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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited BSNL Technical Assistant Junior Telecom Officers written test examination question papers, BSNL recruitment examination free solved question papers,BSNL Sample Papers – 2 BSNL free solved sample placement papers

 BSNL electronics and electrical questions with answer

1. The output signals amplitudes for I’s and 0’s in an ADM transmission systems are

(A) Fixed and the repetition rate is also fixed

(B) Fixed but the repetition rate is variable

(C) Variable and the repetition rate is also variable

(D) Variable but the repetition rate is fixed (Ans)


2. Microwave link repeaters are typically 50km apart

(A) Because of atmospheric attenuation

(B) Because of Output tube power limitations

(C) Because of the earth’s curvature  (Ans)

(D) To ensure that the applied ac voltage is not excessive


3. The amplifier inserted at intervals to amplify the signal and compensate for transmission loss on the cable are called

(A) line amplifier

(B) equalizing amplifiers

(C) comparators

(D) repeaters (Ans)

 4. Diversity reception in used to

(A) increase receiver sensitivity

(B) improve receiver selectivity

(C) overcome degrading effect of fading (Ans)

(D) overcome degrading effect of receiver detuning

 5. Mark out transferred electron device in the following

(A) BARITT dived

(B) IMPATT dived

(C) Gunn dived  (Ans)

(D) step recovery diode

 6. In the output of a normal monochrome receiver video detector voltages, which are not found, are

(A) syne

(B) video

(C) sweep  (Ans)

(D) sound

 7. A transistor is operated as a non-saturated switch to eliminate

(A) storage time

(B) turn-off time  (Ans)

(C) turn-on time

(D) delay time

 8. Thyristor A has rated gate current of 2 A and thyristor B a rated gate current of 100 mA-

(A) A is a GTO and B is a conventional SCR   (Ans)

(B) B  is a GTO and A is a conventional SCR

(C) B may operate as a transistor

(D) none of the above

 9. Mark old the correct statement for Cycloconverters

(A) step-down Cycloconverter (CC) works on natural commutation   (Ans)

(B) step up CC requires no forced commutation

(C) load commutated CC works on line commutation

(D) none of the above

 10. Rotors used in a two-phase ac servomotor is

(A) solid iron motor

(B) squirrel cage rotor

(C) drag cup rotor

(D) both (B) and (C)   (Ans)

 11. Major advantage of TWT over a klystron lies in its

(A) higher bandwidth

(B) higher output

(C) higher frequency

(D) higher gain    (Ans)

 12. The Boolean expression for the shaded area in the given Venn diagram is

(A) AB + BC + CA    (Ans)

         _    _          _


(D) None of the options

 13. A lag compensator is basically a

(A) high pass filter

(B) band pass filter

(C) low pass filter

(D) band elimination filter     (Ans)

 14. In flowchart which figure represents process like subroutine







 15. The storage and retrieval of data on stacks should follow sequence

(A) last in first out      (Ans)

(B) first in first out

(C) random in random out

(D) none

 16. While executing program microprocessor checks INTR line clearing

(A) each instruction     (Ans)

(B) after interval of two instruction

(C) after a subroutine

(D) at the end of program

 17. In which error check technique of data communication 2’s complement of all bytes of data is transmitted with data

(A) Even parity

(B) odd parity

(C) check scans     (Ans)

(D) cyclic redundancy

 18. Program execution hierarchy decides which operator

(A) is most important

(B) is used first      (Ans)

(C) is fastest

(D) operators on largest number

 19. (375)10 = (—-)8

(A) 550

(B) 557

(C) 567     (Ans)

(D) 577

 20. To obtain 2048 * 8 memory using 128 * 8 memory chip how many IC required

(A) 2

(B) 4

(C) 8

(D) 16     (Ans)

 21. A Decimal number 17 can be converted in binary, the binary number will be

(A) 10001     (Ans)

(B) 01110

(C) 00111

(D) 11100

 22. Is the Universal logic gate


(B) OR

(C) NAND      (Ans)

(D) X-OR

 23. A monostable state in multivibrator means

(A) which returns itself to its single stable state      (Ans)

(B) the state used only once in circuit

(C) the state of circuit can not get changed

(D) the state of circuit always changing

 24. For designing binary counter which flip flop is preferred

(A) T FF


(C) D FF     (Ans)


 25. The HV anode supply for the picture tube of TV receiver is generated in the

(A) mains transformer

(B) vertical output stage

(C) horizontal output stage    (Ans)

(D) horizontal deflection oscillator

 26. The frequency range for satellite broad casting is

(A) 30 MHz – 300 MHz

(B) 30 MHz – 3 GHz

(C) 3 GHz – 30 GHz    (Ans)

(D) 30 GHz – 300 GHz

 27. Iris is used to

(A) Over come power loss

(B) Over come bending effect

(C) Over come mismatch error    (Ans)

(D) Over come twist effect

 28. In schotty barrier diode current flows because of

(A) Majority carriers

(B) Minority carriers     (Ans)

(C) Majority and minority carriers

(D) None

 29. Which antennas are used in microwave communication

(A) long wave antennas

(B) Rhombic antennas

(C) Paraboloidal antennas     (Ans)

(D) All of above

 30. Among translator and time of sight system capacity 

(A) Of translator is more     (Ans)

(B) Of line of sight is more

(C) Having equal capacity

(D) No relation such as

 31. No of T- state required for memory read or write operation

(A) 2

(B) 3    (Ans)

(C) 4

(D) 6

 32. In data transfer operation which flag get affected

(A) 3140 flog

(B) carry flog

(C) sign flog

(D) none     (Ans)

 33. Aswan Dam is located in

(A) Egypt    (Ans)

(B) Libya

(C) Sudan

(D) Iran

 34. Ghana Birds sanctuary is in the state of

(A) Rajasthan    (Ans)

(B) Madhya Pradesh

(C) Uttar Pradesh

(D) Maharashtra

 35. Dry ice is

(A) Frozen carbon monoxide   (Ans)

(B) Frozen carbon dioxide

(C) Frozen ammonia

(D) None of these

 36. East flower river of India is

(A) Cauvery   (Ans)

(B) Sone

(C) Narmada

(D) Tapti

 37. The total length of the great wall of China is

(A) 1,400 miles   (Ans)

(B) 1,500 miles

(C) 1,300 miles

(D) 1,400 miles

 38. Deficiency of vitamin C may result in

(A) beriberi

(B) night blindness

(C) dermatitis

(D) Scurvy    (Ans)

 39. Bharat Shah a film financier was granted bail by Supreme Court after a period of

(A) 11 months

(B) 2 years

(C) 18 months

(D) 15 months     (Ans)

 40. Indian local time is based on

(A) 800 E longitude

(B) 82 1/20 E longitude      (Ans)

(C) 1100 E longitude

(D) 250 E longitude

 41. The two days Shiv Shena Mahashivir of 2002 started at Shirdi on

(A) 9th April 2002      (Ans)

(B) 10th April 2002

(C) 8th April 2002

(D) 11th April 2002

 42. Which one is a good preservative of food ?

(A) Spirit

(B) Formaldehyde       (Ans)

(C) Sugar

(D) None of the above

 43. His handwriting was not —- so I could not read his note

(A) attractive

(B) eligible

(C) clear

(D) legible       (Ans)

 44. They started to —- people into the theatre only at six

(A) enter

(B) admit       (Ans)

(C) follow

(D) accept

 45. I told him to buy things that are lasting (Give the appropriate synonym of the underlined word).

(A) ending

(B) ordinary

(C) durable       (Ans)

(D) cheap

 46. Give the word which is most opposite in meaning of the word ‘evident’

(A) doubtful       (Ans)

(B) unimportant

(C) disagreed

(D) understood

 47. I expressed by disagreement — him on that issue

(A) between

(B) with       (Ans)

(C) about

(D) for

 48. ‘Sugarbowl’ of the world is

(A) India

(B) Cuba       (Ans)

(C) Brazil


 49. Palk strait separates

(A) India and Srilanka       (Ans)

(B) India and Burma

(C) Britain and France

(D) Malaysia and Sumatra

 50. The minimum number of atoms in a molecule of an element are

(A) 1      (Ans)

(B) 5

(C) 2

(D) 10

 51. Tides in the sea are caused by

(A) Effect of sun

(B) Effect of moon

(C) Combined effect of moon and sun       (Ans)

(D) Gravitational, centrifugal and centripetal forces


52. The Bar Council of India decided to close over law colleges across the country for their failure to maintain minimum teaching standard.  There number is

(A) 140

(B) 200

(C) 150

(D) 100      (Ans)

53. When a four terminal T network is inserted between a source and load resistance as shown in figure then the resistance seen by the source remain the same with or without the four terminal block when R is


(A) 5 Ω

(B) 10 Ω

(C) 15 Ω      (Ans)

(D) 20 Ω

 54.  The output Y of the circuit in the given Fig. is


(A) (A + B) C + DE   (Ans)

(B) AB + C (D + E)

(C) (A + B) C + D + E

(D) (AB + C) . DE


55. See the circuit shown and choose the correct option

(A) Only red will glow  (Ans)

(B) Only green will glow

(C) Both red and green will glow

(D) Neither red nor green will glow

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