National Insurance company ltd current affairs questions and answers

Aptitude Current Affairs Non-IT Company Practice Paper PSU

National Insurance company ltd current affairs questions and answers


1. Who has taken over as the Director of Operations at the Bangalore based National Cricket Academy in place of his predecessor Dave What more who joined IPL team Kolkata Knight Raiders recently?
(a) Kapil Dev
(b) Madan Lal
(c) Sanjay Manjrekar
(d) Sandeep Patil
(e) Karsan Ghavri
Sandeep Patil

2. Of which two sports have actors Mohanlal and Mammootty become goodwill ambassadors in Kerala recently?
(a) Football & Boat racing
(b) Judo & Table Tennis
(c) Basketball & Cricket
(d) Athletics & Volleyball
(e) Wrestling & Weightlifting
Athletics & Volleyball

3. Olympic gold medallist Abhinav Bindra will be the new face to promote guns made by which company?
(a) Mouser
(b) Walther
(c) Uzi
(d) Colt
(e) Smith & Wesson

4. Mahela Jayawardene hit his sixth Test double century in the first Test of the series between India and Sri Lanka at Ahmedabad recently. Who holds the record of exceeding the score of 200 runs in an inning for the highest number of times in Test Cricket till date?
(a) Don Bradman
(b) Brian Lara
(c) Wally Hammond
(d) Marvan Atapattu
(e) Javed Miandad
Don Bradman

5.  Who won the Shanghai Masters Tennis tournament organised recently?
(a) Andy Murray
(b) Nikolay Davydenko
(c) Rafael Nadal
(d) Roger Federer
(e) Novak Djokovic
Nikolay Davydenko

6. Sachin Tendulkar has the second longest One Day International (ODI) career currently. Who holds the record for the longest ODI career spanning 20 years and 272 days?
(a) Allan Border
(b) Kapil Dev
(c) Javed Miandad
(d) Brian Lara
(e) Andrew Flintoff
Javed Miandad

7. China beat India in the final to win the Asia Cup Hockey Championship for Women in Bangkok recently. Which Indian player was declared the player of the tournament?
(a) Suraj Lata Devi
(b) Subhadra Pradhan
(c) Mamta Kharab
(d) Madhu Yadav
(e) S. Omana Kumari
Subhadra Pradhan

8.  Who won the 2009 FIFA Under-17 World Cup in Abuja, Nigeria recently?
(a) Netherlands
(b) Switzerland
(c) Brazil
(d) Portugal
(e) Mexico

9. Which of the following statements about the Federation Cup Women’s Tennis Team tournament organised recently is incorrect?
(a) The final was played at Reggio Calabria
(b) Russia was the losing finalist
(c) The final was played on clay court
(d) The losing finalist was unable to win a single match in the final
(e) Flavia Pennetta, Francesca Schiavone, Sara Errani and Roberta Vinci were members of the winning team
Russia was the losing finalist

10.  Which of the following statements about the schedule of the 2011 World Cup announced recently are correct?
I. India and Pakistan are in the same group
II. Bangladesh will host two quarter-finals while India and Sri Lanka will host one quarter-final each
III. Opening ceremony of the World Cup will be organised in Dhaka
(a) I only
(b) I and II only
(c) I and III only
(d) II and III only
(e) I, II and III
II and III only

11.  Which of the following was selected as the official broadcaster of 2010 Commonwealth Games recently?
(a) Satellite Information Service Live
(b) International Games Broadcast Services
(c) Nimbus Sports International
(d) Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
(e) Big Productions
Satellite Information Service Live

12. Which well-known former Olympic gold medallist is Chairman of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games?
(a) Daley Thompson
(b) Sebastian Coe
(c) Steve Overt
(d) Robin Cousins
(e) Eric Heiden
Sebastian Coe

13. Virender Sehwag was in news recently for missing his triple century in the India-Sri Lanka series by less than 10 runs. Who is the only batsman to have scored three triple centuries in Test Cricket?
(a) Allan Border
(b) Donald Bradman
(c) Brian Lara
(d) Both (2) & (3)
(e) None of the above
None of the above

14.  Virender Sehwag was in news recently for his score of 293 runs in the first inning of the third test match between India and Sri Lanka in Mumbai. Who has scored the highest number of double centuries in tests for India?
(a) Virender Sehwag
(b) Rahul Dravid
(c) Sachin Tendulkar
(d) Sunil Gavaskar
(e) Both (1) and (3)
Virender Sehwag

15. Which former Test Cricketer of Australia is the Chief Executive Officer of the Federation of International Cricketers’ Association (FICA) that looks after the interest of cricketers of Test playing countries?
(a) Allan Border
(b) Tim May
(c) Kim Hughes
(d) Tom Moody
(e) David Boon
Tim May

16.  Which of the following statements about India’s performance in Test Cricket are correct in light of recent developments?
I. The victory against Sri Lanka in third test of the 2009 series at Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai was India’s 100th test victory
II. India is the only country to have not lost a single Test in 2009
III. India’s score of 726 for nine declared in the first innings of the third test of India-Sri Lanka series at Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai is its highest total in Test cricket
(a) I only
(b) I and II only
(c) II and III only
(d) III and I only
(e) I, II and III
II and III only

17.  Who was appointed as the new captain of the 21-member Indian Hockey team for the FIH Men’s Champions Challenge tournament in Salta, Argentina from December 6 to 13?
(a) Tushar Khandekar
(b) Dilip Tirkey
(c) Arjun Halappa
(d) Rajpal Singh
(e) Dhanraj Pillai
Rajpal Singh

18. World Professional Billiards Champion Pankaj Advani accepted the Eklavya award, the highest recognition for a sportsperson in which state recently?
(a) Delhi
(b) Karnataka
(c) Tamil Nadu
(d) Kerala
(e) Andhra Pradesh

19.  Suresh Kalmadi was elected unopposed as the President of the Asian ______ Association for a third term at Guangzhou, China recently.
(a) Basketball
(b) Hockey
(c) Weightlifting
(d) Athletics
(e) Shooting

20.   Which of the following has acquired the theatrical telecast rights for cricket matches of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2010 and 2019 for Rs 330 crore recently?
(a) Entertainment and Sports Direct (ESD)
(b) Satellite Information Services (SIS)
(c) Triplecom Media
(d) Fox Sports International (FSI)
(e) Big Entertainment
Entertainment and Sports Direct (ESD)

21. Manu Joseph is associated with which magazine?
a. The Week
b. Outline
c. Outlook
d. Open

22. Identify the woman has recently been appointed as the governor of South Carolina.
a. Nikki Randhawa Haley
b. Shashi Jindal
c. Sheehan
d. None of these
Nikki Randhawa Haley

23. Rajarajeswara temple is located in which state?
a. Kerala
b. Tamil Nadu
c. Karnataka
d. None of these

24. Anand Sharma is associated with …
a. RBI
b. SBI
c. IMF
d. None of these

25. Anil Agarwal is associated with which company?
a. Future Group
b. Maruti
c. Vedanta
d. None of these

26. Which of the following institutions grant the Nobel Prize in Literature?
a. Nobel Foundation
b. Swedish Academy
c. Norwegian Nobel Committee
d. Government of Sweden
Swedish Academy

27. Who is the Prime Minister of Poland?
a. Ian Roberts
b. Donald Tusk
c. John Huggs
d. None of these
Donald Tusk

28. Who is the Union Minister for Ministry of Earth Sciences and Ministry of Science and Technology?
a. Raj Babbar
b. Manmohan Singh
c. Kapil Sibal
d. Sripati Mishra
Kapil Sibal

29. Which of the following is not a Maharatna company?
a. Indian Oil Corporation
b. NTPC Limited
c. Steel Authority of India  Limited
d. Bharat Electronics Limited
Bharat Electronics Limited

30. He Yaozu is associated with which of the companies?
a. Sony
b. LG Electronics
c. Samsung
d. Suzlon Energy
Suzlon Energy

31. Damurey is a name of cyclone that stormed …
a. South Korea
b. China
c. Japan
d. Indonesia
South Korea

32. The Green House has been written by …
a. Jitendra Lahiri
b. Khushwant Singh
c. John Miller
d. Mario Vargas Llosa
Mario Vargas Llosa

33. Who won the Stirling Prize for 2010?
a. Zaha Hadid
b. Allen John
c. Zubin
d. None of these
Zaha Hadid

34. Who is the new Governor General of Canada?
a. David Lloyd Johnston
b. John Washington
c. Eric Milton
d. None of these
David Lloyd Johnston

35. Brookside Bungalow is in which of the following Indian states?
a. Assam
b. West Bengal
c. Meghalaya
d. Bihar

36. Who will be India’s chief Guest at the Republic Day 2011?
a. Susilo Bambang  Yudhoyono
b. Rasiq Tarar
c. Dmitriy Medvedev
d. None of these
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

37. As on December 2009, what is India’s Rank in World Uranium Production as per the latest data of World Nuclear Association?
a. 10th
b. 12th
c. 13th
d. 18th

38. Richard Fred Heck won a Nobel Prize in 2010 in which of the following subjects?
a. Physics
b. Chemistry
c. Biology
d. None of these

39. In the “March ceremony of 18th Commonwealth Games”, the Indian squad was led by …
a. Maj Rajyawardhan Singh  Rathore
b. P. T. Usha
c. Jaspal Rana
d. Kunjarani
Maj Rajyawardhan Singh Rathore

40. Identify the cricketer who has bagged 1000 wickets in international cricket.
a. Dennis Lillie
b. Bishan Singh Bedi
c. Chaminda Vass
d. Muthaiya Murlitharan
Muthaiya Murlitharan

41. Ranthambhore Wild Life Sanctuary is famous for which of the following animals?
a. Deer
b. Rhino
c. Elephant
d. Tiger

42. What do you mean by “Illegal Tender”?
a. Black money
b. Mutilated cheque
c. Dishonoured cheque
d. None of these
None of these

43. In which of the following years was ICICI Bank established?
a. 1991
b. 1992
c. 1993
d. 1994

44. What does Blue Revolution mean?
a. Fisheries
b. Space program
c. Agriculture program
d. None of these

45. Su-30 MK is a combat aircraft from …
a. USA
b. China
c. Germany
d. Russia

46. Which of the personalities said “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”?
a. Asimov
b. Grahm greene
c. George Orwell
d. Karl Marx
George Orwell

47. Who wrote “An Area of Darkness”?
a. Vinita Ketaki
b.  Piloo Modi
c. Kiran Desai
d. V.S. Naipual
V.S. Naipual

48. Name the game that started from Manipur and later became popular internationally.
a. Volleyball
b. Archery
c. Polo
d. Chess

49. Karim Masimov is the Prime Minister of which country?
a. Iran
b. Libya
c. Kazakhastan
d. Iraq

50. Who wrote “Future Shock”?
a. Bejan Daruwala
b. Linda Goodman
c.  Maa Prem Usha
d.  None of these
None of these

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