AFCAT-Previous Years Solved Question Papers

AFCAT-Previous Years Solved Question Papers


1.   Consider the following statements
I.    In a Multi-Point Fuel Injection (MPFI) petrol passenger car, the number of carburetors is equal to the number of cylinders
II.   Octane number determines the characteristic of diesel fuel.
Characteristic of diesel fuel. Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?
(a)    I only
(b)    II only
(c)    Both I and II           Ans
(d)    Neither I nor II

2.    A block of the earth’s crust that has remained in position while the ground around it has subsides is known as
(a)    horst          Ans
(b)    plain
(c)    plateau
(d)    young folded mountain

3.    At the summer solstice, which one of the following latitudes will have the longest night ?
(a)    45o N
(b)    45o S          Ans
(c)    55o N
(d)    66o S

4.    The removal of rock, layer by layer due to weathering is called
(a)    block disintegration
(b)    deflation          Ans
(c)    exfoliation
(d)    granular disintegration

5.    Which one of the following is measured by a stroboscope ?
(a)    Temperature
(b)    Pressure
(c)    Frequency           Ans
(d)    Torque

6.    Which one of the following Acts abolished the monopoly of the trade of East India Company in India ?
(a)    Regulating Act, 1773
(b)    Pitt’s India Act, 1784           Ans
(c)    Charter Act, 1813
(d)    Charter Act, 1853


7.    Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the Lists
   List I                        List II
(Oil refinery)                   (State)

I. Koyali                            A. Andhra Pradesh
II.  Narimanam                    B. Assam
III. Numaligarh                    C. Gujarat
IV. Tatipaka                       D. Tamilnadu
Codes :
(a)     I-A, II-D, III-B, IV-C
(b)    I-A, II-B, III-D, IV-C
(c)    I-C, II-B, III-D, IV-A
(d)    I-C, II-D, III-B, IV-A          Ans

8.    Among the following regions of India, which one receive the highest average monsoon rainfall from June to September ?
(a)    Gangetic West Bengal               Ans
(b)    Eastern Uttar Pradesh
(c)    Western Uttar Pradesh
(d)    Panjab

9.    The monkey ‘Lion-tailed Macaque’ is naturally found in which one of the following areas of India ?
(a)    Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh
(b)    Semi-arid regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan
(c)    Shivalik hills of Northern India          Ans
(d)    Western Ghats of Karnataka and Kerala

10.    In which of the following types of forests, is the teak a dominant tree species ?
(a)     Tropical rain forest
(b)     Tropical deciduous forest           Ans
(c)     Tropical thorn and scrub forests
(d)    Temperature forest with-grasslands

11.    Among the following plants, which one is not an annual plant ?
(a)    Carrot
(b)    Pea          Ans
(c)    Mustard
(d)    Sunflower

12.    Consider the following statements
I. In prokaryotic cells, cell membrance bears the respiratory enzymes
II. In prokaryotic cells, DNA is circular and enveloped by a protein coat
Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?
(a)    I only
(b)    II only
(c)    Both I and II
(d)    Neither I nor II          Ans

13.    Which one of the following kinds of bonds link the two strands of DNA molecule at specific complementary bases ?
(a)    Glycosidic bonds
(b)    Hydrogen bonds
(c)    Peptide bonds          Ans
(d)    Phosphodiester bonds

14.    Which one of the following is the egg laying mammal
(a)    Loris
(b)    Scaly ant eater
(c)    Armadillo
(d)    Duck – billed platypus          Ans

15.    Who among the following put forward the “Theory of Inheritance of Acquired Characters”?
(a)     August Weismann
(b)    Charles Darwin
(c)    Hugo de Vries
(d)    Jean Baptiste Lamarck           Ans

16.    Consider the following plants
I. Cashew nut
II. Cycas
III. Date palm
IV . Pinus
Which of the above is/are flowering plants ?
(a)     I, II and II only
(b)    II and II only
(c)    II, III and IV
(d)    I only           Ans

17.   Consider the following animals
I.   Seals
II.  Dolphins
III. Whales
Which of the above are mammals ?
(a)     I and II only
(b)    II and III only
(c)    I and III only
(d)    I, II and III          Ans


18.    Size of mitochondria is
(a)    5-15 μ
(b)    1-10 μ          Ans
(c)    50-150 μ
(d)    75-400 μ

19.    80 S ribosome have suburits of
(a)    70 S + 10 S
(b)    50 S + 30 S
(c)    60 S + 40 S          Ans
(d)    60 S + 20 S

20.    Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists
List I                            List II
I.   Dengue                     (a)   Fungus
II.    Malaria                      (b)   Mite
III.    Ringworm                  (c)   Protozoa
IV.    Scabies                      (d)  Virus
Codes :
(a)    I-B, II-A, III-C, IV-D
(b)    I-B, II-C, III-A, IV-D
(c)    I-D, II-C, III-A, IV-B          Ans
(d)    I-D, II-A, III-C, IV-B

21.    Who among the following was awarded the 2006 Ramon Magsaysay Award in the “Emergent Leadership” category ?
(a)    S. N. Subha Rao
(b)    Rani Abhay Bang
(c)    Hema Bharali
(d)    Arvind Kejriwal          Ans

22.    Recently, Srinivas S.R. Varadhan was awarded the prestigious Abel Prize for his contribution to which one of the following subjects ?
(a)    Chemistry
(b)    Mathematics          Ans
(c)    Nuclear Physics
(d)    Space Technology


23.    Recently, who among the following was awarded the Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding for 2005 ?
(a)    Kofi Annan
(b)    Mahinda Rajapakshe
(c)    Orhan Pamuk
(d)    Wangari Muta Maathai           Ans

24.    Where is the headquarters of the Mineral Exploration Corporation Ltd.,
(a)    Mumbai
(b)    Nagpur          Ans
(c)    Vadodara
(d)    Visakhapatnam

25.    Consider the following statements
I. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reports annually to the General Assembly of the UN
II. The International Centre for Theoretical physics is operated jointly by UNESCO and IAEA.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?
(a)    I only
(b)    II only
(c)    Both I and II          Ans
(d)    Neither I nor II

26.    In which one of the following States is the National Thermal Power Corporation implementing its first hydroelectric power project ?
(a)    Arunachal Pradesh
(b)    Himachal Pradesh
(c)    Jammu and Kashmir
(d)    Uttarkhand           Ans

27.    Which of the following are covered under the fundamental rights in the constitution of India ?
I. Prohibition of traffic in human beings and forced labour
II. Prohibition of employment of children in factories
III. Freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion.
Select the correct answer using the codes given below ;
(a)    I, II and III
(b)    I and II only
(c)    II and III only
(d)    I and II only           Ans

28.    As per the Constitution of India, how many members are represented by the Union Territories in the Lok Sabha ?
(a)    18
(b)    20          Ans
(c)    22
(d)    24

29.   Which one of the following theories was used by Karl Marx to explain the process of class struggle ?
(a)    Liberalism
(b)    Dialectical materialism           Ans
(c)    Existentialism
(d)    Darwin’s theory of Evolution

30.    During the reign of which of the following dynasties did kalidash flourish ?
(a)    Mauryas
(b)    Sungas
(c)    Guptas          Ans
(d)    Vardhanas

31.    As per Census 2001, among the following Hill States of  India, which one has the highest literacy rate ?
(a)    Arunachal Pradesh
(b)    Himachal Pradesh              Ans
(c)    Sikkim
(d)    Uttarakhand (Uttaranchal)

32.    As per the Government of India, which one of the following is not a notified minority community ?
(a)    Buddhist
(b)    Jain          Ans
(c)    Parsi
(d)    Sikh

33.    In the parlance of economy/commerce, what is ‘Gilt-edged market’?
(a)    Gold and Silver market
(b)    Industrial securities market
(c)    Market for safe (such as Government)securities           Ans
(d)    Market for software technology/service products

34.    Which Five-Year Plan had an objective of “Rapid Industrialization with particular with particular emphasis on development of basic and heavy industries?”
(a)    First
(b)    Second          Ans
(c)    Third
(d)    Fourth

35.    Which country does not well known lawn tennis player Rafael Nadal belong to ?
(a)    Australia
(b)    Chile
(c)     Spain          Ans
(d)     Argentina

36.    Who ended up with the highest aggregate of runs in the One-day Cricket World Cup 2007 matches?
(a)    M Jayawardene
(b)    M Hayden          Ans
(c)    R. Ponting
(d)    H. Gibbs

37.    What is the installed power generation capacity (approximate) in India ?
(a)     60,000 MW
(b)     80, 000 MW
(c)     1,00, 000 MW
(d)     1, 30,000 MW          Ans

38.    Among the following States, which one has the largest area of production of tea ?
(a)    Assam          Ans
(b)    Kerala
(c)    Tamil Nadu
(d)    West Bengal

39.   For normal adult human beings, on daily requirement basis, which one among the following vitamins is required in highest quantity ?
(a)    Vitamin A
(b)    Vitamin B2          Ans
(c)    Vitamin B12
(d)    Vitamin C
40.  In Human liver, glucose is stored in the form of which one of the following ?
(a)    Galactose
(b)    Glucosamine
(c)    Glycogen          Ans
(d)    Glycolipid

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