SAIL Placement-Paper

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I appeared for SAIL MT (admin)-marketing. Mine was after noon slot reporting time at 1:30pm.Entry closed at 2.00pm.They allow only the admit card and pen (blue/black ball point pen) .OMR marking by blue/black ball point pen.

The test duration is 2 and half hours (150min).75 minutes for section1 and 75 minutes for sectoion2.One single question booklet with two sections. You are only allowed to open the section 1 seal in the first half and 2 seal after 75minutes.

Negative marking:   (-) 0.25 penalty for wrong attempt

Cut off mark for Section1 and cut mark for 4 subsections in Section2 is a criterion to qualify the exam.

Four test versions A, B, C, D


Section2-General awareness, verbal, quantitative, reasoning



100 Questions specific to Marketing, 75 minutes

Questions asked from



-international business

-export, joint ventures

-product mix

-business communication

-Brand recall, loyalty


-Push-pull strategy

-product width, depth, length





-During the break time one employee went to have Coke but found the vending machine not working. Though Pepsi was available he went to the next building and purchased Coke

It’s an example for

Brand loyalty, brand recall….

-Low risk option to enter a new international market

Joint venture, indirect export, direct investment…

-A new product is release by advertisement should concentrate on

Persuasion, informative…

-prerequisite to MISSION statement

Marketing Strategy, SWOT, marketing mix…

-The tie up between Maruti Udyog limited and Suzuki is an example for

Join venture, direct investment, partnership…

-Advantage for a direct investment in an international market

Advantage of domestic production, use of own company resources…


-General Awareness


-Fill in the blank with a, an, the

5 questions

Difficulty level simple

-Fill in the blanks with on, over, above

5 questions

Difficulty level simple

-Reading comprehension

2 passages

5 question each

Technical article (One article was about data structures)

-Find the word with similar meaning

5 questions



Questions from

-profit and loss


-Simple interest and compound interest (2 qs)

-Discount, successive discounts

-mixtures and allegations (2 qs)

-Time and work (2 questions-easy)

-Directions (1q)

-clock (1q)

-Blood relationship (1q, easy)

-Statement (5 qs)

-Seating arrangement

-Time and work (1 q)



-Looking to a man photo Annie told his mother’s only daughter is my mother. What is the relationship?

A) Son B) daughter C) nephew D) niece

Ans: Niece

-A, B, C working together and A’s work is 3times B’s work and B’s work is 3 times Cs work. Find the ration of work of A and C.

A) 1:9 B) 9:1 C) 3:1 D) 1:3


A=3B, B=3C


Ie ratio 9:1

-Find the time after 5’oclock at which the hour hand and minute hand

-A and B started working together and can finish the work in 30 days and after how many days that B can leave the work, so that the work can be completed within 32 days

A) 15 days) 10daysc) 5daysD) none of this

-A and B start travelling from Bangalore to Hyderabad, starting point after …..(it’s a time and work question after how many minutes they will meet )

-Successive discount questions-A got a  10% discount on selling price and received 5% discount later what will be final price that he paid…

-[(1+a/b)^2+(1-b/a)^2]/[function with a and b in ratio format ]  the final value will be a/b.. easy

Most of the questions were from percentage, profit and loss,  discount, simple and compound interest

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