Line Graphs Or Cartesian Graphs

Line Graphs Or Cartesian Graphs

This type of graph indicates the variation of a quantity with respect to two parameters represented on x -axis and y -axis respectively. So the candidate must carefully observe the peaks and depths of the graph to interpret the data

Ex. Study the graph carefully and answer the question given below


1. Which year of the following did California have the least number of cases?
1. 1960
2. 1975
3. 1970
4. 1980
5. 1990
Answer : 2
Explanation : 1975

2. How many cases were registered in NY and CAL in 1950?
1. 275
2. 325
3. 320
4. 290
5. 150
Answer : 1
Explanation : 150+125=275


Exercise Questions


The following line graph gives the percent profit earned by two Companies X and Y during the period 1996 – 2001.

Percentage profit earned by Two Companies X and Y over the Given Years,
%Profit = (Income – Expenditure)/Expenditure * 100

1. The incomes of two Companies X and Y in 2000 were in the ratio of 3:4 respectively. What was the respective ratio of their expenditures in 2000 ?

a. 7 : 22
b. 14.19
c. 15:22
d. 27:35


2. If the expenditure of Company Y in 1997 was Rs. 220 crores, what was its income in 1997?

a. Rs.312 crores
b. Rs.297 crores
c. Rs.283 crores
d. Rs.275 crores


3. If the expenditures of Company X and Y in 1996 were equal and the total income of the two Companies in 1996 was Rs. 342 crores, what was the total profit of the two Companies together in 1996 ? (Profit = Income – Expenditure)

a. Rs.240 crores
b. Rs.171 crores
c. Rs.120 crores
d. Rs.102 crores


4. The expenditure of Company X in the year 1998 was Rs.200 crores and the income of company X in 1998 was the same as its expenditure in 2001. The income of Company X in 2001
was ?

a. Rs.465 crores
b. Rs.385 crores
c. Rs.335 crores
d. Rs.295 crores


5. If the incomes of two Companies were equal in 1999, then what was the ratio of expenditure of Company X to that of Company Y in 1999 ?

a. 6:5
b. 5:6
c. 11:6
d. 16:15


Study the following line graph and answer the questions based on it.
Number of Vehicles Manufactured by Two companies over the Years (Number in Thousands)

6. What is the difference between the number of vehicles manufactured by Company Y in 2000 and 2001 ?

a. 50000
b. 42000
c. 33000
d. 21000


7. What is the difference between the total productions of the two Companies in the given years ?

a. 19000
b. 22000
c. 26000
d. 28000


8. What is the average numbers of vehicles manufactured by Company X over the given period ? (rounded off to nearest integer)

a. 119333
b. 113666
c. 112778
d. 111223


9. In which of the following years, the difference between the productions of Companies X and Y was the maximum among the given years ?

a. 1997
b. 1998
c. 1999
d. 2000


10. The production of Company Y in 2000 was approximately what percent of the production of Company X in the same
year ?

a. 173
b. 164
c. 132
d. 97


Answer Key

1.c; 2.b; 3.d; 4.a; 5.d; 6.d; 7.c; 8.a; 9.d; 10.b

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