Intelligence Bureau,DRDO,Current affiars questions with answers of ,2011,2012 years

Intelligence Bureau,DRDO,Current affiars questions with answers of ,2011,2012 years ,A good collection General Awarness,Latest Events,This years important events Current affairs objective type Question and answers for Intelligence Bureau Examinations, DRDO,IBPS PO,clericalSBT and SBT IBPS Gramin Bank all IT ,PSU and Bank recruitment test examination questions with answers,

1. Which 3 eminent persons nominated by the government for as members of Rajya Sabha on April 26, 2012 ?
Ans:- Sachin Tendulkar, actress Rekha and industrialist Anu Aga

2. Which indian Bollywood actress passed away recently ?
Ans:- Achla Sachdev

3. Who won India Open badminton 2012 Men’s singles title ?
Ans:- Shon Wan Ho (South Korea)

4. Who won India Open badminton 2012 Women’s singles title ?
Ans:- Li Xuerui(China)

5. Who won 6 NTR National Literary Award ?
Ans:- Ashokamitran (Tamil writer)

6. Name of new web-enabled mobile Phone launched by Nokia ?
Ans:- Asha 202

7. Who win 28th Asian snooker title ?
Ans:- Aditya Mehta (defeated Pankaj Advani)

8. Who has been elected as New President of France ?
Ans:- Francois Hollande (defeating the incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy)

9. Who became the first batsman to hit five consecutive Twenty20 half-centuries ?
Ans:- Virender Sehwag (In IPL-5)

10. Who were awarded with Kalpana Chawla excellence award on 6 May 2012 ?
Ans:- Miss India World Vinya Mishra and actress Sushma Seth

11. Which indian discus thrower created a new national record bywinning the silver medal at the Altius Track Crew Throwdown meet in Maui Island, Hawaii ?
Ans:- Krishna Poonia (64.76 meters)

12. Who became the first-ever batsman to cross 2000 runs in the Indian Premier League ?
Ans:- Suresh Raina

13. Who has re-appointed as Attorney General of india ?
Ans:- Goolam E.Vahanvati

14. Which missile was successfully test-fired by pakistan on May 012 ?
Ans:- Hatf III Ghaznavi missile (Range – 290 km)

15. What is HSRP ?
Ans:- High Security Registration number Plates

16. when was India’s first Parliament session held ?
Ans:- 13th May, 1952 ( On 13 may, 2012 Indian Parliament celebrate 60th anniversary)

17. When was the World red cross day celebrated?
Ans:- May 8th (every year)

18. Who won Junior Hockey World Cup 2012 ?
Ans:- Malaysia (defeated Pakistan)

19. Which mobile manufacturer became Number One Mobile Company in the World ?
Ans:- Samsung (Korean mobile company)

20. Who is elected as new chairman of Atomic Energy Commission of India ?
Ans:- Dr.Ratan Kumar Sinha

21. Who has been elected New Chairman of the Standing Committee of Parliament on Personnel Public Grievances, Law and Justice ?
Ans:- Shantaram Naik

22. Which 2 Indian women Squash Players won the 16th Asian Team Squash Championship in Kuwait?
Ans:- Dipika Pallikal (ranked 14th) and Joshna Chinnappa (ranked 71st)

23. Name of The joint exercise carried out by the Army and the Indian Air Force in the desert of Rajasthan ?
Ans:- Operation Shoorveer

24. Who has been elected as Chair of the ADB’s( Asian Development Bank) Board of Governors, India ?
Ans:- Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee

25. Who was sworn in as Russian president for 3rd time?
Ans:- Vladimir Putin

26. who has been selected as the brand ambassador of ‘Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan’ (a programme of the rural development ministry to spread awareness about sanitation and cleanliness in india) ?
Ans:- Vidya Balan

27. Who became the 1st player to win Barcelona title for 7 times?
Ans:- Rafael Nadal

28. Which English tean won 2012 FA Cup Final ?
Ans:- Chelsea (defeat Liverpool by 2-1)

29. Who has been conferred with his first American Honorary Doctorate by the Miami University ?
Ans:- A.R.Rahman

30. Which 3 northeastern Indian states will have its own high courts?
Ans:- Tripura, Manipur and Meghalaya

31. Who won the Madrid Masters woman single’s title 2012 ?
Ans:- Serena Williams

32. Who won the men single’s Madrid Masters title 2012?
Ans:- Roger Federer

33. Who became World’s Oldest Women to climb the Mount Everest the world’s highest mountain peak ?
Ans:- Tamae Watanabe (73-year-old)

34. who became the youngest Indian to win Asian Chess Championship 2012 ?
Ans:- Primarjan Negi (Negi is also the third Indian afer Krishnan Sasikaran (2003), Surya Sekhar Ganguly (2009) and Pendyala Harikishna (2011) to win the Asian title.)

35. Who has been appointed as TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) chairman for a 3 year term?
Ans:- Rahul Khullar

36. Who is sworn in as the 24th President of France?
Ans:- Francois Hollande

37. Who is sworn in as the Prime Minister of France?
Ans:- Jean-Marc Ayrault

38. Which football club won the 2012 English Premier League Championship after 44 years?
Ans:- Manchester city

39. Who won the Football Champions League 2012 ?
Ans:- Chelesa

40. where was held 38th G-8 summit recently(May -2012) ?
Ans:- Camp David, Maryland (USA)

41. Who sworn in as the 19th Governor of Rajasthan ?
Ans:- Margaret Alva

42. Who won the men’s Rome Masters (Italian Open ) 2012 for a record 6th time?
Ans:- Rafael Nadal (Spain)

43. Who won the women’s Rome Masters 2012 (Italian Open) for 2nd time?
Ans:- Maria Sharapova (russia)

44. Who won the Men’s doubles Rome Masters 2012 title?
Ans:- Marcel Garnollers and Marc Lopez

45. Who won the Women’s doubles Rome Masters 2012 title?
Ans:- Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci

46. Name of the bollywood movie, which has figured in the TIME magazine’s 10 greatest movies of the millenium ?
Ans:- Devdas (directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali)

47. Who is set to be India’s next football coach ?
Ans:- Wim Koevermans (former Dutch central defender)

48. Which indigenously built Missile was test- fired by india, at Chandipur, Odisha on 24 May 2012 ?
Ans:- Akash missile

49. Who won Indian Premier League Season 5 (IPL 2012) ?
Ans:- Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) defeated the Chennai Super Kings (CSK)

50. Who won won the Man of the Tournament award in IPL 2012 ?
Ans:- Sunil Naraine (KKR)

51. Who won Orange Cap(highest run getter) of IPL-2012 ?
Ans:- Chris Gayle (Royal Challengers Banglore) – 733 runs

52. Who Won Purple Cap (highest wicket- taker) of IPL 2012 ?
Ans:- Morne Morkel (Delhi Daredevils) – 25 wickets ( for IPL-2012 Awards List – Click Here)

53. Who won the Chennai Open 2012 Squash title ?
Ans:- Joshna Chinappa

54. Who won FIDE World Chess Championship 2012 title for the record fifth time ?
Ans:- Vishwanathan Anand (defeated Boris Gelfand-isreal)

55. Who became the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Myanmar after 25 years ?
Ans:- Dr.Manmohan Singh

56. Who won the 66th Santosh Trophy?
Ans:- Services team against Tamil Nadu

57. What is current economic growth rate of india in the January-March quarter of 2011-12 ?
Ans:- 5.3 percent (The figure is lowest in the past 9 years.)

58. Who assumed the charge as the 25th Chief of the Indian Army ?
Ans:- General Bikram Singh (He succeeded General V K Singh.)

59. As per Latest India state of forest Report 2011, Which indian state has the maximum forest cover area in Country ?
Ans:- Madhya Pradesh

60. 2012 summer olympic games is of which Olympiad ?
Ans:- 30th (XXX) Olympiad

61. India conducted its first underground nuclear test
Ans. Rajasthan

62. Which of the following states in India is the largest in area?

Ans. Madhya Pradesh

63. A large sized nitrogenous plant based on the gas supplied through Hazira-Bijapur-Jagdishpur pipeline is being set up at

Ans. Hazira

64. Fazilka-Abohar region is noted for

Ans.prosperous cotton textile industry

65. In which industry is sal wood used mostly?

Ans. Railway sleepers

66. Which of the following is the principal reason for the concentration of heavy industries in the South Bihar region?
Ans. Availability of raw materials in the region

67. Out of the following, India earns the maximum foreign exchange from the export of

Ans. handicrafts

68. Kandla, situated on the Gulf of Kachchh, is well known for which of the following?

Ans. Export processing zone

69. The main centre of diamond cutting industry in India is

70 The Himalayan region inspite of having raw material for paper and pulp industry could not develop so far. Which of the following is the most important factor for this?

Ans. Poor means of transport in the region

71. As per the latest figures available, out of the total sugar production in India, Maharashtra contributes about
Ans. 23%

72. Where is the Hindustan Shipyard located?

Ans. Vishakhapatnam

73. The ‘satellite freight city’ is being developed near which of the following cities?

Ans. Gurgaon

74. Which of the following states accounts for the largest share of industrial production and capital investment?


75. Consider the following statements:

The Rourkela steel plant obtains

1. hydel power from the Hirakud dam

2. coking coal from Jharia coalfields

3. iron ore from Baba Budon hills

Of these statements, the correct ones are:

(a) 1 and 2

(b) 1 and3

(c) 2 and 3

(d) 1, 2 and 3

Ans. (c)

76. A group of tourists is interested in visiting some beaches in India. Which of the following groups of cities would you suggest?

A. Calcutta, Bangalore, Baroda

B. Ahmedabad, Ranchi, Hyderabad

C. Bombay, Goa, Madras

(a) Only A

(b) Only B

(c) Only C

(d) Both A and B

(e) Both A and C

Ans. (c)

77. Which of the following cities is situated on the bank of river Saryu?


78. Railway rolling stock is not manufactured at


79. Of the following cities, which one is situated along the banks of river Sabarmati?

Ans. Ahmedabad

80 .Which industry in India was worst affected be cause of the partition?
Ans.Jute and Cotton

81. Which of the following cities is known as ‘Pink City’?

82. Indian Standard Time is the time at which of the following longitudes East of Greenwich?

Ans. 82 .5 °

83. Which of the following places is not associated with India’s space programme?

Ans. Trombay

84. Garo and Khasi tribes are mainly found in


85. In terms of the area of the countries, India ranks in the world.


86. Which is the most urbanized state in India?


Ans. (d)

87 In addition to the entire Union Territory of Delhi, the National Capital Region covers parts of the states of

Ans. Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh

88. ‘Ghotul’, a tribal youth dormitory is found among the

Ans. M of Madhya Pradesh

89 Which one of the following organizations is responsible for production of topographical sheets?

Ans.Survey of India (501)

90. In terms of area, which of the following is the smallest state in India?


91. India’s oldest planetarium is located at

Ans. Calcutta

92. Consider the following satellites put into orbit by India

1. Bhaskara

2. INSAT-1 B

3. Rohini


Ans. 2 and 4

93. What is SLV-3?

Ans. India’s space launching vehicle

94. Which one of the following is the most important reason for the establishment of the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre at Thumba?

Ans.The sea is near to the place in the East, West and South directions.

95. The first submarine built by India is

Ans. INS Shalki

96. The satellite Aryabhatta was built at


97. In which of the following regions is ‘Dandakaranya’ located?

Ans.Orissa, MR and Andhra Pradesh

98. Onge tribe is mainly settled in which of the following States / Union Territories?

99. Which of the following places is not associated with the launching of the space satellites?


100. INSAT – 2B was launched from

Ans. Kourou

1. What is the percentage of geographical area of India in the world area?

(a) 2.3%

(b) 3.2%

(c) 4%

(d) 5%

Ans. (a)

2. India- built remote sensing satellite Bhaskara II was put into space with the help of

(a) an intercosmos rocket from a soviet cosmodrome

(b) an SLV-3 rocket from Thumba

(c) an Ariana from French Guiana

(d) None of the above

Ans. (a)

3. Which one of the following is known as the Pearl City?

(a) Cochin

(b) Tuticorin

(c) Masulipatnam

(d) Rameshwaram

Ans. (b)

4. In which of the following places is India’s second satellite launching station being


(a) Sriharikota

(b) Trombay

(c) Hyderabad

(d) Vishakhapatnam

(e) Balasore

Ans. (e)

5. The highest number of tribal population in Tamil Nadu is

(a) Todas

(b) Irulas

(c) Kodas

(d) Malayalis

Ans. (a)

6. Kukis belong to which state?

(a) Nagaland

(b) Tripura

(c) Manipur

(d) Arunachal Pradesh

(e) Mizoram

Ans. (c)

7. Which one of the following pairs is not correct?

(a) Sriharikota – India’s satellite launching centre

(b) Bangalore – India’s space application centre

(c) Thumba – India’s first earth satellite station

(d) SLV-3 – India’s four stage rocket

Ans. (c)

8. In Mizoram, the settlement pattern is mostly of ‘linear type’ along the ridges because

(a) the ridges are cooler than the valleys

(b) the valleys are densely forested

(c) the valleys are cooler than the ridges

(d) accessibility is easier on the ridge tops

Ans. (c)

9. The first district in India to have telephones in all its villages is

(a) Dakshina Kannada

(b) Nellore

(c) Gurdaspur

(d) Ahmednagar

Ans. (a)

10.The city of Surat is situated on the bank of the river

(a) Krishna

(b) Kaveri

(c) Tapti

(d) Godavari

Ans. (c)
11. What does Yugoslavia mean?
a. The land of the rising sun
b. The land of the midnight sun
c. The land of the Southern Slavs
d. The land of Yahoos
Ans. C

12. Which state of USA was once part of Russia?
a. Alaska
b. Louisiana
c. Florida
d. California
Ans. A

13. What did the Greeks call the present day Amu River in Iran?
a. Indus
b. Ganges
c. Jhelum
d. Oxus
Ans. D

14. Which of these is not a metal?
a. Gold
b. Diamond
c. Silver
d. Copper
Ans. B

15. Who won Wimbledon Men’s Singles Championship in 2011?
a. Rafael Nadal
b. Andy Roddick
c. Roger Federer
d. Novak Djokovic
Ans. D

16. Who won the Olympic Gold Medal for hockey in 1980 Moscow Olympics?
a. India
b. UK
c. USA
Ans. A

17. What name was taken by Cardinal Joseph Sarto when he became pope?
a. John XXIII
b. Paul VI
c. Benedict XVI
d. Pius X
Ans. D

18. How many metres is one mile?
a. 1000
b. 100
c. 1609.344
d. 1705.212
Ans. C

19. What are vertebrates that live both under water and on land called?
a. Amphibians
b. Cats
c. Grasshoppers
d. Frogs
Ans. A

20. Who is the first President of the United States of America?
a. George Washington
b. Thomas Jefferson
c. James Monroe
d. John Adams
Ans. A

21. Who was born on August 15, 1769?
a. Winston Churchill
b. Queen Victoria
c. Napoleon Bonaparte
d. George V
Ans. C

22. Which city was previously known as Salisbury?
a. London
b. Paris
c. Harare
d. New York
Ans. C

23. Who is the author of “The Namesake”?
a. Jhumpa Lahiri
b. Tennessee Williams
c. Ian Fleming
d. Salman Rushdie
Ans. A

24. What is the number of squares on a chess board?
a. 72
b. 64
c. 32
d. 48
Ans. B

25. Which city was the summer capital of India during British Rule?
a. Nainital
b. Darjeeling
c. Simla
d. Ooty
Ans. C

26. The name of which city was changed to Petrograd and Leningrad?
a. Moscow
b. Tashkent
c. Kiev
d. St. Petersburg
Ans. D

27. Which film is in Aramaic and Latin?
a. The Ten Commandments
b. Ben-Hur
c. Apocalypto
d. The Passion of the Christ
Ans. D

28. Which of the following books is not part of Pentateuch?
a. Genesis
b. Numbers
c. Ruth
d. Exodus
Ans. C

29. Which of the following countries is landlocked?
a. Brazil
b. Cuba
c. Bolivia
d. Colombia
Ans. C

30. Which language is written in five scripts?
a. Hindi
b. Urdu
c. Konkani
d. Telugu
Ans. C

31. Which British monarch in 20th century was not crowned?
a. George V
b. Edward VIII
c. George VI
d. William IV
Ans. B

32. Who was told “Beware the Ides of March.”?
a. Julius Caesar
b. Augustus Caesar
c. Mark Antony
d. Cleopatra
Ans. A

33. Which country’s postal stamps have the name Helvetia?
a. Finland
b. Iceland
c. Switzerland
d. Swaziland
Ans. C

34. Yen is the currency of which country?
a. Japan
b. China
c. Nepal
d. Bhutan
Ans. A

35. Which is the national flower of Australia?
a. Red Rose
b. Lotus
c. Tulip
d. Golden Wattle
Ans. D

36 Literacy in India according to 2011 census:
(A) 74.06 %
(B) 75.06%-Answer

37. Name of the director of the film ” The dirty picture” which got thumbs up from film critics recently:
(A) Ekta kapoor
(B) Abhinav Kashyap
(C) Gurvinder Singh
(D) Milan Luthria-Answer

38.Besides USA and France, India has a Civil Nuclear Deal with

a) Britain
b) Russia-Answer
c) Germany
d) Australia

39.Name the gene found by the neuroscientists, which could help in creating and altering memory.

a) Mpas 4
b) Npas 4-Answer
c) Npas 3
d) Mpas 2

5.Which of the following is NOT a missile developed by the Defence Research and Development. Organisation (DRDO) ?

a) Shaurya
b) Pinaka-Answer
c) Brahmos
d) Agni

40.Who is crowned Miss India Earth 2012?
A) Prachi mishra-Answer
B) Vanya mishra
C)Rochelle maria rao
D)Erica fernandez

41 Highest divident paying company
a. TCS
b. Reliance Mobile
c. ITC
d. None of these-Answer(ONGC)

42. Recently RBI changed repo rate in % :
a. 7.75%
b. 7.5%

43 Pradeep Saurabh bagged the prestigious International Indu Sharma Katha Samman-2012 for his novel…………..
a) Teesari Aankh
b) Teesri Tali-Answer
c) Teesri Manjil
d) Teesri Tasveer

44. The Union cabinet of India on 22 December 2011 approved __ percent share for minorities within the 27% OBC quota in jobs and university seats.

a) 4.5-Answer
b) 5.6
c) 3.4
d) 5

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