NIIC Bank,Insruance,finance based questions with answers

NIIC Bank,Insruance,finance based questions with answers


Q. Which of the following places in India does not have a Stock Exchange?
1 Udaipur
2 Delhi
3 Mumbai
4 Ahmedabad
Ans: 1


Q. An individual visiting UAE will have to make his/her payments in which of the following currencies?
1 Baht
2 Peso
3 Dirham
4 Dinar
Ans: 3


Q. Which of the following schemes launched by the Government of India aims at enhancing the livelihood security of the people in rural areas by guaranteeing hundred days of employment in a financial year to a rural household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work?
4 Kutir Jyoti Scheme
Ans: 1


Q. Which of the following organisations prepares rural credit plans on annual basis for all districts in India, which in turn from the base for annual credit plans of all rural financial institutions?
Ans: 4


Q. Who amongst the following is the Regulator of Insurance sector in India?
Ans: 1


Q. Which one of the following States has passed a bill to regulate the interest rates on micro-finance?
1 Andhra Pradesh
2 Orissa
3 Karnataka
4 Haryana
Ans: 1


Q. Expand the term IFRS.
1 Indian Financial Reporting Standards
2 International Financial Reporting Standards
3 Indian Financial Reporting Systems
4 None of these
Ans: 2


Q. ‘Yuan’ is the currency of which one of the following countries?
1 South Korea
2 Japan
3 China
4 North Korea
Ans: 3


Q. According to the 8th Annual Global Retail Development Index(GRDI), which one of the following countries is ‘most attractive’ retail marker in the world?
1 India
2 Saudi Arabia
3 Japan
Ans: 1

Q. The insurance companies collect a fixed amount from its customers at a fixed interval of time. What is it called?
1 Instalment
2 Premium
4 Service Charge
Ans: 2


Q. In India, the first bank of limited liability managed by Indians and founded in 1881 was
1 Hindustan Commercial Bank
2 Oudh Commercial Bank
3 Punjab National Bank
4 Punjab and Sindh Bank
Ans: 2

Q. Which of the following countries is not the member of IBSA?
1 India
2 Bangladesh
3 South Africa
4 Brazil
Ans: 2


Q. Which of the following is the correct description of the Capital Market? Capital Market Comprises of
1 Stock markets & Bond Markets
2 Bank and Insurance Companies
3 RBI and Nationalized Banks
4 Stock Markets and Banks
Ans: 1


Q. Which of the following states is the largest producer of cashew nuts in India
1 Tamil Nadu
2 Assam
3 Kerala
4 Karnataka
Ans: 3


Q. For which one of the following items, Tirupur is famous as a huge exporter to many parts of the world
1 Handicrafts
2 Gems and Jewelry
3 Leather goods
4 Knitted garments
Ans: 4


Q. Ankaleshwar in India is known for the production of
1 Petroleum
2 Coal
3 Iron ore
4 Bauxite
Ans: 1


Q. Zero Coupon Bonds are that variety of loans
1 which fail to yield an income for the creditors
2 which are issued at a discount and redeemed at par
3 on which the entire interest income is paid at the time of purchase
4 the market price of which may fall suddenly and heavily
Ans: 2


Q. Which brand/company uses the ad line “We know India better”?
1 Max New York Life Insurance
2 LIC of India
3 Amul
4 Bajaj
Ans: 2


Q. The part of profit or other surpluses of a company distributed proportionately among shareholders is called
1 Preference Share
2 Equity Share
3 Face Value
4 None of these
Ans: 2


Q. NABARD stands for
1 National Bank of Agriculture and Regional Development
2 National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
3 National Bureau of Aeronautical Research and Development
4 None of these
Ans: 2


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