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1. The World Bank in the month of March 2013 barred which company from doing any business with it or the projects funded by it for a period of six months?
a) Punj Lloyd Group
b) Lanco Infratech Limited
c) Larsen & Toubro
d) IVRCL Infrastructures & Projects Ltd
Answer: (c) Larsen & Toubro

2. The Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) on 6 March 2013 cleared the investment proposal of which Malaysian budget carrier to launch the new airline along with Tata Group and Arun Bhatia’s Telestra Tradeplace?
a) Cebu Pacific
b) AirAsia
c) JetStar
d) Tiger Airways
Answer: (b) AirAsia

3. Which confectionary giant was slapped with a notice demanding 250 crore Rupees by the Directorate General of Central Excise Intelligence on the grounds of excise duty evasion?
a) Cadbury India Ltd
b) Wrigley India
c) Lotte India
d) Perk India Ltd
Answer: (a) Cadbury India Ltd

4. Which telecom company in the month of March 2013 launched high quality voice service for its subscribers in Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi and Nigeria in the African sub-continent?
a) Vodafone
b) Reliance
c) Idea Cellular
d) Bharti Airtel
Answer: (d) Bharti Airtel

5. Microsoft launched the new version of which software for the businesses running in India? This software will facilitate sharing the data seamlessly across the computers and mobiles with the help of cloud computing technology.
a) MS Office 2009
b) MS Office 365
c) MS Office 2013
d) MS Office 2010
Answer: (b) MS Office 365

UPSC Civil Services IAS -world History questions

World this Week – important headlines of the world. The important news stories throughout the week are mentioned here in brief. 
4 March 2013
• India-United Kingdom Summit 2013: issues discussed and agreed upon.

5 March 2013
• India and Republic of Portugal signed a Social Security Agreement.

6 March 2013
• Japan and US agreed on Free Trade Auto Exception.

7 March 2013
• India proposed hydrocarbon pipeline from Kazakhstan.

8 March 2013
• Barack Obama signed into law the Violence against Women Act Reauthorization 2013.

9 March 2013
• Kenya Election: Uhuru Kenyatta won Kenya presidency.

10 March 2013
• World Bank barred Larsen &Turbo for six months over forgery.
1. Researchers working on the accurate calculation of the distance of Milky Way to the nearest galaxy found the exact distance to our nearest galaxy, Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). What is the exact distance?
a) 163000 light years
b) 175000 light years
c) 183000 light years
d) 150000 light years
Answer: (a) 163000 light years

2. Which country ranked first on list of countries which distribute spam all over the world, according to new report of SophosLabs?
a) China
b) India
c) US
d) Spain
Answer: (c) US
3. Which research centre announced that it was developing the largest magnet of the world? This largest magnet would weigh 50000 tons.
a) CERN, Geneva
b) Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India
d) Neutrino Observatory, India
Answer: (b) Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India

4. According to the study conducted by University of Minnesota in the first week of March 2013, which species of Africa would decline to almost extinction over the period of coming 20-40 years if conservation measures were not undertaken?
a) Elephants
b) Wild Cat
c) Wild Lizard
d) Wild Lion
Answer: (d) Wild Lion

5. Which compost plant became first in India to receive carbon credits worth 25 lakh rupees from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change?
a) Okhla Compost Plant
b) ROTOPALA Composting Plant
c) Mumbai Compost Plant
d) Kanpur Composting Plant
Answer: (a) Okhla Compost Plant

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