SAIL Latest Sample Question paper 2012

SAIL Latest Sample Question paper 2012, SAIL Latest Exam Pattern consist of 100 questions, 30 Questions from Aptitude  Reasoning and English, 60 Questions from Technical, SAIL Latest placement paper 2012, SAIL Latest Candidate Experience 2012


hi friends im sujendra from hyderabad i attended SAIL MT recruitment written test



2GENERAL AWARNESS AND APTITUDE(100Q-in this ga contain approx 30Q and remaining aptitude and reasoning,english)

some of the quetions i rememberd listed below


1.what is the sending end pf if resistance of line 500ohms ,300v and an impedence of 0.8j

a.unity b.0.8lag c.0.86lag d.0.8 lead

2.double integration of step function is —-

a.ramp b.parabola c.impulsre

3.what is frequency at which voltage across capacitor is maximum if r=25ohms ,L=0.04H,c=0.01uf a ckt ideal voltage sources and resistors are connected then if the value of resistance doubled then what happend to voltage?

a.doubled 2.unchanged


5.transfer function means…

a.ratio of output to input in z transform

b.ratio of output to input in laplace transform

6.finding inductance value for cables

7.temp coeff of intrinsic semi conductor

8.which of the following have high mobility b.SI c.GE AS p

9. finding peak over shoot and determinin  type of system

10.two bits on insulators

11.if two inductors are L1=3mH ,l2=3mH connected in sreies differential connection and mutual inductance of 0.15mH,then wt is eq.inductance


1.LINEN is made from

2.alum is used to…

Answer:purification of drinking water

3.first atomic power plant established in….tharapur

4.based on which book “three idiots movie”released

5.satellite-B was launched by wich country

6.home rule league moment started in….etc


# simple and compound intrest

#profit and loss…more pbs on this nearly 20 problems

# Critical reasoning






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