FCI Placement-Paper

1. According to the concept of conservation, the stock in trade is valued at—
(A) Cost price
(B) Market price
(C) Cost or market price which ever is higher
(D) Cost or market price which ever is lower
Ans. (D)
2. The concept of conservation will have the effect of—
(A) Over statement of assets
(B) Understatement of assets
(C) Understatement of liabilities
(D) Understatement of provision for bad and doubtful debts
Ans. (B)
3. Non-financial information is not recorded in accounts due to—
(A) Accrual concept
(B) Entity concept
(C) Dual aspect concept
(D) Money measurement concept
Ans. (D)
4. Balance in ‘Nazrana’s a/c’ in the books of lessee is shown in—
(A) Landlords a/c
(B) P&L a/c
(C) Balance sheet assets side
(D) Balance sheet liabilities side
Ans. (C)
5. The hire-buyer charges depreciation on—
(A) Cash price of the asset
(B) Hire purchase price of the asset
(C) Higher of the two
(D) Lower of the two
Ans. (A)
6. In hire-purchase system, hire-buyer can maintain his accounts under—
(A) Asset accrued method
(B) Total cash price method
(C) Any of the two methods
(D) None of these
Ans. (C)
7. If the rate of gross profit for department X is 25% of cost, the amount of gross profit on sales of Rs. 100000 will be-—
(A) Rs. 16667
(B) Rs. 20000
(C) Rs. 25000
(D) Rs. 33333
Ans. (B)
8. Provision for bad debts of a foreign branch is converted at—
(A) Opening rate of exchange
(B) Closing rate of exchange
(C) Average rate of exchange
(D) Rate applicable to debtors
Ans. (B)
9. If goods are transferred from ‘X’ department to ‘Y’ department at cost +25%, the amount of stock reserve on closing stock of Rs. 20000 in ‘Y’ department will be—
(A) Rs. 4000
(B) Rs. 5000
(C) Rs. 6000
(D) Rs. 3333
Ans. (A)
10. If out of the bills of Rs. 10000 discounted by the insolvent bills of Rs. 4000 are likely be dishonoured, unsecured creditors will include in respect of them an amount of—
(A) Rs. 10000
(B) Rs.6000
(C) Rs. 4000
(D) None of the above
Ans. (C)
11. Partnership firm engaged in banking business can have maximum—
(A) 5 partners
(B) 10 partners
(C) 20 partners
(D) Any number of partners
Ans. (B)
12. Suppose, the partnership deed provides for a salary of Rs. 5000 p.m. to partner ‘X’. If ‘X’ withdraws only Rs. 3000 in a month, the remaining Rs. 2000 will be—
(A) Debited to his capital a/c
(B) Credited to his drawing a/c
(C) Credited to his current a/c
(D) Credited to P & L adjustment a/c
Ans. (A)
13. In absence of any provisions in the partnership agreement, partners can charge on the loans given by them to the firm—
(A) Interest at 6% p.a.
(B) Interest at 12% p.a.
(C) Interest at 15% p.a.
(D) No interest
Ans. (A)
14. A, B and C are partners sharing profits and losses in the ratio 4 : 3 : 2 D is admitted for 1/10th share, the new ratio will be—
(A) 4 : 4 : 3 : 2
(B) 4: 3 : 2: 1
(C) 5 : 4 : 3 : 2
(D) None of the above
Ans. (B)
15. A and B shared profit in the ratio of 3 : 2 C was admitted as a partner for 1/5th share. He acquires 3/20th from A and 1/20th from B. The new profit sharing ratio would be—
(A) 10:6:4
(B) 6:10:4
(C) 8:8:4
(D) 9:7:4
Ans. (D)
16. Goodwill of a firm of A and B is valued at Rs. 60000. Goodwill appears in the books at Rs. 24000. C is admitted for 1/4th share. He will be required to bring for goodwill—
(A) Rs.21000
(B) Rs.9000
(C) Rs. 15000
(D) Rs. 6000
Ans. (D)
17. A plant worth Rs. 800000 has been insured for Rs. 600000. The loss on account of fire is Rs. 500000. The insurance company under average clause will bear the loss to extent of—
(A) Rs. 500000
(C) Rs. 800000
(B) Rs.600000
(D) Rs. 375000
Ans. (A)
18. It is not an item of Income with reference to a voyage a/c—
(A) Passage money
(B) Freight
(C) Primage
(D) Address commission
Ans. (D)
19. The formats of the profit and loss account and Balance sheet in the case of a banking company have been revised w.e.f.—
(A) 1st April 1949
(B) 1st April 1991
(C) 1st April 1992
(D) 1st April 1956
Ans. (C)
20. If accured outstanding premium is given in the trial balance of a general insurance company, then it will be shown in—
(A) Revenue Account
(B) Balance Sheet
(C) Both revenue Account & Balance Sheet
(D) None of the above
Ans. (B)
21. Inventory is valued at lower of the cost or net realisable value on account of the accounting principle of—
(A) Realisation
(B) Consistency
(C) Conservatism
(D) None of the above
Ans. (A)
22. In the period of rising prices, LIFO method may result in—
(A) Lowering the profit
(B) Raising the profit
(C) Raising the tax liability
(D) None of the above
Ans. (B)
23. Given,
Total assets turnover 4
Net Profits 10%
Total Assets Rs. 50000
Net profit will be—
(A) Rs. 15000
(B) Rs. 10000
(C) Rs. 25000
(D) Rs.20000
Ans. (D)
24. A company auditor addresses his audit report to-
(A) Board of directors
(B) Members
(C) Managing director
(D) Company secretary
Ans. (B)
25. Bonus shares means shares issued to—
(A) Workers
(B) Existing equity shareholders
(C) Preferential shareholders in lieu of dividend
(D) Debenture holders in lieu of interest
Ans. (B)
26. Which of the following does not call for physical verification?
(A) Stock
(B) Plant
(C) Loose tools
(D) Goodwill
Ans. (D)
27. Cash from operations is equal to—
(A) Net profit + increase in current assets
(B) Net profit + decrease in current liabilities
(C) Profit from operation ± Adjustment of increase and decrease in current assets and liabilities
(D) Fund from operation ± Adjustment of increase and decrease in current assets and current liabilities
Ans. (C)
28. Average profit of a firm is Rs. 9000 Firm’s capital is Rs. 60000 and normal return on business is expected at 10%. The goodwill by capitalisation method will be-
(A) Rs. 30000
(B) Rs. 20000
(C) Rs. 25000
(D) Rs. 40000
Ans. (A)
29. Which of the following is not a current liability?
(A) Bank overdraft
(B) Redeemable debentures
(C) Account payable
(D) Provision for bad debts
Ans. (B)
30. Amount of under writing commission payable on the issue of debentures is limited to—
(A) 2%
(B) 2.5%
(C) 3%
(D) 5%
Ans. (B)
31. Which of the following acid test ratio can be said to be satisfactory?
(A) 2: 1
(C) 1: 1
(B) 1: 2
(D) None of these
Ans. (C)
32. The two factor theory of motivation was propounded by—
(A) Peter Drucker
(B) Herzberg
(C) McGregor
(D) Maslow
Ans. (B)
33. Which of the following leadership styles is most commonly found now a day?
(A) Autocratic
(B) Democratic
(C) Free rein
(D) Participative
Ans. (B)
34. Deciding in advance what is to be done in future is called—
(A) Management
(B) Coordination
(C) Planning
(D) Decision-making
Ans. (C)
35. The organisation structure where there is direct vertical relationship is called—
(A) Line organisation
(B) Chain organisation
(C) Command organisation
(D) All the above
Ans. (D)
36. When managers devote their attention only to those events where results are highly deviated from normal; ft is called—
(A) Management by objective
(B) Management by exception
(C) Management by crisis
(D) Management by choice
Ans. (B)
37. Under delegation of authority—
(A) Authority is given to subordinates
(B) Authority flows from top to bottom
(C) Delegator of authority is not received of accountability
(D) All the above happens
Ans. (D)
38. The process of determining by observation and study and reporting pertinent information relating to the nature of specific job is called—
(A) Job specification
(B) Job evaluation
(C) Job analysis
(D) Job description
Ans. (C)
39. In case of a private company—
(A) There is restriction on the right to transfer of shares
(B) The number of members is restricted
(C) Invitation to public for the subscription of shares is prohibited
(D) All of the above
Ans. (D)
40. A person at anyone time can not be DIRECT of more than—
(A) 1 Company
(B) 7 Companies
(C) 15 Companies
(D) 20 Companies
Ans. (C)
41. Certificate of commencement of business is not required by a—
(A) Public company
(B) Any type of company
(C) Private company
(D) Private company subsidiary to a public company
Ans. (C)
42. Henry Fayol is known for—
(A) Scientific management
(B) Rationalisation
(C) Industrial psychology
(D) Principles of managements
Ans. (D)
43. The principle of unity of command’ implies—
(A) Unity of thought and action
(B) Unity amongst subordinates
(C) Instructions from staff authority
(D) Instructions from line authority
Ans. (D)
44. A company has equity capital of Rs. 200000. Preference capital of Rs. 100000, 12% debentures of Rs. 100000, long term loan of Rs. 200000 and short term loan of Rs. 100000. The capital gearing ratio will be—
(A) 1:1
(B) 0.5: 1
(C) 0.4: 1
(D) None of the above
Ans. (C)
45. In case of a company, total assets less outside liabilities is called—
(A) Net working capital
(B) Gross working capital
(C) Deferred liabilities
(D) Net worth
Ans. (D)
46. If opening sales is Rs. 10000 purchases Rs. 30000 direct expenses Rs. 4000 and closing stock Rs. 5000 the costs of goods is sold would be—
(A) Rs. 39000
(B) Rs. 40000
(C) Rs.41000
(D) Rs. 44000
Ans. (A)
47. Premium on issue of shares is shown in balance sheet as—
(A) An asset
(B) A liability
(C) An expense
(D) A revenue
Ans. (B)
48. Which of the following is known as ‘backbone of auditing’?
(A) Verification of assets
(B) Internal check
(C) Vouching
(D) Internal audit
Ans. (C)
49. A limited company? 100 shares of Rs. 10/- cash fully called up on which Rs. 4/- per share was paid up. The company reissued 50 shares at the rates of Rs. 8/- each. The amount transferred to capital reserve will be—
(A) Rs. 500
(B) Rs.200
(C) Rs. 250
(D) Rs. 100
Ans. (D)
50. Sale of long term investments indicates—
(A) A change in current assets
(B) Application of funds
(C) Increase in working capital
(D) Source of funds
Ans. (D)
51. Net working capital refers to—
(A) Current assets
(B) Current assets minus current liabilities
(C) Equity share capital minus fixed assets
(D) Retired earnings.
Ans. (B)
52. If sales Rs. 6000 gross profit is 1/3 on cost, purchases are R. 4900 and the closing stock is Rs. 900, the opening stock will be—
(A) Rs.400
(B) Rs.500
(C) Rs. 1100
(D) Rs. 2000
Ans. (B)
53. The primary objective of audit is—
(A) Detection and prevention of frauds
(B) Detection and prevention of errors
(C) Detection of frauds and errors
(D) To ensure the final accounts and statements exhibit true and fair position of business
Ans. (D)
54. ‘An auditor is a watch dog and not a blood hound’. This was observed in case of— (A) London oil storage company
(B) Kingston cotton Mills Limited
(C) London General Bank
(D) Delightful Cigarette Company Ltd.
Ans. (B)
55. If two or more sugar mills combine together, it is known—
(A) Horizontal combination
(B) Vertical combination
(C) Lateral combination
(D) None of the above
Ans. (A)
56. Surrender value is related to—
(A) Marine insurance
(B) General insurance
(C) Life insurance
(D) Fire insurance
Ans. (C)
57. Over capitalisation refer to—
(A) Excess of capital
(B) Excess rate of dividend payment, on shares
(C) Over estimation of rate of capitalisation
(D) Raising more capital than is warranted by its earning power
Ans. (D)
58. Motivation refers to—
(A) Coordinate the people
(B) Guide the working people
(C) Terrorise the people
(D) Inducing people to work willing by
Ans. (D)
59. Which of the following is not a barrier in communication—
(A) Fear and distrust
(B) Affection
(C) Perception
(D) Noise
Ans. (B)
60. “Management is an art of getting things done through and with formally organised group.” This definition has been by—
(A) Peter Drucker
(B) Henry Fayol
(C) Harod Koontz
(D) F. W. Taylor
Ans. (C)
61. Foreign exchange for import of goods is sanctioned by—
(A) Exim Bank
(B) Reserve Bank of India
(C) State Bank
(D) Ministry of commerce
Ans. (B)
62. The cost of a machine having a span of life of 5 years is Rs. 10000. It has a scrap value of Rs. 1000. The amount of depreciation in the first year under the sum of year’s digit method will be—
(A) Rs. 1600
(B) Rs. 1800
(C) Rs. 2000
(D) Rs. 3000
Ans. (D)
63. Given:
Gross profit Rs. 60000
Gross profit ratio: 20%
Debtor’s velocity 2 months
The amount of debtors will be—
(A) Rs. 30000
(B) Rs. 50000
(C) Rs. 120000
(D) Rs.200000
Ans. (B)
64. Premium on issue of shares can be used for—
(A) Issue of Bonus shares
(B) Payment of Dividends
(C) Payment of operating expenses
(D) Redemption of debentures
Ans. (A)
65. If current ratio is 25, quick ratio (1) 5 and net working capital Rs. 15000. This value of inventory will be—
(A) Rs. 10000
(B) Rs. 15000
(C) Rs. 37500
(D) Rs. 52500
Ans. (A)
66. Unclaimed dividend is shown on the liability side of the balance sheet under the heading—
(A) Revenue and surplus
(B) Provisions
(C) Current liabilities
(D) Miscellaneous items
Ans. (C)
67. Accounting standards in India are prescribed by—
(A) Company Law Board
(B) Institute of charted accountants of India
(C) Institute of coat and works accountants of India
(D) Indian standard Board
Ans. (B)
68. Which of the following is not correct—
(A) Purchase + Opening stock—Cost of goods sold = Closing stock
(B) Opening stock + Purchases — Closing stock = Cost of goods sold
(C) Closing stock + Cost of goods sold — Purchases = Opening stock
(D) Cost of goods sold — Closing stock + Purchases = Opening stock
Ans. (D)
69. A company bought assets worth Rs. 360000 and in lieu issued debentures of Rs. 100 each at a discount of 10%. The number of debentures issued will be—
(A) 3000
(B) 3600
(C) 3960
(D) 400
Ans. (D)
70. A person got insured his goods worth Rs. 10000 for Rs. 80QO against fire. Loss by fire to him was Rs. 9000. He can claim—
(A) Rs. 8000
(B) Rs. 9000
(C) Rs. 10000
(D) Rs. 7200
Ans. (D)
71. The data obtained from a newspaper are—
(A) Primary data
(B) Secondary data
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of these
Ans. (B)
72. Current Ratio of a firm is 3: 1 and working capital is Rs. 60000. What will be the amount of current Assets—
(A) Rs. 30000
(B) Rs90000
(C) Rs. 120000
(D) Rs. 180000
Ans. (B)
73. The income from that house property is taxable under the head “Income from House property”.
(A) The assessee has ownership on that house
(B) The assessee uses that house for his business
(C) The assessee himself lives in that house
(D) The assessee has let out that house on rent for residence
Ans. (A)
74. Following is the deduction in respect of repair under the head of income from house property—
(A) 25% of Annual Value
(B) 30% of Net Annual Value
(C) 1/5 of Annual Value
(D) 1/5 of Net Annual Value
Ans. (B)
75. Single entry system can not be maintained by—
(A) Sole proprietorship
(B) Partnership concerns
(C) Joint stock company
(D) All of these
Ans. (D)
76. Cash account will not be affected by—
(A) Cash paid to creditors
(B) Discount received
(C) Cash sales
(D) Cash received from debtors
Ans. (B)
77. Maximum standard Deduction for employees getting gross salary not more than Rs.
100000 is allowed—
(A) Rs. 20000
(B) Rs. 25000
(C) Rs. 30000
(D) Rs. 33000
Ans. (C)
78. Tax audit is compulsory in case of a person carrying on business whose gross receipt) turnover/sales and exceeds—
(A) Rs. 50 Lakhs
(B) Rs. 40 Lakhs
(C) Rs. l0 Lakhs
(D) Rs. 25 Lakhs
Ans. (B)
79. Mr. Rastogi of Meerut was declared insolvent. One of his liabilities related to one months rent due to his landlord. This liability will be treated as—
(A) Preferential Creditor
(B) Partly Secured Creditor
(C) Fully Secured Creditor
(D) Unsecured Creditor
Ans. (A)
80. When two or more companies liquidate to form a new company. It is called—
(A) Amalgamation
(B) Absorption
(C) Reconstruction
(D) Purchase of Business
Ans. (A)
81. A, B and C are partners in a firm. If D is to be admitted to the firm as a new partner—
(A) Old firm has to be dissolved
(B) Old partnership has to be dissolved
(C) Both the old firm and the old partnership have to be dissolved
(D) No need to dissolve either firm or the partnership
Ans. (D)
82. Remington sold one typewriter to Ramesh Chandra under installment purchase system on 1st January 1996, payment for which was to be made as under—
On 01.01.1996 – Rs. 3000
On 31.12.1996 – Rs. 1700
On 31.12.1997 – Rs. 3600
On 31.12.1998 – Rs. 2300
On 31.12.1999 – Rs. 1100
Interest at 10% p.a. is included in each installment. The total interest charged amount to-
(A) Rs.2100
(B) Rs. 1950
(C) Rs. 1800
(D) Rs. 1700
Ans. (B)
83. The liquidator of a company is entit1edio a remuneration of 2% on assets realised, and 3% on the amount distributed to unsecured creditors. The assets realised Rs. 100000 including cash balance of Rs. 3000. Amount available for distribution to unsecured creditors before paying liquidators remui4eration was Rs. 46350 liquidator’s remuneration will be—
(A) Rs.3100
(C) Rs. 3290
(B) Rs.3140
(D) Rs. 3350
Ans. (C)
84. EXIM Bank was established on—
(A) 1st Dec 1984
(B) 1st June 1985
(C) 1st Jan 1982
(D) 1st July 1980
Ans. (C)
85. For capital gain being long term capital gain, an assessee should retain the assets for a period of—
(A) 40 months
(B) 36 months
(C) More than 36 months
(D) Less than 36 months
Ans. (C)
86. The salary received by a member of parliament is—
(A) Exempt from Tax
(B) Taxable under the head of salary
(C) Taxable under the head of other sources
(D) Taxable under the lead of business
Ans. (C)
87. For the purpose of income tax it is necessary for agriculture income that—
(A) Land should be used for agricultural activities
(B) Land should be used for godown
(C) Land should be used for irrigation
(D) None of above
Ans. (A)
88. Depreciation is allowed on—
(A) Tangible Assets
(B) Current Assets
(C) Fixed Assets
(D) Intangible Assets
Ans. (C)
89. When shares are forfeited, the share capital account is debited by—
(A) Nominal value of forfeited shares
(B) Paid up amount of forfeited shares
(C) Called up amount on forfeited shares
(D) Forfeited amount of shares
Ans. (C)
90. The term ‘POIM’ for the four functions of management. Planning, organisation, integration and measuring was given by.—
(A) F.W. Taylor
(B) Harold Smiddy
(C) Tanon Brown
(D) Peter F. Drucker
Ans. (B)
1. Kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy in
(A) Electric Motor
(B) Dynamo
(C) Electromagnet
(D) Ammeter
2. Floppy disk is an example of
(A) Read Only Memory
(B) Random Access Memory
(C) Cache Memory
(D) Secondary Storage Memory
3. Which of the following compounds are sprayed over clouds to cause artificial rain?
(B) NaOH
4. Iodine deficiency in diet is know to cause
(B) obesity
(D) goitre
5. The refrigeration of the food articles keeps them fresh because
(A) water forms crystals
(B) chemical reaction is slowed down
(C) chemical reaction take place faster
(D) bacteria are killed
6. Which substance is called the ‘liquid gold’?
(A) Gold as a liquid form
(B) Sodium as a liquid form
(C) Mustard oil
(D) Petroleum oil
7. Percentage of silver in German
silver is
(B) 0%
(D) 80%
There is no Silver
8. Which type of compounds are
sugar and common salt?
(A) Both are organic compounds
(B) Both are inorganic compounds
(C) Sugar is an organic compound and common salt is an inorganic compound
(D) Sugar is inorganic compound and common salt is an organic compound
9. The chemical name of Vitamin ‘E’ is
(A) Ascorbic acid
(B) Retinol
(C) Tocopherol
(D) Thiamine
10. Which of the following gases has bleaching property
(A) Carbon dioxide
(B) Carbon Monoxide
(C) Chlorine
(D) Hydrogen
11. The heaviest body of our Solar system is
(B) Uranus
(D) Saturn
12. From amongst the following; Name
famous Indian ornithologist
(A) Dr. Salim Ali
(B) Dr. Gopalasamudram N. Ramachandran
(C) Dr. J.B.S. Haldane
(D) Dt H.G. Khorana
13. Who performed the longest space journey in the year 2007
(A). Venus Williams
(B) Serena Willlams
(C) Sunita William
(D) Sir John William
14. ‘The Lost Child’ was written by
(A) Nirad C. Chowdlltiury
(B) Mulk Raj Anand
(C) Khushwant Singh
(D) Annie Besant
15. Dr. MS. Swaminathan has distinguished himself in which of the following fields ?
(A) Nuclear Physics
(B) Agriculture
(C) Astrophysics
(D) Medicine
16. The Headquarters of UNESCO
(B) Geneva
(D) New York
17. January 15 is celebrated as the
(A) Army Day
(B) Martyr’s Day
(C) Independence Day
(D)) Ugadhi
18. Bijapur is known for its
(A) Heavy rainfall
(B) Rock Temple
(C) Gol Gumbaj
(D) Statue of Gomateshwara
19. The Americans are also known as
(A) Kiwis
(B) Yankees
(C) Tories
(D) None of the above
20. India lifted the ONGC Nehru Cup, 2009, after defeating in the final
(B) Pakistan
(C)Sri Lanka
(D) Bangladesh
21. An element which does not react
with oxygen is
(B) Iodine
(D) Nitrogen
22. During sleep, man’s blood pressure
(A) increases
(B) decreases
(C) fluctuates
(D) remains constant
23. Which Indian fllrnstar was recently conferred Honorary Doctorate by Bedfordshire University (U.K.) ?
(A) Amitabh Bachchan
(B) Shah Rukh Khan
(C) Orn Puri
(D) Aamir Khan
24. Williams Sisters won the U.S. Open Women’s Doubles Title 2009 after defeating in the final
(A) Leizal Huber and Cara Black
(B) Kim Clijsters and Anna Kournikova
(C) Caroline Woaniacki and Dinara Safina
(D) Nathalie Deshy and Sania Mirza
25. Which one of the following is a military alliance ?
26. The recipient of the 42nd Jnanpeeth Award is
(A) Manohar Shastri
(B) Harish Pandya
(C) Satya Vrat Shastri
(D) K Kamal Kumar
27. World Development Report is an annual publication of
(D) World Bank
28. Which one of the following is correct ?
Player Sport
(A) Jeev Milkha — Tennis
(B) Jhulan — Cricket
(C) Baichung Bhutia — Hockey
(D) Pankaj Advani — Badminton
29. Which one of the following industrialists was declared ‘The Business Person of the Year 2008’ by the Times of India Survey ?
(A) Anil Ambani
(B) Rahul Bajaj
(C) Ratan Tata
(D) Gautam Adani
30. Naina Devi peak forms a part of
(A) Himalayan range located in Sikkim
(B) Himalayan range located in Kumaon region
(C) Himalayan range located in Nepal
(D) Himalayan range located in Jammu & Kashmir


51.The Criminal Procedure Code (Amendment) Act, 2008 came into effect on December 31, 2009. It incorporates the recommendations of_to prevent overcrowding of jails with undertrials.
a. The Law Commission
b. The Justice Mallmath Committee’s report
c. The guidelines issued by the Supreme Court
Select the correct answer using the codes given below:
(1) All of the above -Answer
(2) Only a (3) Only b
(4) Both b and c
(5) Both a and b

52.__on December 31, 2009, became the first Indian woman to ski to the South Pole when she crossed a 900 km Antarctic ice trek to reach the South Pole to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Commonwealth.
(1) AvaniMathur
(2) Deepika Sharma
(3) Amita Chauhan
(4) Reena Kaushal -Answer
(5) MadhumitaSolanki

53. The Indian Science Award, instituted by the Department of Science and Technology of the Union government, was given by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to C. R Rao, statistician, at the 97th Indian Science Congress in_on January 3, 2010.
(1) Kochi
(2) Chennai
(3) Thiruvananthapuram -Answer
(4) Pune
(5) Kolkata

54. New Year began on a bloody note in Pakistan as seventyfive people were killed and over 50 injured in Shah Hasan Khan, near Lakki Marwat in the _ district of the NorthWestern Frontier Province.
(1) Chitral
(2) Dera Ismail
(3) Bannu -Answer
(4) Peshawar
(5) Hamirpur

55. Russia and the United States, on _, 2009, missed the deadline to sign a replacement to the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) which expired at midnight.
(1) December 1
(2) December 5 -Answer
(3) December 25
(4) December 31
(5) December 14

56. The Mojave Desert, on December 7,2009, played host to a very modern spectacle when Sir Richard Branson unveiled Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo for carrying passengers to the brink of space. The Mojave Desert is covered the most in_.
(1) Utah
(2) California -Answer
(3) Nevada
(4) Arizona
(5) None of the above

57. The Supreme Court of which of the following countries, on January 3. 2010, ratified a 25year prison sentence for the former President, Alberto Fujimori?
(1) Peru -Answer
(2) Chile
(3) South Korea
(4) Taiwan ^
(5) Cambodia

58. The Rajya Sabha on December 1, 2009, unanimously approved, by voice vote, the Workmen’s Compensation (Amendment) Bill, 2009. Which of the following s/ i are correct regarding the Bill?
a. It seeks to give higher compensation to workers and their families in the event of injury or death.
b. It empowers the Centre to enhance the compensation and funeral expenses, by notification, from time to time.
c. It empowers the government to specify, by notification, monthly wages for an employee. Select the correct answer using the codes given below.
(1) Only a
(2) Only b
(3) Only c
(4) All of the above -Answer
(5) None of these

59. Multilateral funding agency of the Asian Development Bank, on December 3, 2009, approved 200million dollar loan to finance a road project in_.
(1) Orissa
(2) Jharkhand -Answer
(3) Bihar
(4) West Bengal
(5) Chhattisgarh

60. Consider the following statements related to the selection of Vihaan Networks Ltd., a Shyam Group company, as “Technology Pioneers2010.”
a. It was selected by the World Economic Forum as a pioneer.
b. It was chosen for its innovative and pioneering work in developing solarpowered mobile phone base stations WorldGSM — foi use in rural areas.
c. Vihaan Networks is the only company to have found a way ol building sustainable phone networks for 3 billion people in rural areas.
Which of the statements giver above is/are not correct? Selecl the correct answer using th< codes given below:
(1) Only a
(2) Both b and c
(3) Both a and b
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these -Answer

61. The Union Cabinet on Decembei 10, 2009, approved amendments to the Energy Conservation Act _______, to introduce the system o issuing energy saving certificate! to be traded in the domestic mar ket.
(1) 2008
(2) 2006
(3) 2004
(4) 2002
(5) 2001

62. The Haryana Power Generation Corporation, on December 24, 2009, became the first State sector power generation utility in the country to get certified for_for its power stations at Yamunanagar and Panipat and corporate office at Panchkula.
a. ISO: 9001
b. ISO: 14001
c.OHSAS: 18001
Select the correct answer using the codes given below:
(1) All of the above -Answer
(2) Both a and c
(3) Both a and b
(4) Both b and c
(5) None of these

63. ONGC. on December 1, 2009, signed agreements to pick up____per cent interest in Phase 12 of the gigantic South Pars gas field and get_per cent of Iran LNG’s project that will convert the gas into liquefied natural gas for exports.
(3) 40. 20 -Answer
(4) 50. JP
(5) 15. 45

64. Reliance Exploration and Production DMCC a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL), and
Ecopetrol, on December 4, 2009. signed the Farmout Agreements, for Borojo_in Colombia.
(1) North Block 42
(2) South Block 43
(3) West Block 44
(4) Only 1 and 2 -Answer
(5) None of these

65. Japan’s government, on December 8, 2009, unveiled $81 billion of new stimulus spending to keep the world’s_biggest economy from lurching back into recession.
(1) Second -Answer
(2) Third
(3) Fourth
(4) Fifth
(5) Sixth

66. Reliance Communications, on December 12, 2009, bagged mGovernance infrastructure development contracts
in_circles to offer integration of mobile technology to seamlessly link various government departments to generate information
(1) Kerala
(2) Maharashtra
(3) Mumbai
(4) All of the above -Answer
(5) Only 2 and 3

67. The Central Government, on December 18. 2009, pegged the country’s GDP (gross domestic product) growth for the current fiscal at over_per cent.
(1) 7.25
(2) 7.45
(3) 7.55
(4) 7.75 -Answer
(5) 8.25

68. Which of the following major economy related development(s) took place on December 22, 2009?
a. An agreement was reached between the oil marketing companies and millers on the price of ethanol.
b. RIL announce a third successive gas discovery in the D3 deepsea block in the KrishnaGodavari basin.
c. Central Government inks two loan agreements with the Asian Development Bank for funding the country’s infrastructure projects.
Select the correct answer using the codes given below:
(1) Both a and b
(2) Both a and c
(3) All of the above -Answer
(4) Both b and c
(5) None of these

69. On which recent date did the Bombay Stock Exchange sensitive index, Sensex, the barometer of domestic stock market, enter its Silver Jubilee year?
(1) December 31, 2009
(2) December 1, 2009
(3) January 2, 2010 -Answer
(4) January 1, 2010
(5) January 4, 2010

70. India, on January 1, 2010, liberalised its trade with_by slashing duties on several products like seafood, chemicals and apparel among others.
(1) South Korea
(2) Singapore
(3) Thailand
(4) Malaysia
(5) All of the above -Answer

71. As per the data released by the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade on January 1, 2010, after a gap of 13 months, exports turned positive in November 2009. registering _ per cent growth at $13.19 billion against $11.16billion in November 200809.
(1) 11.5
(2) 18.2 -Answer
(3) 16.6
(4) 17.5
(5) 19.4

72. SEBI. on December 31. 2009, allowed _to accept application supported blocked amount (ASBAs) to enable better participation by corporate investors and high networth individuals (HINs) in initial public offerings or rights issues.
(1) State Bank of India
(2) ICICI Bank
(3) 14 banks
(4) All of the above -Answer
(5) None of these

73. Popular Assamese storyteller, novelist, lyricist and playwright, _, was chosen for the 20th Assam Valley Literary Award for the year 2009 for his literary excellence on December 31, 2009.
(1) IqbalHusain
(2) ImranShah -Answer
(3) Abhijit Ghosal
(4) Tapan Bhattacharjee
(5) MrinalSanyal

74. Who among the following Britons of Indian origin were conferred with knighthood by Queen Elizabeth of England on December 31, 2009?
a. Mota Singh
b. Paramjit Singh Bassi
c. Gumain Singh
Select the correct answer using the codes given below:
(1) All of the above
(2) Both a and b -Answer
(3) Both a and c .
(4) Both b and c
(5) Only b

75. Who among the following was/ were conferred the 2009 Karmaveer Puraskar on December 2, 2009?
(1) K. Srinath Reddy
(2) Manju Bharat Ram
(3) RohiniNilekaniandTarunTejpal
(4) Gregory Roberts
(5) All of the above -Answer

76. Scientist Yash Pal and Project Director of Chandrayaan1 M. Annadurai were conferred with the H.K. Firodia awards for 2009 in Pune on December 23, 2009. Who among the following was/ were the early recipients?
(1) APJ Abdul Kalam & Vijay Bhatkar
(2) Anil Kakodkar and Raghunath Mashelkar
(3) M.S. Swaminathan, KKasturirangan and R. Chidambaram
(4) CNR Rao, Obaid Siddiqi and P N Tandon
(5) All of the above -Answer

77. The Union Government, on December 30, 2009, decided to come up with a National Consumer Policy to_.
a. Ensure uniform national and international standards in the various arms of the Central and State governments
b. Ensure uniform national and in . temational standards in the regulatory bodies and on consumer fora
c.To lay down the guiding principles of complaint resolution. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
Select the correct answer using the codes given below:
(1) Both a and b
(2) Only b
(3) Only c
(4) All of the above -Answer
(5) None of these

78. Which state Government, on January 1, 2010, imposed a ban on holding strike in all power corporations under energy department for six months in public interest?
(1) Delhi
(2) Uttar Pradesh -Answer
(3) West Bengal
(4) Andhra Pradesh
(5) Bihar

79. A work by Edgar Degas, called Les Choristes (The Chorus), was stolen from Musee Cantini, an exhibition in_, by thieves on December 31, 2009
(1) Marseille -Answer
(2) Vienna
(3) Lyon
(4) Paris
(5) Clipperton Island

80. Britain, on January 2, 2010, called a summit of world leaders in London later in January 2010 to discuss the terror threat posed by _, seen as new breeding
ground(s) for alQaeda linked extremists.
(1) Nigeria
(2) Yemen -Answer
(3) Syria
(4) Lebanon
(5) All of the above

81. Valueadded services means
(1) giving full value for money
(2) better value for better price
(3) costlier service
(4) additional service -Answer
(5) All of these

82. “POS” means (in marketing)
(1) Preparation for Sales
(2) Point of Superiority
(3) Point of Sales -Answer
(4) Primary Outlook of Salesman
(5) Position of Sales

83. Effective Marketing helps in
(1) boosting the purchases
(2) boosting the sales -Answer
f (3) diversified business’
(4) realisation of dreams
(5) All of these

84. A ‘Buyer’s Market’ means
(1) buyers are also sellers
(2) sellers are also buyers
(3) there are not sellers
(4) demand exceeds supply
(5) supply exceeds demand -Answer

85. The sequence of a sales process is
(1) a call, a lead, presentation and sale
(2) a lead, a call, presentation and sale -Answer
(3) presentation, sale, lead and call
(4) presentation, lead, sale and call
(5) sale, call, lead and presentation

86. A presentation means
(1) display of products
(2) explaining the utility of products -Answer
(3) a gift
(4) display of communication skills
(5) All of these

87. A ‘lead’ means
(1) a buyer
(2) a seller 

(3) a company intending to sell its products
(4) a prospective buyer -Answer
(5) a disinterested buyer

88. ‘Benchmark’means
(1) products line up on bench
(2) salesmen sitting on a bench
(3) set standards^ -Answer
(4) marks on a bench
(5) None of these

89. ‘Customisation’ means
(1) customers’personal accounts
(2) customers selling goods
(3) special products for each customer -Answer
(4) better relations’
(5) All of these

90. Customer Retention means
(1) retaining the customers at the Bank for the full day
(2) quick disposal
(3) customers dealing with the same bank for a long time -Answer
(4) better standards
(5) All of these

91. This component is required to process data into information and consists of integrated circuits.
(1) Hard disk
(2) RAM
(3) CPU -Answer
4) ROM
(5) None of these

92. One advantage of dialup Internet access is
(1) it utilizes broadband technology
(2) it utilizes existing telephone service
(3) it uses a router for security -Answer
(4) modem speeds are very fast
(5) None of these

93. What is backup ?
(1) Adding more components to your network
(2) Protecting data by copying it from the original source to a different destination -Answer
(3) Filtering old data from the new data
(4) Accessing data on tape
(5) None of these

94. Network components are connected to the same cable in the— — topology.
(l)star -Answer
(2) ring
(3) bus
(4) mesh
(5) mixed

95. Two or more computers connected to each other for sharing information form a
(1) network -Answer
(2) router
(3) server
(4) tunnel
(5) pipeline

96. A computer checks the of user names and passwords for a match before granting access.
(1) website
(2) network
(3) backup file
(4) database
(5) None of these -Answer

97. Computers that are portable and convenient for users who travel are known as
(1) supercomputers
(2) Laptops -Answer
(3) mini computers
(4) file servers
(5) None of these

98. What is the term for unsolicited email ?
(1) newsgroup
(2) usenet
(3) backbone
(4) flaming
(5) spam -Answer

99. What type of program controls the various computer parts and allows the user to interact with the computer ?
(1) Utility software -Answer
(2) Operating system
(3) Word processing software
(4) Database program
(5) None of these

100. Each cell in a Microsoft Office Excel document is referred to by its cell address, which is the —.
(1) cell’s column label -Answer
(2) cell’s column label and worksheet tab name
(3) cell’s row label
(4) cell’s row and column labels
(5) None of these

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