  ans
20. What is DNS
a. domain name server
21. Which is a authenticated DNS
a. .com     b. .gov     c. .edu    d. all of these
22. What is the length of code most frequently occur element in huffman coding
a.minimum     b. maximum
23 Which database relation use most frequently
a. relational
24 Which memory refreshed frequently
a. dynamic memory



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