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Repco Bank Group Discussion Preparation 

What is group discussion
A group of candidates is given a topic or a situation, given a few minutes to think about and then asked to discuss it among themselves for 15 to 20 minutes. Group discussion is conducted to assess the candidates ability to work in a team, communication skills, reasoning ability, leadership skills, ability to initiate a process, assertiveness, flexibility, creativity, observation skills, body language and spontaneity. “Be different” is the success mantra in GD.

Today, group discussion (GD) is a very important round in any selection process be it for any course, campus recruitment or for any graduate/post graduate degree and Govt/PSU/Bank Recruitment

What is group discussion?

A Group discussion is a forum where people sit together and discuss the issue administrated to them with the common objective of discussing it in a wholesome way.

Types of Group Discussion

1.Topic-based group discussions

2.Case-based group discussion (also called Case Studies), and

3.Article-based group discussions

Preparing for a Group Discussion: While GD reflects the inherent qualities of an individual, appearing for it unprepared may not augur well for you. These tips would help you prepare for GDs:

Reading: This is the first and the most crucial step in preparation. This is a never ending process and the more you read, the better you are in your thoughts. While you may read anything to everything, you must ensure that you are in good touch with current affairs, the debates and hot topics of discussion and also with the latest in the IT and ITES industry. Chances are the topics would be around these. Read both for the thoughts as well as for data. Also read multiple view points on the same topic and then create your point of view with rationale. Also create answers for counter arguments for your point of view. The electronic media also will be of good use here.

Mocks: Create an informal GD group and meet regularly to discuss and exchange feedback. This is the best way to prepare. This would give you a good idea about your thoughts and how well can you convince. Remember, it is important that you are able to express your thoughts well. The better you perform in these mocks the better would be you chances to perform on the final day. Also try to interact and participate in other GD groups. This will develop in you a skill to discuss with unknown people as well.

During the Group Discussion:

What do the panelists assess: Some of the qualities assessed in a GD are:

Leadership Skills – Ability to take leadership roles and be able to lead, inspire and carry the team along to help them achieve the group’s objectives.

Communication Skills – Candidates will be assessed in terms of clarity of thought, expression and aptness of language. One key aspect is listening. It indicates a willingness to accommodate others views.

Interpersonal Skills – People skills are an important aspect of any job. They are reflected in the ability to interact with other members of the group in a brief situation. Emotional maturity and balance promotes good interpersonal relationships. The person has to be more people centric and less self-centered.

Persuasive Skills – The ability to analyze and persuade others to see the problem from multiple perspectives.

GD is a test of your ability to think, your analytical capabilities and your ability to make your point in a team-based environment.

Current GD Topics asked in different recruitments

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail

Influence of Social Media

Mobile phones / Internet – a boon or nuisance

What Could Be Social Responsibilities Of IT Companies.

Impact Of Television Channels In Cross Cultural Tolerance. and so on.

Position of Women in India compared to other nations

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