RRB Latest question with answers

RRB Latest question with answers

1 From the point of motion economy,it is preferable to move
a) Both the hands in the same direction-ans
b) Right hand first and the  left hand
c) Only one hand at a time-
d) D) Both hands  in opposite direction
52In the absorption refrigerating cycle, the compressor of the vapous compression refrigeration cycle is replaced  by
a)Liquid pump
b) Generator
c)Absorber and generator
d)absorber, liquid pump and generator-ans
53 In stream and other vapour cycles, the process of removing non condensable is called
a)scavenging process
b)Deaeration process
c)Exhaust process
54 when days and nights are equal, the ray of the sun directly falls on
b)Tropic of cancer
c)South Pole
d)North Pole
55Corbett National Park is located in which state
a)Madhya Pradesh
56 Who is the author of famous book titled ‘Great Expectation’
a)Charles Dickens-ans
b)JL Nehru
c)S.C Bose
d) Pearl S. Buck
57 Novel Shakuntala was written by
a) Munshi prem chand
b) Aritya Pritam
c) Ved vyas
d) Kalidas-ans
58……. Is also known as Badshah khan
a)Abdul Gaffer khan-ans
c)Bariram khan
d)Mohammed of Ghazni
59.  Dhanvathari the famous physican adorned  the court of
b)Chndra Gupta Vikramadithya-ans
Harsha Vardhana
60 The term Deuce in sports is associated
61 Subrot cup is associated with
c)Table tennis
62.The ocean lying between Europe and Africa is called as
a)Indian Ocean
b)Mediterranean sea-and
c)Artic Ocean
d)Atlantic Ocean
63Where do the Garo  Hills lie?
a)Arunachal Pradesh
64.Which is the most suitable soil for growing cotton in India?
d) Bhagar
65 Where is Bandipur National Park
c)Tamil Nadu
d) Karnataka-ans
66 who was Mahamay?
a)Shanantus wife in the Mahabharath
b)A renowned Odissi Dancer
c)Gautam Budhas mother-ans
d)An incarnation of Vishnu
67 The first round table conference in 1930 was held during the tenure of
a) Lord Irwin-ans
b) Lord  Curzon
c) Lord Minto
d) Lord Mountbatten
68 Bindusara beloged to which dynsty
69 The construction of Fathepur sikhri was initiated by which India ruler
b) Akabar-ans
c) Jahangir
70 If orders are placed once a month to meer an annual demand of 6000 units, then average inventory would be
a)500-ans   b)200   c)250   d)300
71 a sphere exactly fits inside a hallow cylinder closed both the ends.  The ratio of the volume of empty space in cylinder to the volume of sphere is
a)3:2    b)2:1   c)1:2 -ans  d)2:3
72 A girl leaves from her home She first walk 30 meters in north-west direction and then 30 meters in south-west  direction.  Then she walks 30 meters in south east direction.  Finally she turns towards her house, in which direction is she moving?
b)North east
c)North west
d)South east
73Complete the series

a)100  b)97-ans  c)98   d)99
74 If  FULFNHW is the code for CRICKET then EULGH is the code for which word?
75 How many are the integers x for which the expression
√x 2 +x+1 is rational ?
a)8  b)1 -ans   c)2   d)
76 The following instrument is used to detect the presence of electric charge on some object
a)Condenser   b)Ammeter  c)Gold-leaf electroscope-ans d)Voltmeter
77who discovered frictional electricity ?
78 Resistance of which of the following is the highest?
d)Voltaic cell
79 when an object is placed between two plane parallel mirrors the number of images formed will be
a)8  b)2   c)30   d)Infinite-ans
80(710 -1) is divisible by which of the following numbers
a)49  b)21   c)7   d)6-ans
81 Diameter of a semit spehreical pot is 63 cm, its circumstance would be
a)126 cm  b)162 cm-ans  c)198 cm d)261 cm
82 the expression √2+√2+√2+√2+….. will be equal to which of the following ?
a)1   b)2-ans   c)2+√2+   d) 2√2
83 In which of the following organs  of human body,food is digested
b)Small intestine
c)Large intestine
84 If first and second digits of  each given number  interchanged which of the following will be least number ?
a)738   b)495    c)329-ans   d)653
a)ILN  b)IKN-ans    c)IKM   d)ILM
86 (87324-79576)*1.5=?
a)1162.2   b)11622-ans  c)1372.2  d)1163.7
87 Two candidates contested an election One got 507 votes which were 65% of the total cast.  What was the number of total votes cast?
a)852    b)702   c)780 -ans  e)754
88 A train 175 m length crosses a platform of 35 m in 12 seconds.  What is the speed of the train in km/hr?
a)42    b)64   c)63ans   e)59
89 what is the name of the branch of science in which the antigen antibody in blood are studied?
a)Histology   b)Biology  c)serology-ans  e)Dermatology
90 a virus multiplies in
a)Dead Body   b)Living cell-ans  c)Water  d)Sugar solution
91 …….. is coated on iron surface for galvanization
a)Chromium-ans   b)Zinc   c)Tin   d)Nickel
92What is be the PH value of neutral water?
a)10    b)8    c)9   d)7-ans
93 Which isotope of hydrogen is radioactive?
a)Tritium-ans   b)Protium   c)Deuterium   d)None of the above
94 Example of the crop endowed with fiber is

a)paddy   b)Jute-ans  c)Sugarcane   d)Rubber
95  Micro-organisms are found inhis number ?

a)Saline water   b)Sandy soil  c) Swampy land   d)all the above
96 255.6 is 45% of a number What would be 25%of  this number
a)162    b)132   d)152   d)142-ans
97 what would be the value of 333 times of 131?

a)46323   b)43623-ans  c)43290   d)42957

98 464 /(16*2.32)=?a)12.5 -ans   b)14.5   c)10.5   d)8.5


99 The metal that remains in liquid state at room temperature is
a) Mercury-ans  b)Calcium  c)Magnesium  d)Sodium


100 Artificial pearls are obtained by taming the oysters
a)by adopting pearl culture method-ans
b)In soft water
c)In hard water
d)In well


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