FCAT Air Force Common Admission Test

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Direction (Q.1-5) (i) In this section a number of sentences are given. The sentences are marked in three separate parts and each one is labelled a, b and c. Read each sentence to find out whether there is an error in any marked part. No sentence has more than one error. When you find an error in any one of the marked parts a, b or c indicate your response on the separate Answer Sheet at the appropriate space. You may feel that there is no error in a sentence. In that case letter d will signify a ‘No error’ response. (ii) You have to indicate only one response for each item in your Answer Sheet (If you indicate more than one response, Your answer will be considered wrong) Errors may be in grammar, word usage or idioms. There may be a word missing or there may be a word which should be removed. (iii) You are not required to correct the error. You are required only to indicate your response on the answer sheet.

1.    You are welcome to join us for dinner(a),/as such it is(b) /we are only having soup and bread (c)/No error (d)
Ans : b
2.    The entire locality(a)/ has been effected by (b)/the new motor way(c)/No error(d).
Ans : b
3.    The rock star turned his back(a)/ at his family(b) /when he became famous (c)/ No error (d).
Ans : b
4.    Neelam wanted to be actress, (a)/but her father soon(b)/nipped that idea in the bud(c)/No error(d).
Ans : a
5.    The team’s captain lobbed(a)/the ball over her opponent’s head(c)/to the back of the court(c)/No error(d).
Ans : d

Direction (Q.6-9) In each of the following items, a related pair of words is followed by four pairs of words . Select the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair.
(a)    Spread : Gossip
(b)    Broach : Topic
(c)    Quash : Riot            Ans
(d)    Restrain : Effusive

(a)   Distract : Attention
(b)   Mute : Sound           Ans
(c)   Decrepit : Demolition
(d)   Reverse : Direction

(a)   Contented : Happiness
(b)   Apologetic : Deny
(c)   Marathon : Stamina
(d)   Emaciated : Nourishment           Ans

(a)   Intolerable : Defect
(b)   Invulnerable : Emotion
(C)   Irreversible : Cure
(d)   Impeccable : Flaw          Ans

Direction (Q.10-19) In the following items, some parts of the sentence have been jumbled up. You are required to rearrange these parts which are labelled P, q, R and S to produce the correct sentence. Choose the proper sequence in each case.
10.    With rise
P : like Bangladesh would experience severe flooding and erosion of land
Q : in sea levels now
R : island countries like the Maldives and low-lying coastal countries
S : an  unequivocal cetainly
Which one of the following is the correct sequence ?
(a)    QPRS
(b)    RSQP
(c)    QSRP          Ans
(d)    RPQS

11.    In medicine
P : Mind, emotions, social environment and spirit
Q : often ignored a holistic perspective, that is the body’s interaction with
R : the emphasis has tended
S : to focus on the human body, but it has
Which one of the following is the correct sequence ?
(a)    QPSR
(b)    RSQP          Ans
(c)    RPSQ
(d)    QSPR

12.    Climatologists are
P :  the earth as a whole is becoming warmer
Q :  Antarctica would seem to be bucking the trend
R :  and largely due to increased human activity and yet as a continent
S : however, unanimous in their opinion that regional variations not with standing
Which one of the following is the correct sequence ?
(a)     RPSQ
(b)     SQRP
(c)     RQSP
(d)     SPRQ          Ans

13.    Although
P  :  there is contradictory evidence about
Q  :  whether long – term drinking has permanent effects
R  :  extreme alcohol consumption kills brain cells
S  :  on congnitive abilities such as reasoning and memory
Which one of the following is the correct sequence ?
(a)    RPQS            Ans
(b)   SQPR
(c)    RQPS
(d)    SPQR

14.    In a globalised world
P  :  to re-examine the definition of ‘self-sufficiency’
Q  :  we need to be confident enough
R  :  and ensure it has not become another word for poor use of available resources
S  :  where India has emerged as a major economic player
Which one of the following is the correct sequence ?
(a)    SRPQ
(b)    PQSR
(c)    SQPR          Ans
(d)    PRSQ

15.    At first sight
P  :  is as firmly entrenched in our system
Q  :  it looks as though Panchayati Raj
R  :  the lower layer of federalism in our policy
S  :  as is the older and higher layer comprising the Union Government and the States
Which one of the following is the correct sequence ?
(a)    PSQR
(b)    QRPS          Ans
(c)    PRQS
(d)    QSPR

16.    The psychology of
P  :  allowing us to experience other worlds
Q  :  is a bit like play – acting
R  :  reading for pleasure, scholars point out
S  :  and roles in our imagination
Which one of the following is the correct sequence ?
(a)    PQRS
(b)    RSPQ
(c)    PSRQ
(d)    RQPS          Ans

17.    Whenever I have been to India
P  :  of those they replace, and perform at a high level
Q  :  seamlessly move into the places
R  :  bench both strong and ready so that players
S  :  people have asked me how the Australian cricket keeps its
Which one of the following is the correct sequence ?
(a)    PQRS
(b)    SRQP          Ans
(c)    PRQS
(d)    SQRP

18.   When you add
P  :  your equation with him will change forever
Q  :  and your approach in dealing
R  :  the elements of respect to the relationship with your child
S  :  with your child will mature and become positive
Which one of the following is the correct sequence ?
(a)    RSQP
(b)    QPRS
(c)    RPQS          Ans
(d)    QSRP

19.    As in India
P  :  press freedom once it begins to roll
Q  :  would find it difficult to halt the juggernaut
R  :  when satellite TV spawned a whole genre of 24 hour news channels
S  :  those in power in the Arab countries
Which one of the following is the correct sequence ?
(a)    QSRP
(b)    RPQS
(c)    QPRS
(d)    RSQP          Ans

Direction (Q.20-29) Each of the following 10 items consists of a word in capital letters. followed by four words or groups of words. Select the word or group of words that is furthest in meaning to the word in capital letters.
20.    DOUGHTY
(a)     Timid            Ans
(b)    Honest
(c)    Scheming
(d)    Suspicious

(a)    Wicked
(b)    Unique
(c)     Friendly           Ans
(d)    Emulation

(a)    Emergent
(b)    Surfeit          Ans
(c)    Hard working
(d)    Extrovert

23.    HERMIT
(a)    Gregarious          Ans
(b)    Courageous
(c)    Obnoxious
(d)    Temperate

(a)     To feel insecure
(b)     Changeable
(c)     Vain
(d)     Trivial          Ans

(a)    Lack of ambition
(b)    Eagerness
(c)    Promptness
(d)    Politeness           Ans

26.    REMISS
(a)    Costly
(b)    Weird
(c)    Careful          Ans
(d)    Fresh

(a)    Arrogance           Ans
(b)    Congratulation
(c)    Reimbursement
(d)    Flattery

(a)    Futuristic
(b)    Thrifty          Ans
(c)    Fashionable
(d)    Foolish

(a)    Exit
(b)    Resolve
(c)    Qualification
(d)    Disinclination          Ans

Direction (Q.30-39) In the following items, each passage consists of six sentences. The first sentence S1 and the final sentence S6 are given in the beginning. The middle four sentences in each have been jumbled up. These are labelled P, Q, R and S. you are required to find out the proper sequence of the four sentences and mark accordingly on the answer sheet.
30.    S1  : There is new factor operative in ‘the world of knowledge’ today.
S6  :  What students should be taught is the habit to apply intelligence to new and emerging problems .
P   :  Till recently teachers taught more or less the same things as they had learnt as students but today the scenario is changing.
Q   :  It is not enough to make students memorise a certain amount of knowledge
R   :  Knowledge is changing much faster today than ever before.
S   :  A teacher is, therefore, unfit to teach unless he has the capacity to acquire and gain the latest trends in education
The correct sequence is
(a)    QPSR
(b)    RSPQ
(c)    QSPR
(d)    RPSQ          Ans

31.    S1  : In today’s world, globalization is considered to be a measure by which the economic ills of a country can be solved.
S6 : Through globalisation and privatisation, the Indian economy will be in a position to become stable and progressive.
P  :  Globalisation demands excellent quality of goods and services
Q  : Through globalisation the world has shrunk into a village
R  :  Privatisation is the only answer to the ills confronting Indian economy
S  :  The impact of happenings in one place can be felt in far off places as well.
The correct sequence is
(a)    QRPS
(b)    PSQR
(c)    QSPR          Ans
(d)    PRQS

32.     S1 :  If one does not known how to obey, he can never learn to command
S6  : Even the most uncivilised people obey their chief
P   :  Without obedience there can be no happiness, no peace, no order in a family, a college, an organisation or a state
Q   :  Hence, obedience is the first and foremost thing so long as the world continues to be civilised.
R   :   At home, it is the parent, at play it is the Captain, in the college, the teacher, in the meeting the chairman and so on.
S  :   Some one must be appointed or elected to rule and others must obey him.
The correct sequence is
(a)    SQPR
(b)    PRSQ
(c)    SRPQ          Ans
(d)    PQSR

33.    S1  :  India entered the new millenium as a nation transformed
S6  :  Who knows we may even get a nationally acceptable common minimum programme.
P   :   Today, the Centre is ruled by a coalition of over a dozen parties
Q   :   Caste and communal leaders have made it their virtue to share the spoils of power.
R   :    And the politics of power -sharing is here to stay, where the abiding principle will be consensus and not confrontation
S   :    In Politics, the idea of cohabitation has become an inevitability
The correct sequence is
(a)    RPQS
(b)    SQPR
(c)    RQPS
(d)    SPQR          Ans

34.    S1 : A direct consequence of the new freedom for the Indian entrepreneur is diversification of the economy, which has ushered in more economic activities.
S6 : A direct beneficiary of this has been the consumer, who calls the shots always and everywhere.
P  :  Corporate are always on their toes trying to stay ahead of competition
Q  :  Particular sectors in the economy too have become more competitive
R  :  This has created more employment opportunities for the citizens
S  :  The established players no longer take success for granted, as it used to be the case prior to liberalisation
The correct sequence is
(a)    RQSP
(b)    PSQR          Ans
(c)    RSQP
(d)    PQSR

35.    S1 :   What is a festival season for men is a dreaded torture time for elephants?
S6 :  Realising that the culprit in most cases is man, the government recently passed a comprehensive legislation to protect the elephant
P  :  At the festivals, they are made to stand for more than 10 hours in scorching heat.
Q  :  Deafening crackers and excessive heat from oil torches at the festivals add to its misery
R  :  This year the elephant’s plight has been aggravated by unusually high levels of temperatures which have touched 40 degree already
S : Once the season begins, these elephants are made to travel from one festival to another, miles apart, often on foot over hot bitumen roads and without sufficient rest and food
The correct sequence is
(a)    RPSQ
(b)    SQRP
(c)    RQSP
(d)    SPRQ          Ans

36.    S1  :  Death penalty cannot be said to function as an effective deterrent to crime.
S6  :  The possibility of an error in judgment cannot be ruled out and therefore, the court may have on its conscience the blood of an innocent man
P   :  As one eminent jurist admitted, our methods of investigation are crude and archaic, and our convictions are based on the oral evidence of witnesses
Q  :  A most telling fact that is often ignored in our country is that the fear of hanging does not deter they would be murderers
R  :  Many of the advanced countries have done away with capital punishment
S  :  Besides, we also must be aware of the danger of sending innocent people to gallows.
The correct sequence is
(a)    SPRQ
(b)    RQSP
(c)    SQRP          Ans
(d)    RPSQ

37.    S1  :  In ancient times, people thought that their gods lived on the tops of mountains
S6 :  Some people even believed that killing a bird was an act against the Gods and would bring bad luck
P  :  Naturally, they thought that birds were messengers from the Gods.
Q  :  There were many beliefs about how to treat birds
R :   They, therefore, believed that anything above them was nearer to their  Gods than they.
S  :   People also believed that birds carried their souls to the gods when they die
The correct sequence is
(a)    QPSR
(b)    RSPQ          Ans
(c)    QSPR
(d)    RPSQ

38.   S1 : Yeast is one of nature’s most perfect foods, since it contains more nutrients than those of any other food.
S6 : That’s all in the past now
P  :  But how many people like the taste of liver or wheat germ ?
Q  : Vitamins, Cholines, inositols, proteins, amino acids-yeast has them all
R  :  For that matter, yeast has abitter taste, and not may people relish eating it
S : Indisputably, liver and wheat germ are a prime source of proteins and vitamins
The correct sequence is
(a)    RPSQ
(b)    QSPR          Ans
(c)    RSPQ
(d)    QPSR

39.   S1 : The South American continent, as at present is largely underdeveloped
S6 : Yet this republic is like a crippled giant because its productive powers are limited by the poor health of most of its people
P : But much of the continent is still shackled with a load of ill-health that keeps it travelling in the bottom gear, whereas it might be among the most prosperous areas in the world.
Q : Its resources of wealth are undoubtedly enormous
R : It has great resources of every kind and is beginning to be active in exploring them and developing them
S : Brazil,  a republic in South America is about the same size as The United States
The correct sequence is
(a)    QPSR          Ans
(b)    SRQP
(c)    QRSP
(d)    SPQR

Direction (Q. 40-49) Each of the following 10 items consists of a word in capital letters, followed by four words or groups of words. Select the word or group of words that is most similar in meaning to the word in capital letters.
(a)   Weapon
(b)  Truce          Ans
(c)   Cleverness
(d)   Enmity

(a)    Fame
(b)    Arrogance          Ans
(c)    Vacuum
(d)    Impenetrability

(a)    Affluent
(b)    Outrageous          Ans
(c)    Redundant
(d)    Expensive

43.    DISPORT
(a)    To be wasteful
(b)    To get rid of
(c)    To brag
(d)    To amuse          Ans

(a)    A budding film actor
(b)    A contagious disease
(c)    Mutually          Ans
(d)    Intermixed

(a)    Deceased
(b)    Evil
(c)    Characterized by deterioration           Ans
(d)    Adjunct

46.    IMMURE
(a)    To sink
(b)    To enclose within walls              Ans
(c)    To deny
(d)    To oppose

(a)    Overfussiness
(b)    Good taste
(c)    Purest part           Ans
(d)    Vanity

(a)    Wicked
(b)    Satirist
(c)    Relating  to dress           Ans
(d)    Favourable

49.    RIPOSTE
(a)    Injury
(b)    Repartee          Ans
(c)    New shape
(d)    Strength

Direction(Q.50-60) In this section you have three short passages. After each passage, you will find several questions based on the passage. First, read Passage-I, and then answer the questions based on it. You are required to select your answers based on the contents of the passage and opinion of the author only

When Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev signed thier nuclear arms control treaty in Washigton in December 1987, more than 1000 million people in 100 countries, including Russia, witnessed the historic event live, Relaying the TV broadcast were distant satellites in orbit above the earth with satellites, we have come to expect instantaneous news transmission from around the world. Like superman, today’s satellites possess amazing powers. They not only fly faster than a speeding bullet, but also peer through clouds and even under the ground. They track migrating animals, shuffle and sort billions of numbers and relay their information tirelessly, night and day over a life span averaging eight years, from hundreds and even thousands of kilometers overhead.
50.    TV broadcast
(a)    did not relay the programme of Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev signing the arms control treaty.
(b)    relayed the programme but that could be watched only in a hand full of countries
(c)    pertaining to the arms treaty was watched by more than a billion of people of many countries           Ans
(d)    regarding the arms treaty control was relayed only in the Russia

51.    The author compares the satellites with
(a)      an animal
(b)     a planet
(c)      the earth
(d)     an all powerful man          Ans

52.    One of the functions of satellites is to
(a)     eliminate the dangerous animals
(b)     organise multitudes  of numbers          Ans
(c)      transmit information only during day
(d)     help in fighting global warming

The memory can be improved. it can be improved vastly and by anyone with normal intelligence. Moreover the methods by which it can be cultivated are all based on practical commonsense. Every experience in life makes an impression through one or more of the sense on the brain or other nerve centres. The problem of memory improvement is to emphasise these impressions and to file them away in such an orderly manner that many will remain intact and stay put. The clearer and neater your mental storehouse, the easier it will be to remember.

53.    Memory is something which
(a)     is hereditary
(b)    is rate
(c)    is natural
(d)    can be improved          Ans

54.    Every experience in life makes an impression on
(a)     the senses
(b)    the brain          Ans
(c)    the spinal chord
(d)    both the brain and the spinal chord

55.    Mental clarity and neatness
(a)     improve memory            Ans
(b)     have no effect on memory
(c)     are impossible to attain
(d)     result in confusion

56.    Memory is best cultivated by methods based on
(a)     magic
(b)     practical common sense          Ans
(c)      practice
(d)     hypontism

Passage III
Television might be abused and then it may warp the minds of its viewers, especially those young ones who are suggestible and sensitive to every kind of impression. But if it is properly used, it may lead to the enhancement of human life itself. We should try, by means of this great mode of communication, which has such an instant impact on the minds of people who view it, to enable them to cast off supersition, to emancipate their minds from any kind of narrowness and combat every kid of false idea which has taken lodgement in the minds of the people. It is therefore, a great means of education. We should use it for that purpose and it is my earnest hope that the television will be employed for the good purpose of improving the qualify of our men and women and not for making them shoddy and couch-potatoes.
We should use documentaries, short plays, films, abridgments of classics, so that what the students do not get in schools and colleges might be provided for them when they view the television. That is what is necessary. I think, under proper management, it may be regarded as one of the most efficacious modes of mass communication. You have there sight, bearing, pictures, music all these thighs mixed together.

57.    According to the passage, the abuse of television might
(a)     change the eating habits of people
(b)    disturb the minds of the viewers          Ans
(c)    not make a vital impact on the minds of the viewers
(d)    have a detriment effect on national pride

58.   According to the passage, the proper use of television enables the viewers
(a)    to entertain themselves
(b)    to make themselves
(c)    to rise above archaic prejudices            Ans
(d)    to believe in supersitions, narrowness, etc.

59.   The writer calls television as great means of education, because
(a)    it displays various educational programmes
(b)    it teaches viewers to fight many personal and social evils          Ans
(c)    it offers lessons as in a class-room
(d)    it performs the function of a teacher

60.     According to the writer, television should be used as
(a)    to complement to formal education           Ans
(b)    a medium for medical care
(c)    a medium or comprehending international relations
(d)    an aid to improve etiquettes

61.   Consider the following statements
I.    In a Multi-Point Fuel Injection (MPFI) petrol passenger car, the number of carburetors is equal to the number of cylinders
II.   Octane number determines the characteristic of diesel fuel.
Characteristic of diesel fuel. Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?
(a)    I only
(b)    II only
(c)    Both I and II           Ans
(d)    Neither I nor II

62.    A block of the earth’s crust that has remained in position while the ground around it has subsides is known as
(a)    horst          Ans
(b)    plain
(c)    plateau
(d)    young folded mountain

63.    At the summer solstice, which one of the following latitudes will have the longest night ?
(a)    45o N
(b)    45o S          Ans
(c)    55o N
(d)    66o S

64.    The removal of rock, layer by layer due to weathering is called
(a)    block disintegration
(b)    deflation          Ans
(c)    exfoliation
(d)    granular disintegration

65.    Which one of the following is measured by a stroboscope ?
(a)    Temperature
(b)    Pressure
(c)    Frequency           Ans
(d)    Torque

66.    Which one of the following Acts abolished the monopoly of the trade of East India Company in India ?
(a)    Regulating Act, 1773
(b)    Pitt’s India Act, 1784           Ans
(c)    Charter Act, 1813
(d)    Charter Act, 1853

67.    Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the Lists
   List I                        List II
(Oil refinery)                   (State)

I. Koyali                            A. Andhra Pradesh
II.  Narimanam                    B. Assam
III. Numaligarh                    C. Gujarat
IV. Tatipaka                       D. Tamilnadu
Codes :
(a)     I-A, II-D, III-B, IV-C
(b)    I-A, II-B, III-D, IV-C
(c)    I-C, II-B, III-D, IV-A
(d)    I-C, II-D, III-B, IV-A          Ans

68.    Among the following regions of India, which one receive the highest average monsoon rainfall from June to September ?
(a)    Gangetic West Bengal               Ans
(b)    Eastern Uttar Pradesh
(c)    Western Uttar Pradesh
(d)    Panjab

69.    The monkey ‘Lion-tailed Macaque’ is naturally found in which one of the following areas of India ?
(a)    Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh
(b)    Semi-arid regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan
(c)    Shivalik hills of Northern India          Ans
(d)    Western Ghats of Karnataka and Kerala

70.    In which of the following types of forests, is the teak a dominant tree species ?
(a)     Tropical rain forest
(b)     Tropical deciduous forest           Ans
(c)     Tropical thorn and scrub forests
(d)    Temperature forest with-grasslands

71.    Among the following plants, which one is not an annual plant ?
(a)    Carrot
(b)    Pea          Ans
(c)    Mustard
(d)    Sunflower

72.    Consider the following statements
I. In prokaryotic cells, cell membrance bears the respiratory enzymes
II. In prokaryotic cells, DNA is circular and enveloped by a protein coat
Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?
(a)    I only
(b)    II only
(c)    Both I and II
(d)    Neither I nor II          Ans

73.    Which one of the following kinds of bonds link the two strands of DNA molecule at specific complementary bases ?
(a)    Glycosidic bonds
(b)    Hydrogen bonds
(c)    Peptide bonds          Ans
(d)    Phosphodiester bonds

74.    Which one of the following is the egg laying mammal
(a)    Loris
(b)    Scaly ant eater
(c)    Armadillo
(d)    Duck – billed platypus          Ans

75.    Who among the following put forward the “Theory of Inheritance of Acquired Characters”?
(a)     August Weismann
(b)    Charles Darwin
(c)    Hugo de Vries
(d)    Jean Baptiste Lamarck           Ans

76.    Consider the following plants
I. Cashew nut
II. Cycas
III. Date palm
IV . Pinus
Which of the above is/are flowering plants ?
(a)     I, II and II only
(b)    II and II only
(c)    II, III and IV
(d)    I only           Ans

77.   Consider the following animals
I.   Seals
II.  Dolphins
III. Whales
Which of the above are mammals ?
(a)     I and II only
(b)    II and III only
(c)    I and III only
(d)    I, II and III          Ans

78.    Size of mitochondria is
(a)    5-15 μ
(b)    1-10 μ          Ans
(c)    50-150 μ
(d)    75-400 μ

79.    80 S ribosome have suburits of
(a)    70 S + 10 S
(b)    50 S + 30 S
(c)    60 S + 40 S          Ans
(d)    60 S + 20 S

80.    Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists
List I                            List II
I.   Dengue                     (a)   Fungus
II.    Malaria                      (b)   Mite
III.    Ringworm                  (c)   Protozoa
IV.    Scabies                      (d)  Virus
Codes :
(a)    I-B, II-A, III-C, IV-D
(b)    I-B, II-C, III-A, IV-D
(c)    I-D, II-C, III-A, IV-B          Ans
(d)    I-D, II-A, III-C, IV-B

81.    Who among the following was awarded the 2006 Ramon Magsaysay Award in the “Emergent Leadership” category ?
(a)    S. N. Subha Rao
(b)    Rani Abhay Bang
(c)    Hema Bharali
(d)    Arvind Kejriwal          Ans

82.    Recently, Srinivas S.R. Varadhan was awarded the prestigious Abel Prize for his contribution to which one of the following subjects ?
(a)    Chemistry
(b)    Mathematics          Ans
(c)    Nuclear Physics
(d)    Space Technology

83.    Recently, who among the following was awarded the Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding for 2005 ?
(a)    Kofi Annan
(b)    Mahinda Rajapakshe
(c)    Orhan Pamuk
(d)    Wangari Muta Maathai           Ans

84.    Where is the headquarters of the Mineral Exploration Corporation Ltd.,
(a)    Mumbai
(b)    Nagpur          Ans
(c)    Vadodara
(d)    Visakhapatnam

85.    Consider the following statements
I. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reports annually to the General Assembly of the UN
II. The International Centre for Theoretical physics is operated jointly by UNESCO and IAEA.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?
(a)    I only
(b)    II only
(c)    Both I and II          Ans
(d)    Neither I nor II

86.    In which one of the following States is the National Thermal Power Corporation implementing its first hydroelectric power project ?
(a)    Arunachal Pradesh
(b)    Himachal Pradesh
(c)    Jammu and Kashmir
(d)    Uttarkhand           Ans

87.    Which of the following are covered under the fundamental rights in the constitution of India ?
I. Prohibition of traffic in human beings and forced labour
II. Prohibition of employment of children in factories
III. Freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion.
Select the correct answer using the codes given below ;
(a)    I, II and III
(b)    I and II only
(c)    II and III only
(d)    I and II only           Ans

88.    As per the Constitution of India, how many members are represented by the Union Territories in the Lok Sabha ?
(a)    18
(b)    20          Ans
(c)    22
(d)    24

89.   Which one of the following theories was used by Karl Marx to explain the process of class struggle ?
(a)    Liberalism
(b)    Dialectical materialism           Ans
(c)    Existentialism
(d)    Darwin’s theory of Evolution

90.    During the reign of which of the following dynasties did kalidash flourish ?
(a)    Mauryas
(b)    Sungas
(c)    Guptas          Ans
(d)    Vardhanas

91.    As per Census 2001, among the following Hill States of  India, which one has the highest literacy rate ?
(a)    Arunachal Pradesh
(b)    Himachal Pradesh              Ans
(c)    Sikkim
(d)    Uttarakhand (Uttaranchal)

92.    As per the Government of India, which one of the following is not a notified minority community ?
(a)    Buddhist
(b)    Jain          Ans
(c)    Parsi
(d)    Sikh

93.    In the parlance of economy/commerce, what is ‘Gilt-edged market’?
(a)    Gold and Silver market
(b)    Industrial securities market
(c)    Market for safe (such as Government)securities           Ans
(d)    Market for software technology/service products

94.    Which Five-Year Plan had an objective of “Rapid Industrialization with particular with particular emphasis on development of basic and heavy industries?”
(a)    First
(b)    Second          Ans
(c)    Third
(d)    Fourth

95.    Which country does not well known lawn tennis player Rafael Nadal belong to ?
(a)    Australia
(b)    Chile
(c)     Spain          Ans
(d)     Argentina

96.    Who ended up with the highest aggregate of runs in the One-day Cricket World Cup 2007 matches?
(a)    M Jayawardene
(b)    M Hayden          Ans
(c)    R. Ponting
(d)    H. Gibbs

97.    What is the installed power generation capacity (approximate) in India ?
(a)     60,000 MW
(b)     80, 000 MW
(c)     1,00, 000 MW
(d)     1, 30,000 MW          Ans

98.    Among the following States, which one has the largest area of production of tea ?
(a)    Assam          Ans
(b)    Kerala
(c)    Tamil Nadu
(d)    West Bengal

99.   For normal adult human beings, on daily requirement basis, which one among the following vitamins is required in highest quantity ?
(a)    Vitamin A
(b)    Vitamin B2          Ans
(c)    Vitamin B12
(d)    Vitamin C
100.  In Human liver, glucose is stored in the form of which one of the following ?
(a)    Galactose
(b)    Glucosamine
(c)    Glycogen          Ans
(d)    Glycolipid

101.  Rust and Smut, two common diseases of cereal crops are caused by which one of the following kinds of organisms ?
(a)    Algae
(b)    Bacteria
(c)    Fungi          Ans
(d)    Virus

102.  What are Corals ?
(a)     Annelids
(b)    Coelenterates
(c)     Echinoderms
(d)    Molluscs           Ans

103.  Who among the following historical personalities of India is also known as Vishnugupta ?
(a)     Bilhana
(b)    Kalidasa
(c)    Patanjali
(d)    Chanakya          Ans

104.  Who wrote the book Golden Threshold ?
(a)     S. Radhakrishnan
(b)     Sarojini Naidu          Ans
(c)     Jawaharlal Nehru
(d)     K.P.S Menon

105.  Who among the following started the Home Rule Movement during India’s freedom struggle ?
(a)     Annie Besant and Bal Gangadhar Tilak            Ans
(b)    Annie Besant and Gopal Krishan Gokhale
(c)    Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Lala Lajpat Rai
(d)    Gopal Krishan Gokhale and Lala Lajpat Rai

106.    Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists
   List – I                                         List – II
(Publication)                                   (Person)

I.    Vandemataram                               A. Annie Besant
II.    Common Weal                               B. Bhupendranath Dutta
III.    The pupil                                       C. Bipin Chandra Pal
IV.   Yougantar                                      D. Lala Lajpat Rai
Codes :
(a)    I-B, II-D, III-A, IV-C
(b)    I-C, II-A, III-D, IV-B          Ans
(c)    I-B, II-A, III-D, IV-C
(d)    I-C, II-D, III-A, IV-B

107.  Which one of the periods marks the beginning of the Indian temple architecture ?
(a)     Nanda
(b)     Maurya
(c)     Sunga
(d)    Gupta           Ans

108.  Which one of the following was the purpose of the Bhure Lal Panel appointed by the Supreme Court ?
(a)    To study the issue of pesticides in soft drinks          Ans
(b)    To set norms for the composition of CNG
(c)    To devise methods for the protection of ancient monuments from pollution
(d)    To suggest guidelines for the promotion of bio-diesel production in the country

109.   Consider the following statements
I.  In Hindu marriage, sapinda means that person of five generation on the father’s side and seven generation on mother’s side cannot inter-marry.
II. In Hindu society, gotra refers to a group of families which trace their origin from a common mythological ancestor.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?
(a)      I only
(b)     II only
(c)    Both I and II           Ans
(d)    Neither I nor II

110.  Who is the author of the book The Argumentative Indian ?
(a)     Amartya Sen              Ans
(b)    Amitav Ghosh
(c)    Kiran Desai
(d)    Shashi Tharoor

111.  Who is also known as Nigantha Nataputta ?
(a)    Gautama Buddha
(b)    Nagarjuna
(c)    Shankaracharya
(d)    Vardhamana Mahavira           Ans

112.    Which of the following pairs is/are correctly matched
   Dance                State
I. Garia                    Manipur
II. Jhummar             Rajasthan
III. Mukna                Tripura
Select the correct answer using the code given below
(a)    I and II
(b)    II only          Ans
(c)    III only
(d)    II and III

113.   In the given map, the marked area represents which one of the following natural vegetations ?

(a)    Tropical wet-evergreen forest           Ans
(b)    Tropical semi-evergreen forest
(c)    Tropical deciduous forest
(d)    Thorn forest

114.  In the given map, locations of four rivers ie., A, Chenab, B.; Jhelum, C.Ravi and D. Satluj are marked with numbers 1,2,3 and 4. Match the rivers with their locations and select the correct answer using the code given below ?

(a)    I-B, II-C, III-A, IV-D
(b)    I-B, II-A, III-C, IV-D          Ans
(c)    I-D, II-C, III-A, IV-B
(d)    I-D, II-A, III-C, IV-B

115.    Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the code given below the Lists
   List-I                                        List-II
(Town)                            (Major Industry)

I.  Ferozabad                              A. Cement
II.   Karimnagar                             B.  Fertilizer
III.   Porbandar                              C.  Glass
IV.   Talcher                                   D.  Soda ash
Codes :
(a)    I-B, II-D, III-A, IV-C
(b)    I-C, II-D, III-A, IV-B          Ans
(c)    I-B, II-A, III-D, IV-C
(d)    I-C, II-A, III-D, IV-B

116.  Based on the international definition, a visibility from 2 to 5 km refers to which one of  the following ?
(a)    Glaze
(b)    Fog          Ans
(c)    Haze
(d)    Mist

117.  Consider the following statements
I. The bauxite deposits in India are confined to Bihar and Gujarat
II. In Rajasthan, the mines of manganese are found at Banswara and Udaipur, Which of the statements given below is/are correct ?
(a)    I only
(b)    II only          Ans
(c)    Both I and II
(d)    Neither I nor II

118.    Consider the following statements
I. Carbon dioxide is released from the interior of the earth during volcanic eruption.
II. Carbon dioxide corrodes the metal surfaces. Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?
(a)    I only
(b)    II only
(c)    Both I and II          Ans
(d)    Neither I nor II

119.  With which one of the following, does the river sone merge ?
(a)    Ganga          Ans
(b)    Mahandadi
(c)    Narmada
(d)    Yamuna

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