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Coal India Limited CIL computer engineering questions with answers
1. Online Storage lead to the 1st Generation Of ?
Answer: Option D
This is the Most repeated questions in Computer Engineering . Technical SI (2006)

2. Real time Systems could collect , analyse and transform data from multiple sources there by controlling Processes and producing output
A. Seconds
B. Milli seconds
C. Minutes
D. none

Answer: Option B

3. _________ is Distributed system
A. Operating Systems
B. Micro Processor
C. Local Area Network
D. None
Answer: Option C

4. Sofware is _______
A. Data
B. Instructions
C. Information
D. None of these

Answer: Option B

5. ______ Technologies are rapidly displacing more conventional doftware development approaches in many application areas
A. Object Coded
B. Object oriented
C. Object Encoded
D. None
Answer: Option B

6. Expantion of UNIVAC is ?
A. Universal Automatic calculator
B. Universal Analog calculator
C. Universal analog computer
D. Universal Automatic Computer
Answer: Option D

The UNIVAC I (‘UNIVersal Automatic Computer I) was the first commercial computer made in the United States. It was designed by J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly UNIVAC is the First generation computer.It is also known as Vaccum Tube

7. Which one of the following is software package
B. Expert System
Answer: Option B

8. Software Failure Indicates an
A. Virus
B. Wrong data
C. Error
D. None
Answer: Option C

9 RAD Is ?
A. Rapid artificail development
B. Rapid Application Developer
C. None
D. Rapid Application Development

Answer: Option D

This is the Most repeated questions in Computer Engineering . Technical SI (2006)

10. KPA Is Stands for
A. Key Progress Area
B. Key Process Area
C. Key Program Area
D. none

Answer: Option B

11. The bedrock that confirm and supports Software engineering is a Focus On
A. Coding
B. Program
C. Quality
D. Technology

Answer: Option C

12. Software Engineering ____ Provides the technical “how to” for Building the sofware
A. Tools
B. Methods
C. Data’s
D. Process

Answer: Option B

13. The only deliverable for a sucessful project is ___
A. Non working Program
B. Working Program
C. Active Program
D. In active Program
Answer: Option B

14. Software Engineering process defines a framework for a set of

15 CAE Is mean for ?
A. Computer Analog Engineering
B. Computer Aided Engineering
C. Calculator Aided Enable

Answer: Option B

16 Linear Sequential Model (LSM)is also known as
A. Classic Life cycle
B. Sequential Model
C. Both B and D
D. Waterfall

Answer: Option C

Coal India Limited Mechanical engineering questions with answer

1. What is the importance of the Thermodynamics in the field of Mechanical Engineering?
All the mechanical engineering systems are studied with the help of thermodynamics. Hence it is very important for the mechanical engineers.

2. How many Laws of Thermodynamics are there?
There are three laws of the thermodynamics.

First Law: Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. It can only change forms.In any process in an isolated system, the total energy remains the same.

Second Law: When two isolated systems in separate but nearby regions of space, each in thermodynamic equilibrium in itself, but not in equilibrium with each other at first, are at some time allowed to interact, breaking the isolation that separates the two systems, and they exchange matter or energy, they will eventually reach a mutual thermodynamic equilibrium. The sum of the entropies of the initial, isolated systems is less than or equal to the entropy of the final exchanging systems. In the process of reaching a new thermodynamic equilibrium, entropy has increased, or at least has not decreased.

Third Law: As temperature approaches absolute zero, the entropy of a system approaches a minimum.

3. State Laws of conservation of energy?
According to the laws of conservation of energy, “energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to another.”

4. Is the boiler a closed system?
Yes definitely the boiler is a closed system.

5. What is Carnot engine?
It was being designed by Carnot and let me tell you that Carnot engine is an imaginary engine which follows the Carnot cycle and provides 100% efficiency.

6. Which formula forms a link between the Thermodynamics and Electro chemistry?
Gibbs Helmholtz formula is the formula which forms the link between the thermodynamics and electromagnetism.

.Cil-Coal India Limited electronics and electrical questions with answers
1 The drain of an n-channel MOSFET is shorted to the gate so that VGS = VDS. The threshold voltage (VT) of MOSFET is 1 V. If the drain current (ID) is 1 mA for VGS = 2V, then for VGS = 3V, ID is

A) 2 mA
B) 3 mA
C) 9 mA
D) 4 mA

Answer : (D)

2 The first and the last critical frequency of an RC-driving point impedance function must respectively be

A) a zero and a pole
B) a zero and a zero
C) a pole and a pole
D) a pole and a zero

Answer : (D)

3 In what range should Re(s) remain so that the Laplace transform of the function e(a+2)t+5 exits?

A) Re (s) > a + 2
B) Re (s) > a + 7
C) Re (s) < 2
D) Re (s) > a + 5

Answer : (A)

4 A parallel plate air-filled capacitor has plate area of l0-4 m2 and plate separation of 10-3 m. It is connected to a 0.5 V, 3.6 GHz source. The magnitude of the displacement current is (e0 = 1/36p x 10-9 F/m)

A) 10 mA
B) 100 mA
C) 10 A
D) 1.59 mA

Answer : (A)

5 For the polynomial P(s) = s5 + s4 + 2s3 + 2s2 + 3s + 15, the number of roots which lie in the right half of the s-plane is

A) 4
B) 2
C) 3
D) 1

Answer : (B)

6 The phase velocity of an electromagnetic wave propagating in a hollow metallic rectangular waveguide in the TE10 mode is

A) equal to its group velocity
B) less than the velocity of light in free space
C) equal to the velocity of light in free space
D) greater than the velocity of light in free space

Answer : (D)

7 A device with input x(t) and output y(t) is characterized by: y(t) = x2(t). An FM signal with frequency deviation of 90 kHz and modulating signal bandwidth of 5 kHz is applied to this device. The bandwidth of the output signal is

A) 370 kHz
B) 190 kHz
C) 380kHz
D) 95kHz

Answer : (C)

8 The Q – meter works on the principle of

A) mutual inductance
B) self inductance
C) series resonance
D) parallel resonance

Answer : (C)

9 The Fourier transform of a conjugate symmetric function is always

A) imaginary
B) conjugate anti-symmetric
C) real
D) conjugate symmetric

Answer : (C)

10 An ideal op-amp is an ideal

A) voltage controlled current source
B) voltage controlled voltage source
C) current controlled current source
D) current controlled voltage source

Answer : (B)
11 A 1 kHz sinusoidal signal is ideally sampled at 1500 samples/sec and the sampled signal is passed through an, ideal low-pass filter with cut-off frequency 800 Hz. The output signal has the frequency
A) zero Hz
B) 0.75 kHz
C) 0.5 kHz
D) 0.25 kHz Correct Answer C

12 The minimum number of 2-to -1 multiplexers required to realize a 4-to 1 multiplexer is
Options A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4 Correct Answer B

13 Choose the correct one front among the alternatives A, B, C, D after matching an item from Group 1 with the most appropriate item, in Group 2. Group 1 Group 2 P: Shift register 1:Frequency division Q: Counter 2: Addressingin memory chips R: Decoder 3: Serial to parallel data conversion
Options A) P-3, Q- 2, R-1
B) P-3, Q-1, R-2
C) P-2, Q-1, R-3
D) P-1, Q- 2, R-2 Correct Answer B

14 A random variable X with uniform density in the interval 0 to 1 is quantized as follows: If 0 � X � 0.3, x q = 0 If 0.3 � X � 1, x q = 0.7 where x q is the quantized value of X. The root-mean square value of the quantization noise is
Options A) 0.573
B) 0.198
C) 2.205
D) 0.266 Correct Answer A

15 In a full-wave rectifier using two ideal diodes, V dc and V m are the dc and peak values of the voltage respectively across a resistive load. If PIV is the peak inverse voltage of the diode, then the appropriate relationships for this rectifier are
Options A) V dc = V m p , PIV = 2V m
B) V dc = 2 V m p , PIV = 2V m
C) V dc = 2 V m p , PIV = V m
D) V dc = V m p , PIV = V m Correct Answer B

16 The Fourier transform of a conjugate symmetric function is always
Options A) imaginary
B) conjugate anti-symmetric
C) real
D) conjugate symmetric Correct Answer C

17 It is desired to multiply the numbers 0AH by 0BH and store the result in the accumulator. The numbers are available in registers B and C respectively. A Part of the 8085 program for this purpose is given below: MVI A, 00H Loop;- – – – – – – – – ——————– ——————- HLT END The sequence of instruction to the complete the program would be
Correct Answer D

18 A solution of the following differential equation is given by d 2 y dx 2 – dy dx + 6y = 0
Options A) y = e 2x + e -3x
B) y = e 2x + e 3x
C) y = e -2x + e 3x
D) y = e -2x + e -3x Correct Answer B
19 Consider the following statements S1 and S2. S1: The threshold voltage (V T ) of a MOS capacitor decreases with increase in gate oxide thickness S2: The threshold voltage (V T ) of a MOS capacitor decreases with increase in substrate doping concentration Which one of the following is correct?
Options A) S1 is FALSE and S2 is TRUE
B) Both S1 and S2 are TRUE
C) Both S1 and S2 are FALSE
D) S1 is TRUE and S2 is FALSE Correct Answer A

20 Consider an abrupt p-junction. Let V bi be the built-in potential of this junction and V R be the applied reverse bias. If the junction capacitance (C j ) is 1 pF for V bi + V R = 1V, then for V bi + V R – 4V, C j will be
Options A) 4 pF
B) 2 pF
C) 0.25 pF
D) 0.5 pF Correct Answer D

March -2012 General Awareness

1. Name the freedom fighter with picture of whom Rs.5 coin would be introduced by RBI.
Ans. Bhagat Singh

2. Name the news search engine introduced by
Ans. Relatime News Search

3. Tiger brand is associated with which company?
Ans. Britannia

4. Name the cricketer who was honoured with lifetime membership the Sydney Cricket Ground.
Ans. Sachin Tendulkar

5. Which country has been ranked as the world’s richest country in the list compiled by US magazine Forbes?
Ans. Qatar

6. Which country did India beat to qualify for London Olympics men’s hockey 2012?
Ans. France

7. Name the service that is to be launched by Times Group to enable viewers to watch movies and TV shows online.

8. Name the football player who led India to the gold in the inaugural Asian Games in New Delhi who passed away recently.
Ans. Sailendra Nath Manna

9. Who won the Allan Border medal (Australia cricketer of the year) award 2012?
Ans. Michael Clarke

10. Which west Asian country approved for new constitution recently?
Ans. Syria

11. Which model of Nokia phone has been built with 41-megapixel sensor camera?
Ans. Nokia 808 Pureview camera phone

12. Name the digital music store launched by
Ans. FlyteDownload From

13. Name the online property search portal launched by HDFC in Kolkata
Ans. HDFC Red

14. Name the application launched by Vigyan Prasar and IGNOU as a free SMS service for mobile users that delivers content on science and related areas.
Ans. Science@Mobile

15. Name the Kerala-based UAE business magnate who was awarded with Interfaith Harmony Award at Kuala Lumpur.
Ans. M.A.Yusuf Ali

16. Which country has India agreed ‘in-principle’ to the participation in hydro power-projects in the North-East?
Ans. Bangladesh

17. Name the Tech-savvy state which set a record by winning the National Tourism Award for its website for 5th time in last 10 years.
Ans. Kerala

18. Who has been appointed as brand ambassador of fruit drink maker rasna?
Ans. Genelia D’souza

19. Name the book which is set to be launched by model-turnedactress Diana Hayden.
Ans. A Beautiful Truth

20. Who has been awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize considered as Nobel prize in Architecture?
Ans. Wang Shu

21. Which railway station became the first railway network to offer BluFi, a combination of Bluetooth and WiFi to provide information to passengers?
Ans. Bangalore City Railway Station

22. Name the Indian golfer who qualified for The Open Championship to be played in July at the Royal Lytham St Annes.
Ans. Anirban Lahiri

23. Which state bagged the second best national award in the Comprehensive Development of Tourism category?
Ans. RajasthanDownload

24. Name the men’s mixed doubles winner of the ATP Dubai Open 2012.
Ans. Mahesh Bhupathi and Rohan Bopanna

25. Who won the men’s singles of ATP Dubai Open 2012?
Ans. Roger Federer

26. Name the Indian American filmmaker who won the ’2012 Rising Star Award’ for his feature film ’9 Eleven’ at the Canada International Film Festival.
Ans. Manan Singh Katohora

27. Who has been elected as Russian President recently?
Ans. Vladimir Putin

28. Name of Taslima Nasreen’s autobiography?
Ans. Nirbasan

29. Who is World’s shortest man as per recent Guinness World Records ?
Ans. 72-year old Chandra Bahadur Dangi of Nepal

30. Name the Romanian Prime Minister who quit recently.
Ans. Emil Boc

31. Name the Maldives President who was appointed after Mohamed Nasheed quit.
Ans. Mohammad Waheed Hassan

32. Which singer is launching her own social networking website exclusively for her fans?
Ans. Lady Gaga []

33. Which country released world’s highest resolution lunar images taken by its 2nd moon orbiter, Chang’e-2?
Ans. China

34. Who was honoured with Lata Mangehkar award by the Madhya Pradesh government recently?
Ans. Rajesh Roshan

35. Why zebras have black and white stripes (recently solved mystery)?
Ans. To keep blood-sucking files away

36. Who was honoured with a posthumous Grammy award for his contributions to the music industry in area other than performance?
Ans. Steve Jobs

37. Name the yesteryear actress who featured in the popular song ‘Ae Meri Zohra Jabeen’ from the film ‘Waqt’who passed away recently.
Achala Sachdev passed away at a Pune hospital on April 30, 2012. was 91 year old.

38. Where in India, largest solar power plant with an installed capacity of 40 MW started producing electricity?
Pokhran in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan

39. Which department in India plans to set up 1000 ATM’s across 6 states?
Postal department

40. Who created history by becoming the first Indian female wrestler to have qualified for the London Olympics 2012?

41Who has been appointed next Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission?
Ratan Kumar Sinha

42. In which part of India, Indo Tibetan Border Police headquarters is to be opened?

43. Which state’s High Court has insisted that banks cannot freeze accounts nor stop services of issuing cheque book or ATM facility where the account holder has not supplied KYC (Know Your Customers) documents?

44. Name the former Haryana chief secretary who took oath as state information commissioner ?
Urvashi Gulati

45. Which State becames the 3rd state in India to launch State Portal (SP) and State Service Delivery Gateway (SSDG) project?

46. Who won the World Series Hockey 2012 title?

47. In which state Urdu medium Government schools would be setup as announced by Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav?
Uttar Pradesh

48. Where is the World’s first Virtual shopping store opened?

49. Who is named as HSBC’s India CEO?
Stuart Milne

50. Which Indian state bans guthka from 1st of April 2012 to curb the increasing number of mouth cancer cases?
Madhya Pradesh

51. Which Indian state chief minister has urged union Finance Minister to bail it out of its huge burden?
West Bengal

52. Name the Jammu and Kashmir High Court Chief Justice who was sworn in as Supreme court judge ?
F.M.Ibrahim Kalifulla

53. Name the Gujarati techie whose name has emerged for India’s President as the nation has to elect 16th President in July 2012 ?
Sam Pitroda

54. At what value Air India’s restructuring plan was approved by a group of 19 banks led by SBI?
18,000 crore

55. Which services Airtel is planning to launch in Kolkata in April 2012?
4G services

56. Name the nuclear submarine which joined Indian Navy.
INS Chakra

57. Which education company bagged Rs.209 crore order from Assam Government?

58. Which 2 north Indian states will have pipeline connected oil terminals for supply of diesel, petrol and kerosene?
Jammu and Himachal Pradesh

59. Which Asian country has issued tender to buy minimum of 30,000 tonnes of basmati rice from India and Pakistan?

60. NSE founder who passes away Recently?
RH PatilDr R H Patil, chairman, Clearing Corporation of India (CCIL) and founder-managing director of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) passed away in Mumbai

61 Who donated 1 million Singapore Dollars to Indian Heritage Centre?

62. Name the world’s highest and longest bridge that was officially opened to motorists in China.Anzhaite Long-span Suspension Bridge in Jishou

63. Which bank has opened 16 Ultra Small branches in 16 locations in villages to cater to financial needs of the rural populace?

64. Who has been conferred with Sir Jehangir Ghandy Medal?
Narayana Murthy

65 In which city in Kerala will Infosys setup its 2nd campus?

66. Which bank will set up 1-person micro branches to serve remote areas of the northeastern region financially?
Indian Overseas Bank

67. Which act does not allow to prosecute (no wife can claim compensation or maintenance) husband’s girlfriend?
Protection of Women from Domestic Vilonce Act, 2005

68. Name the 3 Indian hockey players after whom tube stations in London has been renamed.Dhyan Chand, Roop Singh and Leslie Claudius

69Who has been signed up as brand ambassador of Toyota Kirloskar Motors?
Virat Kohli

70. When was 63rd Rajasthan Day celebrated?
30th March 2012

71. Where in Rajasthan Spices Board’s first Spices Park is setup?

72. Which Asian country recently became member of Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP)?

73. Who won her 6th world sprint title at the world track cycling championships 2012?
Victoria Pendleton

74 Name the Malawi President who died after heart attack.
Bingu wa Mutharika

75 Who was sworn in as Malawi’s President following the death of Bingu wa Mutharika?
Joyce Banda

76 Which Asian country made Hindu marriage registration a must by bringing the law in lines with India?

77. Israel has decided to setup its consulate office in which part of India?

78. Which Indian city is likely to get water taxis and airconditioned trams?

79. Name the young doctor who is set to become the first foreign national of Indian origin to walk across Antarctica carrying the Indian Flag.
Dr.Alexander Kumar

80. Name the youngest Indian boxer who qualified for London Olympics 2012.
Shiva Thapa

81. What percentage hike was allocated for Karnataka by Planning Commission for current fiscal 2012-13 in the 12th Plan?

82. Who will be the sports ambassador for the state of Haryana?
Leander Paes

83. Which category of women will be allowed to participate in the Miss Universe beauty pageant from next year?
Transgender women

84. Which rank does Bangalore hold as preferred entrepreneurial locations worldwide?
9th rank

85. Which TV has become the first Indian television channel to enter the Chinese market?
Zee TV

86. Which act was amended to include compulsory registration of marriages in India?
Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969

87. Where in Himachal Pradesh Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) would be opened?
Una district

88. What denominations of currency note will RBI introduce bearing rupee symbol?
Rs.20 and Rs.50 currency notes

89. Name the index on which NSE is set to launch derivative trade.
FTSE 100 index

90. What percentage and value of US based Max New York Life Insurance was sold to Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (MSI)?
26% and Rs.2,731 crore

91. Which country replaced China as Iran’s top oil client?

92. India has recently decided to allow Foreign Direct Investment from which Asian country?

93. What value of equity infusion did Air India get spread over a period of 9 years?
Rs. 30,000 crore

94 Where in India Integrated Check Post was inaugurated on the occasion of Baisakhi to enhance trade between India-Pakistan?

95. Which among the following body promoted securities Trading Corporation of India Limited (STCI) jointly with the Public sector Banks?

Reserve bank Of India

96. The state bank of India (Amendment) Bill-2010, which was passed in the parliament in the latter half of 2010, apart from other things, reduces the statutory minimum shareholding of the Central Government in the bank from ________ to ______ %, which among the following set of figures fills the blank correctly?

55, 51

97. What do we call an agreement whereby an issuing Bank at the request of the Importer (Buyer) undertakes to take payment to the exporter (Beneficiary) against stipulated documents?

Letter of Credit

98. Mutual funds are regulated in India by which among the following?

99 Which of the following country was the host of First Asian Yoga Championship held recently?


100The Central Statistics Office (CSO) released the Quick estimates of national income, consumption expenditure, saving and capital formation for the financial year 2009-10 recently. Which of the following statements is/are correct?

I. Gross Domestic Savings in 2009-10 were 33% of GDP

II. Gross Domestic Savings in 2009-10 grew 22.7% over 2008-09

III. Private Corporate Sector Savings in 2009-10

I and II only

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