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Hi I am Rajesh, attempted SAIL MT on 14July2013,,As there are few people contributing to this section especially for Electrical engineering , I thought i would give a try ,, I thought these are helpful ,,



Sail MT written test analysis conducted on 14th July 2013

Exam is somewhat tough (No calculator,, but very few questions that cannot be solved w/o calci).Not very advanced ,, but in theory some thinkable , common sense,

1. The thing is it is a mixed bag, meaning that very basic level (calculating slip)to very high level you need to search for very easy questions

2. A total of 100 Questions Technical· 

Control systems,(15Q)– covering mostly compensators, PID, nyquist, rootlocus,. steady state errors, type of the system, variation of gain on stability, resonant frequency using damping factor·

Measurements(15Q))-CTs, energy meters, frequency meters, Properties of instruments, Bridges (Q measurement-Hay and anderson)·

Power electronics and drives,(15Q)-mostly drives .also all devices (choppers , rectifiers…)Asked which is suitable for …..drives also. Firing angle for high output, ,if it increases what happens,duty cycle, PW modulation …· 

Power systems(10Q)-Base impedance, ABCD parameters, Given base mva and inertia const find KE, Relays·

Signals and system,(10Q))-Very basics fourier (Mostly)transforms, Properties like causality etc basics·

M/c,(10Q)-Basics very basics ,,dc-series motors(why shaft torque < some torque),loss found out in oc test, cal of slip and Ns,·

Finally ckt theory,(10Q)– very basic-cal of eq resistance if three 15 ohm res are in parallel, problems with bulbs ,, which is dimmer etc

3. Quant aptitude: No special preparation, Mostly Simple interest, CI (Almost 5Q),stocks (5Q),Mostly profit and loss(If two horses one is sold for gain ,one for loss, overall gain …),successive discounts, problems on numbers,

4. Reasoning-venn diagram, data sufficiency, age calculation, menstruation easy(no formulae is needed), .

5. General awareness: people in news, awards, books, dates. (This is deciding especially for me)

6. Recommendations:· 
Prepare mostly Control systems not problems concentrate on theory especially compensation and design ·
Measurements also·
Next power electronics and mostly application of drives·
Then ckt theory, no special predation is needed but thorough with basics like bilateral element ,, if nodes and ind loops given cal elements,·
Read JB Gupta theory bits for prioritized subjects above.

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