LIC General awareness questions for practicee

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LIC General awareness questions for practicee

1.     Name the revolutionary leader who turned into an ascetic in the later years of his life
(a)    B. G. Tilak
(b)    Bhagat Singh
(c)    Bipin Chandra Pal
(d)    Aurobindo Ghosh        (Ans)

2.     Whom Gandhiji called ‘the great sentinel’?
(a)    Rajendraprasad
(b)    Subhas Chandra Bose
(c)    Rabindranath Tagore         (Ans)
(d)    Jawaharlal Nehru

3.    The Viceroy who introduced financial decentralization ?
(a)    Dufferin
(b)    Lytton
(c)    Mayo        (Ans)
(d)    Hardinge I

4.     Who founded the ‘Servants of India society’?
(a)    M. G. Ranade
(b)    Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
(c)    G. K. Gokhale        (Ans)
(d)    M. K. Gandhi

5.     Who gave the slogan ‘Jai Hind’?
(a)    Tagore
(b)    Gandhiji
(c)    Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose        (Ans)
(d)    Nehru

6.    In which year Gandhiji was arrested for the first time in India ?
(a)   1917        (Ans)
(b)   1918
(c)   1919
(d)   1920

7.     Who was the Viceroy when Diarchy was introduced in provinces as per the Govt. of India Act, 1919 ?
(a)    Reading
(b)    Hardinge II
(c)    Wellington
(d)    Chelmsford        (Ans)

8.     Who is called the ‘mother of Indian nationalism’?
(a)    Sarojini Naidu
(b)    Annie Besant
(c)    Madam Bhikaji Cama        (Ans)
(d)    Aruna Asaf Ali

9.     Who was known as ‘the lion of Punjab’?
(a)    Bhagat Singh
(b)    Lala Lajpath Rai        (Ans)
(c)    Ajith Singh
(d)    Chandrasekhar Azad

10.   Whom Sarojini Naidu one called the ‘Ambassador of Hindu Muslim Unity’?
(a)    Gandhiji
(b)    Nehru
(c)    Jinnah        (Ans)
(d)    Ambedkar

11.    Gandhiji was undergone for imprisonment for—-days in his life.
(a)    2338        (Ans)
(b)    1338
(c)    3338
(d)    3120

12.   Who was the Viceroy when Minto-Morley reforms were introduced ?
(a)    Hardinge II
(b)    Minto        (Ans)
(c)    Morley
(d)    Chelmsford

13.    Who coined the term Pakistan for the first time ?
(a)    Jinnah
(b)    Liaqat Ali
(c)    Rahmat Ali        (Ans)
(d)    Shoukat Ali

14.    Who started the journal ‘New India’?
(a)    Sarojini Naidu
(b)    Annie Besant        (Ans)
(c)     Madam Bhikaji Cama
(d)    Aruna Asaf Ali

15.    In which year Indian National Congress approved the Basic Education System propounded by Gandhiji ?
(a)    1935
(b)    1936
(c)    1934
(d)    1938        (Ans)

16.    Who authored ‘Arctic Home in the Vedas’?
(a)    Lajpath Rai
(b)    Raja Ram Mohun Roy
(c)    Bal Gangadhar Tilak        (Ans)
(d)    Dayanand Saraswathy

17.    During which agitation Gandhiji gave the slogan ‘Do or die’?
(a)    Salt satyagraha
(b)    Champaran Satyagraha
(c)    Quit India movement        (Ans)
(d)    Kheda satyagraha

18.    The only Viceroy who was assassinated while he was in power :
(a)     Dufferin
(b)    Curzon
(c)    Mayo        (Ans)
(d)    Ripon

19.   The first Indian woman to become the president of Indian National Congress
(a)    Indira Gandhi
(b)    Vijayalekshmi Pandit
(c)    Annie Besant
(d)    Sarojini Naidu        (Ans)

20.   Who mooted the idea of separate province for Muslims for the first time ?
(a)    Jinnah
(b)    Liaqat Ali
(c)    Rehmat Ali
(d)    Muhammad Iqbal        (Ans)

21.   Who is the founder of the Indian National Congress ?
(a)    Gandhiji
(b)    W. C. Banerji
(c)    A. O. Hume        (Ans)
(d)    S. N. Banerjee

22.    Who was the Viceroy when Archaeological Survey of India was established?
(a)    Lytton
(b)    Dufferin
(c)    Curzon        (Ans)
(d)    Ripon

23.    Who popularised the worship of Ganapathi in Maharashtra?
(a)     B. R. Ambedkar
(b)     B. G. Tilak        (Ans)
(c)     K. T. Telang
(d)     V. D. Savarkar

24.   The candidate whom Gandhiji supported when election was conducted to the post of president of Indian National Congress in 1939?
(a)    Nehru
(b)    Rajendraprasad
(c)    J.B. Kripalani
(d)    Pattabhi sitaramayya Seetharamaiah        (Ans)

25.   The first muslim to become the president of Indian National Congress:
(a)    Jinnah
(b)    Badruddin Tyabji        (Ans)
(c)    Syed Ahmed Khan
(d)    Maulana Azad

26.    Gandhiji conducted Champaran Satyagraha for :
(a)    Cotton farmers
(b)    Indigo farmers        (Ans)
(c)    Ground nut farmers
(d)    Jute farmers

27.    Who established the Benarus Hindu University?
(a)    Gandhiji
(b)    Raja Ram Mohun Roy
(c)    Madan Mohan Malavya        (Ans)
(d)    P.D. Tandon

28.    Who got lathi blows while protesting against Simon Commission, which became fatal to him?
(a)    Netaji Bose
(b)    Lajpath Rai        (Ans)
(c)    Bhagat Singh
(d)    Jatin Das

29.    Who was called the Bismark of India?
(a)    Gandhiji
(b)    Sardar Patel         (Ans)
(c)    B.R. Ambedkar
(d)    V.P. Menon

30.    Who was called the ‘Grand old man of India’?
(a)    Gandhiji
(b)    Nehru
(c)    Dadabhai Naoroji        (Ans)
(d)    W. C. Bannerjee

31.   The Viceroy during the Dandi March of Gandhiji:
(a)    Wellington
(b)    Chelmsford
(c)    Linlithgo
(d)    Irwin        (Ans)

32.    Who said ‘Swarajya is my birth right’?
(a)    Sardar Patel
(b)    Gandhiji
(c)    Nehru
(d)    B.G. Tilak        (Ans)

33.    Who was called the hero of the Bardoli sathyagraha ?
(a)    Gandhiji
(b)    Nehru
(c)    Vinoba Bhave
(d)    Sardar Patel        (Ans)

34.    Who was popularly called Rajaji?
(a)    Rajendraprasad
(b)    Rajagopalachari        (Ans)
(c)    Raja Ram Mohun Roy
(d)    Raj Guru

35.    Who was the political guru of Gopala Krishna Gokhale?
(a)    Dadabhai Navroji
(b)    W.C. Bannerjee
(c)    S. N. Bannerjee
(d)    M. G. Ranade         (Ans)

36.    Who was the president of Indian National Congress when it launched Quit India Movement?
(a)    Subash Bose
(b)    J. B. Kripalani
(c)    Jawaharlal Nehru
(d)    Abdul Kalam Azad        (Ans)

37.    Who was the Viceroy when the grand coronation of George V was held at Delhi ?
(a)    Hardinge I
(b)    Hardinge II        (Ans)
(c)    Minto II
(d)    Chelmsford

38.    The leader of national movembet whose birth day is August 15:
(a)     Vinoba Bhave
(b)    Bhagat Singh
(c)    Sardar Patel
(d)    Aurobindo Ghosh        (Ans)

39.   The Viceroy when the Doctrine of Lapse was officially withdraw:
(a)    Mayo
(b)    Dufferin
(c)    Canning        (Ans)
(d)    Curzon

40.   In which jail Gandhiji was imprisoned when he was arrested for salt satyagraha?
(a)    Pune        (Ans)
(b)    New Delhi
(c)    Kolkata
(d)    Chennai

41.    In which year Gopala Krishna Gokhale, the political guru of Gandhiji, passed away?
(a)    1913
(b)    1914
(c)    1915        (Ans)
(d)    1916

42.   The first and last Indian to become the Governor General of Independent India:
(a)    Mountbatten
(b)    Rajendraprasad
(c)    Rajagopalachari        (Ans)
(d)    S. Radhakrishnan

43.   India Councils Act of 1861 was passed during the tenure of :
(a)    Dufferin
(b)    Dalhousie
(c)    Canning        (Ans)
(d)    Mayo

44.    Name the nationalist leader who was born in Mecca :
(a)    Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad        (Ans)
(b)    Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
(c)    Muhammad Ali Jinnah
(d)    Muhammad Iqbal

45.   Who led the activities of the Theosophical Society in Inda ?
(a)    Aurobindo
(b)    Gandhiji
(c)    Annie Besant        (Ans)
(d)    Vinoba Bhave

46.    Who was instrumental in the integration of princely states after the independence ?
(a)    Sardar Patel         (Ans)
(b)    B. R. Ambedkar
(c)    Baldev Singh
(d)    Lal Bahadur Shastri

47.    Who was the founder of Muslim League ?
(a)    Muhammed Ali Jihhah
(b)    Agha Khan        (Ans)
(c)    Liaqat Ali Khan
(d)    Muhammad Iqbal

48.   Who wrote ‘Gitarahasya’?
(a)    Sardar Patel
(b)    Gandhiji
(c)    Aurobindo
(d)    Bal Gangadhar Tilak        (Ans)

49.   The first foreigner to become the president of INC ?
(a)    A. O. Hume
(b)    William Wedderbum
(c)    George Yule        (Ans)
(d)    Alfred Webb

50.   The Viceroy who established two colleges for the education and political training of the Indian Princes;
(a)    Dufferin
(b)    Mayo        (Ans)
(c)    Minto
(d)    Curzon

51.   Who gave the slogan ‘Inquilab Zindabad’?
(a)    Bhagat Singh
(b)    Ajith Singh
(c)    Muhammad Ali
(d)    Muhammad Iqbal        (Ans)

52.   Who raised the slogan ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ for the first time?
(a)    Lajpath Rai
(b)    Subhas Chandra Bose
(c)    Bhagat Singh        (Ans)
(d)    Motilal Nehru

53.    Who was defeated by Subhas Chandra Bose in 1939 when he was elected to the post of Congress president?
(a)    Rajendraprasad
(b)    Jawaharlal Nehru
(c)    Pattabhi Sitha ramayya        (Ans)
(d)    Maulana Abul

54.   Who was elected the president of INC when Subhas Chandra Bose resigned ?
(a)    Jawaharlal Nehru
(b)    C. Rajagopalachari
(c)    Rajendraprasad        (Ans)
(d)    Jawaharlal Nehru

55.   Who was the president of INC when it split in the Surat session in 1907?
(a)    Rash Behari Ghosh        (Ans)
(b)    G.K. Gokhale
(c)    A.C. Majumdar
(d)    M.M. Malavya

56.   Why Gandhiji called for the boycott of the Simon Commission ?
(a)    None of the members was Indian        (Ans)
(b)    India was dragged into the Second World War
(c)    The Commission refused to come to India
(d)    None of these

57.   Who presided over the all party conference in 1928?
(a)    Motilal Nehru
(b)    M.A Ansari        (Ans)
(c)    Rajendraprasad
(d)    Jawaharlal Nehru

58.    Who was the Viceroy when the Naval Mutiny (1946) was held?
(a)    Wavell        (Ans)
(b)    Mountbatten
(c)    Irwin
(d)    Linlithgo

59.    Who authored ‘India wins Freedom’?
(a)    Rajendraprasad
(b)    Rajagopalachari
(c)    Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad         (Ans)
(d)    Sardar Patel

60.    Who was known as the ‘spiritual heir’ of Mahathma Gandhi?
(a)    Vinoba Bhave        (Ans)
(b)    Jawaharlal Nehru
(c)    Abbas Tyabji
(d)    Jamnalal Bajaj

61.   Whom Gandhiji called Rajarshi?
(a)    Vinoba Bhave
(b)    D.K. Karve
(c)    Prushotham Das Tandon        (Ans)
(d)    Gokhale

62.    Who was the Viceroy when communal reservation was introduced for Muslims?
(a)    Minto II       (Ans)
(b)    Hardinge II
(c)    Chelmsford
(d)    Reading

63.   Who started the Khilafat movement in India?
(a)    Gandhiji
(b)    Ali brothers       (Ans)
(c)    Muhammad Ali Jinnah
(d)    Syed Ahmed Khan

64.   Who founded forward Bloc?
(a)    Motilal Nehru
(b)    Bhagat Singh
(c)    Gandhiji
(d)    Subhas Chandra Bose       (Ans)

65.    The incident which compelled Gandhiji to repeal non-cooperation movement?
(a)    Wagon tragedy
(b)    Jallianwallabagh Massacre
(c)    Chauri-Chaura incident        (Ans)
(d)    Champaran satyagraha

66.    Who was called the Heroine of the Quit India Movement ?
(a)    Annie Besant
(b)    Vijayalekshmi Pandit
(c)    Sarojini Naidu
(d)    Aruna Asaf Ali       (Ans)

67.    Who said’Give me blood, I shall give you freedom’ ?
(a)    Subhash Chandra Bose        (Ans)
(b)    Gandhiji
(c)    Nehru
(d)    Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

68.   Who was the president of INC when India got independence ?
(a)    Rajendraprasad
(b)    Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad
(c)    Jawaharlal Nehru
(d)    J.B. Kripalani       (Ans)

69.    The Viceroy who introduced Budget system in India:
(a)    Canning        (Ans)
(b)    Dufferin
(c)    Mayo
(d)    Curzon

70.   Who put forwarded the ‘Fourteen Point Formula’?
(a)    Muhammad Ali Jinnah       (Ans)
(b)    Nehru
(c)    Gandhiji
(d)    Rajagopalachari

71.   Who headed Cabinet Mission ?
(a)    Stafford Crips
(b)    A.V. Alexander
(c)    Cyril Radcliff
(d)    Pethic Lawrence        (Ans)

72.   Who is regarded as the father of the ‘Two Nation Theory’?
(a)    Muhammad Iqbal
(b)    Muhammad Ali Jinnah       (Ans)
(c)    Nehru
(d)    Rajagopalachari

73.    Who was the last Governor General of British India?
(a)    Rajagopalachari
(b)    Lord Wavell
(c)    Lord Mountbatten       (Ans)
(d)    Lord Linlithgo

74.    The date in which Gandhiji violated salt law in Dandi beach :
(a)    1930 March 12
(b)    1930 April 6       (Ans)
(c)    1930 May 6
(d)    1930 April 16

75.    In which state the Sevagram Ashram of Mahathma Gandhi is situated ?
(a)    Karnataka
(b)    Maharashtra       (Ans)
(c)    Gujarat
(d)    UP

76.   The Viceroy who ruled for the longest period:
(a)    Wellington
(b)    Irwin
(c)    Linlithgo       (Ans)
(d)    Mayo

77.    Who head the boundary commission appointed to demarcate the boundary between India and Pakistan?
(a)    Sir Stafford Crips
(b)    Lord Mountbatten
(c)    Cyril Radcliff       (Ans)
(d)    Pethic Lawrence

78.    Which one of the following was a moderated Congress leader ?
(a)    Lajpath Rai
(b)    Bal Gagadhar Tilak
(c)    Bipin Chandra Pal
(d)    G.K. Gokhale       (Ans)

79.   The ideal state envisaged by Gandhiji.
(a)    Ram Rajya       (Ans)
(b)    Grama Swaraj
(c)    Hind Swaraj
(d)    Dharma Rajya

80.    Who founded the Hindu Maha Sabha?
(a)    V. D. Savarkar
(b)    Madan Mohan Malavya       (Ans)
(c)    S.P. Mukherjee
(d)    Hedgewar

81.    Name the leadeer who was known as ‘Mahamana’:
(a)    Madan Mohan Malavya      (Ans)
(b)    Jayaprakash Narayan
(c)    Bal Gangadhar Tilak
(d)    Vinoba Bhave

82.    The only Keralite to become the president of INC:
(a)    John Mathai
(b)    R. K Shanmugham Chetty
(c)    C. Sankaran Nair    (Ans)
(d)    K. Kelappan

83.    The Viceroy who resigned after the llbert Bill controversy:
(a)    Duffering
(b)    Lytton
(c)    Ripon        (Ans)
(d)    Canning

84.    Who advised Gandhiji to make a visit to the whole country before entering into Indian politics?
(a)    Dadabhai Navroji
(b)    Pheroz Shah Mehta
(c)    Gopala krishna Gokhale        (Ans)
(d)    Bal Gangadhar Tilak

85.   Who was called ‘Lok Manya’?
(a)    Madan Mohan Malavya
(b)    Jayaprakash Narayan
(c)    Bal Gangadhar Tilak        (Ans)
(d)    Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

86.   Who was popularly called ‘Bengal Tiger’?
(a)    S.C. Bose
(b)    Aurobindo Ghosh
(c)    Bankim chandra Chatterji
(d)    Bipin Chandra Pal        (Ans)

87.    The Viceroy who formed the ‘Safety Valve Theory’
(a)    Canning
(b)    Mayo
(c)    Curzon
(d)    Dufferin        (Ans)

88.    Who established Indian Trade Union Federation in 1929?
(a)    N. G. ranga
(b)    Swami Sahajanand Saraswati
(c)    E.M.S. Nambuthirippad
(d)    N. M. Joshi        (Ans)

89.    Who led the Quit India Movement ?
(a)    Gandhiji
(b)    Nehru
(c)    Abdul Kalam Azad
(d)    None of these        (Ans)

90.   Who was known as the ‘saint of Pavnar’?
(a)    Gandhiji
(b)    Vinoba Bhave        (Ans)
(c)    Jamnalal Bajaj
(d)    V. D. Paluskar

91.    Who was the president of INC when the resolution for compiete independence was passed in the Lahore session in 1929?
(a)    Jawaharlal Nehru        (Ans)
(b)    Lajpath Rai
(c)    Motilal Nehru
(d)    Chitharanjan Das

92.    Who wrote ‘Sare Jaham se Achcha’?
(a)    Muhammad Ali
(b)    Muhammad Iqbal        (Ans)
(c)    B.C. Chatterjee
(d)    Subramanya Bharti

93.    Why Gandhi opted very little cloth for dressing ?
(a)    To show his solidarity to poor people         (Ans)
(b)    Due to humid weather
(c)    As per the direction of Congress party
(d)    None of these

94.    The first occupant of ‘Viceregal Palance’:
(a)    Reading
(b)    Irwin        (Ans)
(c)    Chelmsford
(d)    Wellington

95.    The last Viceroy of British India:
(a)    Wavell
(b)    Linlithgo
(c)    Wellington
(d)    Mountbatten        (Ans)

96.    Who called Gandhiji as ‘half naked fakir’?
(a)    Lord Mountbatten
(b)    Winston Churchill        (Ans)
(c)    Clement Atlee
(d)    Lord Wavell

97.    Who started the daily ‘The Hindu’ in 1878?
(a)    Bal Gangadhar Tilak
(b)    G. Subramanya Iyer        (Ans)
(c)    V.D. Savarkar
(d)    None of these

98.    Who was known as ‘Kappalotiya Tamilan’?
(a)    Veeraraghavachari
(b)    Chempaka Raman Pillai
(c)    C.N. Annadurai
(d)    V. O. Chidambaram Pillai        (Ans)

99.    Who was the first general secretary of INC?
(a)    W. C. Bannerjee
(b)    Dadabhai Navroji
(c)    A.O. Hume        (Ans)
(d)    None of these

100.    Who wrote the famous Tamil patriotic song “Odivilayadu papa—-”
(a)    G. S. Iyer
(b)    V.O. Chidambaram Pillai
(c)    Subramanya Bharti        (Ans)
(d)    Rajaji

101. Name the leaders who formed Swaraj Party :
(a)    Nitukak Behru and C Rajagopalachari
(b)    Jawaharlal Nehru and Subhas Chandra Bose
(c)    Motilal Nehru and Chitharanjan Das       (Ans)
(d)    None of these

102.  Who was the prime minister of England when India got independence ?
(a)    Winston Churchill
(b)    Ramsay Mc Donald
(c)    Clement Atlee       (Ans)
(d)    Neville Chamberlain

103.  Who was the founder of the Pakistan national movement?
(a)    Iqbal
(b)    Jinnah
(c)    Rehmat Ali       (Ans)
(d)    Aga Khan

104.  Who founded the jounals ‘Kesari’ (Marathi) and ‘Mahratha’ (English)?
(a)    Bal Gangadhar Tilak        (Ans)
(b)    Gandhiji
(c)    Nehru
(d)    G.G. Agarkar

105.  Who called Gandiji as ‘Father of Nation’ for the first time?
(a)    Tagore
(b)    Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
(c)    Subhas Chandra Bose       (Ans)
(d)    None of these

106.  Who designed the national flag of India ?
(a)    Gandhiji
(b)    A.O. Hume
(c)    Pingale Venkaiah       (Ans)
(d)    Tagore

107.  Who wrote the book We?
(a)    M.S. Golwalkar        (Ans)
(b)    K. R. Hegdewar
(c)    Rehmat Ali
(d)    Aga Khan

108.  Who wrote the national song of India ?
(a)    Iqbal
(b)    Tagore
(c)    Bankim Chandra Chaterjee       (Ans)
(d)    None of these

109.  ‘I know this that when i am gone, he will speak my language’ Gandhiji made this tatement on 15th January, 1941 before AICC, intending:
(a)    C. Rajagopalachari
(b)    Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
(c)    Jawaharlal Nehru       (Ans)
(d)    None of these

110.  Who urfurled the tricolour of India abroad for the first time at struttgart, Germany ?
(a)    Madeleine Slade
(b)    Annie Besant
(c)    Madam Bhikaji Cama       (Ans)
(d)    None of these

111.  Who led the Jhansi regiment of Indian National Army ?
(a)    Captain Lakshmi       (Ans)
(b)    Sarojini Naidu
(c)    Annie Besant
(d)    None of these

112.  Who among the following was not a defense counsel for the INA trial in Red fort ?
(a)    Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel       (Ans)
(b)    Jawaharlal Nehru
(c)    Tej Bahadur Sapru
(d)    Bhula Bhai Desai

113.  Who wrote ‘Poverty and UnBritish Rule in India’?
(a)    S.N. Bannerjee
(b)    Dadabhai Navroji       (Ans)
(c)    Mahathma Gandhi
(d)    Bhagat Singh

114.  Which song was sung by Gandhiji and his followers during the Dandi March ?
(a)    Raghupati Raghava rajaram       (Ans)
(b)    Vaishnava Janato
(c)    Vande Mataram
(d)    Sare Jaham Se Achcha

115.  Who started Bhoodan Movement ?
(a)    Nehru
(b)    Gandhiji
(c)    Vinoba Bhave        (Ans)
(d)    Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

116.  Who founded ‘Bahishkrit Hitakarini Sabha’?
(a)    Jotiba Phule
(b)    Raja Ram Mohan Roy
(c)    B. R. Ambedkar       (Ans)
(d)    P. Ananda Charlu

117.  Who established the Central Hindu School at Varanasi in 1898?
(a)    Madan Mohan Malavya
(b)    Annie Besant       (Ans)
(c)    Aurobindo Ghosh
(d)    V.D. Savarkar

118.  Who appointed a Famine Commission under Richard Strachy?
(a)    Mayo
(b)    Duffering
(c)    Lytton       (Ans)
(d)    Lansdwone

119.  Who was known as ‘Warrior from the south’?
(a)    C.S. Nair
(b)    C. Rajagopalachari       (Ans)
(c)    S. Satyamurti
(d)    None of these

120.  Who among the following started the Home Rule League ?
(a)    Annie Besant        (Ans)
(b)    Gokhale
(c)    Aurobindo Ghosh
(d)    Ambedkar

121.  Gandhiji returned Kaizar-eiHind to the British to protest against :
(a)    Chauri Chaura incident
(b)    Wagon Tragedy
(c)    Jallianwallabagh Massacre       (Ans)
(d)    None of these

122.  Which of following influenced Gandhiji ?
(a)    Leo Tolstoy
(b)    Henry David Thoreau
(c)    John Ruskin
(d)    All of these        (Ans)

123.  Who founded the Indian Independence League in Japan?
(a)    Subhas Chandra Bose
(b)    Sarath Chandra Bose
(c)    Rash Behari Bose        (Ans)
(d)    Kudiram Bose

124.    Name the leader who died after hunger strike for 63 days:
(a)    Jatin Das       (Ans)
(b)    Ajith Singh
(c)    Vinoba Bhave
(d)    Raj Guru

125.  The Congress at which Gandhiji and Nehru met for the first time was that of 1916. It was held at :
(a)    Faizpur
(b)    Kolkata
(c)    Lucknow       (Ans)
(d)    Belgaum

126.  The period mentioned in the autobiography of Mahathma Gandhi is from childhood to :
(a)    1922       (Ans)
(b)    1925
(c)    1926
(d)    1927

127.  Who authored ‘The Indian Struggle’?
(a)    Subhas Chandra Bose        (Ans)
(b)    Ambedkar
(c)    Gandhiji
(d)    Patel

128.  Who founded the Red Shirt Movement ?
(a)    Muhammed Ali Jinnah
(b)    Syed Ahmed Khan
(c)    Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan       (Ans)
(d)    Nawab Abdul Latif

129. Who introduced Arms Act in 1878?
(a)    Dufferin
(b)    Northbrook
(c)    Mayo
(d)    Lytton       (Ans)

130. Who organised ‘Abhinav Bharat’?
(a)    Surya Sen
(b)    Lajpath Rai
(c)    V.D.Savarkar       (Ans)
(d)    Hedgewar

131.    Who organised the raid in Chittagong Government armoury?
(a)    Surya Sen              (Ans)
(b)    Khudiram Bose
(c)    Chandrasekhar Azad
(d)    Lala Hardayal

132.  Labour Acts were introduced for the first time in India during the reign of:
(a)    Lytton
(b)    Ripon       (Ans)
(c)    Curzon
(d)    Northbrook

133. Who published Al Hilal and Al Balagh ?
(a)    Badshah Khan
(b)    Muhammad Ali
(c)    Muhammad Iqbal
(d)    Abdul Kalam Azad       (Ans)

134.  Who introduced separate civil service for Indians?
(a)    Northbrook
(b)    Lytton       (Ans)
(c)    Ripon
(d)    Dufferin

135.  Who shot dead Michael O’Dyer to avenge for the Jallian Walla Bagh Massacre ?
(a)    Bhagat Singh
(b)    Surya Sen
(c)    Chandrasekhar Azad
(d)    Uddam Singh        (Ans)

136. The viceroy who survived a bomb explosion at Chandni Chowk in New Delhi in 1912:
(a)    Minto II
(b)    Hardringe II       (Ans)
(c)    Chelsmsform
(d)    Reading

137.  Who took initiative as the president of INC to constitute the first National Planning Committee under INC?
(a)   Nehru
(b)    Gandhiji
(c)    Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
(d)    Subhas Chandra Bose       (Ans)

138. Who were the Ali Brothers in the national movement ?
(a)    Muhammad Ali and Rehmat Ali
(b)    Rehmat Ali and Shoukat Ali
(c)    Shoukat Ali and Muhammad Ali       (Ans)
(d)    None of these

139.  Who wrote ‘India Divided’?
(a)    Abdul Kalam Azad
(b)    Rajagopalachari
(c)    Rajendraprasad       (Ans)
(d)    Ambedkar

140.  Name the revolutionary who was shot dead in an encounter with police at a public park in Allahabad:
(a)    Surya Sen
(b)    Khudiram Bose
(c)    Chandrasekhar Azad       (Ans)
(d)    Lala Hardyal

141.  Who wrote ‘Percepts of Jesus’?
(a)    Ram Mohan Roy       (Ans)
(b)    Gandhiji
(c)    Vivakananda
(d)    Annie Besant

142.  In which year Gandhiji established Ahmedabad Textile labour association ?
(a)    1915
(b)    1916
(c)    1920       (Ans)
(d)    1918

143.  Who was the Viceroy when Hunter Commission was appointed to enquire into Jallianwala Bagh Massacre?
(a)    Hardinge II
(b)    Chelsmsford       (Ans)
(c)    Reading
(d)    Irwin

144.  Gandhiji was sentenced for six years imprisonment in 1922 for sedition on behalf of the articles published in :
(a)    Harijan
(b)    Navjeevan
(c)    Young India       (Ans)
(d)    Satyagrahi

145.  Who founded the ‘Servants of God’?
(a)    Dr.Khan Sahib
(b)    Jinnah
(c)    Gokhale
(d)    Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan       (Ans)

146.  The book writtern by Gandhiji in 1909 during his sail for London:
(a)    The story of my experiments with truth
(b)    Hind Swaraj       (Ans)
(c)    An authobiography
(d)    None of these

147.  Who did the first political murder in modern India?
(a)    Chapekar brothers        (Ans)
(b)    Uddam Singh
(c)    Bhagat Singh
(d)    Surya Sen

148.  Who said ‘Go back to Vedas’?
(a)   Vivekananda
(b)    Dayanand Saraswathy       (Ans)
(c)    Raja Ram Mohan Roy
(d)    Sankaracharya

149.  The Viceroy when the second World War was started :
(a)    Mountbatten
(b)    Linlithgo       (Ans)
(c)    Wavell
(d)    Reading

150.  Name the freedom fighter who passed away on August 15, 1947 ?
(a)    Aurobindo Ghosh
(b)    Ajigh Singh       (Ans)
(c)    J.B Kripalani
(d)    Jatin Das

151.  Who was called ‘the grand old lady of Indian nationalism’?
(a)    Sarojini Naidu
(b)    Madam Cama
(c)    Annie Besant       (Ans)
(d)    Kadambini Ganguli

152.  Who was popularly called ‘Badshah Khan’?
(a)    Jinnah
(b)    Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan       (Ans)
(c)    Sheikh Abdullah
(d)    Salimullah Khan

153.  The year of the Round Table conference in which Gandhiji attended
(a)    1930
(b)    1931       (Ans)
(c)    1932
(d)    1933

154.  Who said ‘Political freedom is the life breath of a nation’?
(a)    Gandhiji
(b)    Aurobindo Ghosh       (Ans)
(c)    Subash Bose
(d)    Vivekananda

155.  Who represented Hindu community in the Second Round Table Conference’?
(a)    Savarkar
(b)    S.P. Mukharjee
(c)    Madan Mohan Malavya       (Ans)
(d)    Hedgewar

156. The Viceroy when the Second World War was ended :
(a)    Mountbatten
(b)    Wavell       (Ans)
(c)    Reading
(d)    Linlithgo

157.  Who is know as the father of Indian Politics and Economics?
(a)    W.C. Bannerjee
(b)    Dadabhai Navroji       (Ans)
(c)    Mahalanobis
(d)    R.C. Dutt

158.  Who founded Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan ?
(a)    Nehru
(b)    K M Munshi       (Ans)
(c)    Ambedkar
(d)    Savarkar

159.  Who were the Bose brothers in the national movement ?
(a)    Sarath Chandra Bose and Rash Behari Bose
(b)    Khudiram Bose and Rash Behari Bose
(c)    Sarath Chandra Bose and Subash Chandra Bose        (Ans)
(d)    Nanda Lal Bose and Ananda Mohan Bose

160.  Who was known as ‘the conscience keeper of Gandhiji’;
(a)    Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
(b)    Rajendraprasad
(c)    C. Rajagopalachari       (Ans)
(d)    Jawaharlal Nehru

161. The Viceroy when the interim government assumed office on 2nd September, 1946:
(a)    Wavell        (Ans)
(b)    Linlithgo
(c)    Irwin
(d)    Mountbatten

162. The news paper Hitavada was published by :
(a)    G.K. Gokhale       (Ans)
(b)    Bhagat Singh
(c)    Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
(d)    Aurobindo Ghosh

163.  Whom the British called ‘the Father of Indian Unrest’?
(a)    S.N. Bannerjee
(b)    Dadabhai Navroji
(c)    Bal Gangadhar Tilak       (Ans)
(d)    Gandhiji

164. Who authored ‘The History of the War of Indian Independence’?
(a)    V.D. Savarkar        (Ans)
(b)    Bhagat Singh
(c)    Bal Gangadhar Tilak
(d)    Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

165.  Who said ‘Go back to Gita’?
(a)    Dayanand Saraswathy
(b)    Aurobindo Ghosh
(c)    Vivekananda       (Ans)
(d)    Ram Mohun Roy

166.  Who founded Bharat Sevak Samaj ?
(a)    Jawaharlal Nehru       (Ans)
(b)    Patel
(c)    Gandhiji
(d)    K. M Munshi

167.  Who was known as the fire brand of South India ?
(a)    Rajagopalachari
(b)    S. Sathyamurti       (Ans)
(c)    K. Kamaraj
(d)    T. Prakasam

168.  Who founded the Poona Sarvajanik Sabha in 1870?
(a)    M.G. Ranade       (Ans)
(b)    Gokhale
(c)    Pheroz Shah Mehata
(d)    None of the above

169.  What was the subject of the resolution moved by Gandhiji in the first session of the Congress he attended ?
(a)    The problems of Indians in South Africa       (Ans)
(b)    Complete independence for India
(c)    Ban of foreign cloths
(d)    Upliftment of the depressed classes

170.  Who acted India’s first ambassador to US ?
(a)    V. K. Krishnamenon
(b)    Sardar K.M. Panicker
(c)    Asaf Ali       (Ans)
(d)    Vijayalekshmi Pandit

171.  Who founded Dev Samaj ?
(a)    Ram Mohun Roy
(b)    Dayanand Saraswathy
(c)    Shiv Narayan Agnihotri       (Ans)
(d)    Vivekananda

172. Who among the following played a key role in the foundation of Prarthana Samaj in Maharashtra ?
(a)    Ram Mohum Roy
(b)    Atmaram Pandurang       (Ans)
(c)    Ddabhai Naoroji
(d)    Gandhiji

173.  Who called upon his followers to observe 16th August, 1964 as ‘Direct Action Day’?
(a)    Muhammad Ali Jinnah       (Ans)
(b)    Liaqat Ali Khan
(c)    Nehru
(d)    J.B. Kripalani

174.  Identify the Viceroy who wrote home these words after his first meeting with Gandhiji:”Mr Gandhi’s religious and moral views are, I believe, admirable, but I confess that I find it difficult to understand the practice of them in politics”.
(a)    Lord Mountbatten
(b)    Lord Wavell
(c)    Lord Reading        (Ans)
(d)    Lord Linlithgo

175.  Who founded Satyashodak Samaj ?
(a)    Jotiba Phule       (Ans)
(b)    B. R. Ambedkar
(c)    Veeresalingam
(d)    GG Agarkar

176.  Who was the first president of AITUC ?
(a)    Ljpath Rai       (Ans)
(b)    Bhagat Singh
(c)    S. A. Dange
(d)    M.N. Joshi

177. The first modern trade union in India was founded in 1918 by :
(a)    B.P. Wadia           (Ans)
(b)    S. A. Dange
(c)    M. N. Roy
(d)    N.M. Joshi

178.  Who is regarded as the father of Indian national movement?
(a)    M. K. Gandhi
(b)    Raja Ram Mohun Roy
(c)    Surendranath Bannerjee       (Ans)
(d)    W. C. Bannerjee

179.  Who founded Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) ?
(a)    Hedgewar       (Ans)
(b)    Bhagat Singh
(c)    V. D. Savarkar
(d)    None of these

180.  Who referred Gandhiji’s decision to call-off the Non-Cooperation Movement as a “National Calamity”?
(a)    Subhas Chandra Bose       (Ans)
(b)    Jawaharlal Nehru
(c)    Sardar Vllabhbhai Patel
(d)    Tagore

181.  Who established Muhammadan Literary Society ?
(a)    Nawab Abdul Latif       (Ans)
(b)    Ameer Ali
(c)    Niam Ul Mulk
(d)    Syed Ahmed Khan

182.  Servants of India Society was founded by Gopal Krishna Gokhale in :
(a)    1900
(b)    1905       (Ans)
(c)    1906
(d)    1907

183.  Whose autobiography is ‘A Nation in Making’?
(a)    Subhas Chandra Bose
(b)    Bhagat Singh
(c)    Surendranath Bannerjee       (Ans)
(d)    Dadabhai Navroji

184. The lathi blows huried at me will prove as nails in the coffin of the British imperialism’ – whose words are these ?
(a)    Bhagat Singh
(b)    Gandhiji
(c)    Lajpath Rai       (Ans)
(d)    G.B. Pant

185. Who founded the Aligarh Movement ?
(a)    Shah Walliuallah
(b)    Mirza Ghulam Ahmed
(c)    Syed Ahmed Khan        (Ans)
(d)    Muhammed Ali Jinnah

186. Who said this “The individual must die so that India may live, today I must die so that India may win freedom and glory?
(a)    Bhagat Singh
(b)    Jatin Das        (Ans)
(c)    Raj Guru
(d)    Mangal Pandey

187. Which education system did Gandhiji advocate for the country?
(a)    Basic Education       (Ans)
(b)    English Education
(c)    Musical Education
(d)    None of these

188.  The Surat split of INC was in the year
(a)    1907       (Ans)
(b)    1908
(c)    1909
(d)    1910

189.  Who was known as ‘Shahid-e-Azam’?
(a)    Muhammad Ali Jinnah
(b)    Muhammad Iqbal
(c)    Bhagat Singh       (Ans)
(d)    Lajpath Rai

190.  Who founded justice party?
(a)    K Kamaraj
(b)    T. M. Nair and Theagaroya Chetty       (Ans)
(c)    C. N. Annadurai
(d)    None of these

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