LIC previous years solved question papers with detailed explanations

LIC Mathematical Aptitude Question and answers for Upcoming Exams – LIC previous years solved question papers with detailed explanations
1. Two numbers are respectively 25% and 20% less than a third number. What percent is the first number of the second.
(A) 5.85%
(B) 75.85%
(C) 80.60%
(D) 93.75%
Ans (D)

2. A pump can fill a tank with water in two hours. Because of a leak in the tank it was taking two 1/3 hours to fill the tank. The leak can drain all the water off the tank in.
(A) 8 hours
(B) 7 hours
(C) 13/3 hours
(D) 14 hours
Ans (D)

3. A can do a peace of work in 4 hours. B and C can do it in 3 hours. A and C can do it in two hours. How long will B take to do it?
(A) 10 hours
(B) 12 hours
(C) 8 hours
(D) 24 hours
Ans (B)

4. The difference between the simple and compound interest on a certain sum of money at 5% rate of interest p.a. for two years is Rs.15. Then the sum is _____
(A) Rs.6500
(B) Rs.5500
(C) Rs.6000
(D) Rs.7000
Ans (C)

5. A sum borrowed under compound interest doubles itself in 10 years. When will it become four fold of itself at the same rate of interest?
(A) 15 years
(B) 20 years
(C) 24 years
(D) 40 years
()Ans (B)

6. The students in three classes are in the ratio of 2:3:5 if 40 students are increased in each class the ratio changes to 4:5:7 if 40 students are increased in each class the ratio changes to 4:5:7 originally the total number of students was _______
(A) 100
(B) 180
(C) 200
(D) 400
Ans (C)

7. The ratio of incomes of two persons is 5:3 and that of their expenditure is 9.5. Find the income of each person if they save Rs.1300 and Rs.900 respectively.
(A) Rs.4000, Rs.2400
(B) Rs.3000, Rs.1800
(C) Rs.5000, Rs.3000
(D) Rs.4500, Rs.2700
Ans (A)

8. A fort has provision for 50 days if after 10 days they are strengthen by 500 men and the remaining food lasts 35 days. How many men were there in the fort initially?
(A) 3500
(B) 3000
(C) 2500
(D) 4000
Ans (A)

9. A number is increased by 20% and then it is decreased by 10%. Find the net increase or decrease in %
(A) 10% increase
(B) 10% decrease
(C) 8%increase
(D) 8% decrease
Ans (C)

10. The product of two positive numbers is 2500 if one number is 4 times the other, the sum of the two numbers is ______
(A) 25
(B) 125
(C) 225
(D) 250
Ans (B)

11. Which of the following is the largest number which is exactly devisable by 7,9 and 15?
(A) 9450
(B) 9765
(C) 9865
(D) 9550
Ans (B)

12. What percent of 5/8 is 8/5?
(A) 100
(B) 64
(C) 256
(D) 1024
Ans (C)

13. 2.3 + 6.5 – 7.1 + 4.9 -1.4 + 8.6 – 5.3?
(A) 8.5
(B) 8.6
(C) 8.7
(D) 8.4
Ans (A)

14. Example of a mathematical statement is ______
(A) (10+8)-9
(B) 2x+3=5
(C) 5<9+3
(D) x+3
Ans (C)

15. If 4x = 10 then X=?
(A) 10-4
(B) 10 X 4
(C) 10 +4
(D) 10/4
Ans (D)

16. a and b are two numbers. The property of a = b then b=a is called _______
(A) Reflexive property
(B) Transitive property
(C) Symmetric property
(D) Associative property
Ans (C)

17. “10 added to 5 times x is equal to 20” in symbolic form is _______
(A) 5(x+10)=20
(B) 5x+10=20
(C) x/5+10=20
(D) 5x-10=20
Ans (B)

18. The point equidistant from the vertices of a triangle is its_____
(A) Orthocentre
(B) Centroid
(C) circumcentre
(D) Incentre
Ans (C)

19. The centroid of a triangle is the point of concurrence of its
(A) angle bisectors
(B) perpendicular bisector
(C) altitudes
(D) medians
Ans (D)

20. If the angles of a triangle are in the ratio 1:2:7 then the triangle is ______
(A) acute angled
(B) obtuse angled
(C) right angled
(D) isosceles
Ans (D)

21. Two sides of a triangle are 8cm and 11cm then the possible third side is____
(A) 1 cm
(B) 2 cm
(C) 3 cm
(D) 4 cm
Ans (D)

22. A triangle always has exactly
(A) one acute angle
(B) at least two acute angles
(C) exactly one right angle
(D) exactly two acute angles
Ans (B)

23. Two trains A and B are running at the speeds of 45 KMPH and 25 KMPH respectively in the same direction. The faster train i.e. train A crosses a Man sitting in the slower train B in 18 secs. Find the length of the train A?
(A) 100 metres
(B) 120 metres
(C) 150 meters
(D) 180 meters
Ans (A)

24. A circular road runs round a circular ground. If the difference between the circumference of the outer circle and inner circle is 44 meters, find the width of road.
(A) 8 meters
(B) 7 meters
(C) 17 meters
(D) 9 meters
Ans (B)

25. A and B started a business in partnership. A invested Rs.2000/- for six months and B invested Rs.1500 for 8 months. What is the share of A in total profit of Rs.510?
(A) Rs.250
(B) Rs.255
(C) Rs.275
(D) Rs.280
Ans (B)

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