Indian-Airforce Placement-Paper

Aptitude Non-IT Company Practice Paper

Hi Friends,

I had applied for IAF in the category 129 GDOC/7SSC Men.Conducted twice in a year. The Written test comprises of non-technical stuffs.Those include GK, current Affairs , Basic English Grammar(like Error in a sentence , Jumbled Sentence, Phrases etc). These would, Letter Writing(Formal/Informal), Essay Writing.
The basic Prelims are very easy and most of them Clear this. To be strong in this category i suggest you to read newspaper regularly.
Get the Book “SSB Interviews” by ArihANT Publication, it’s GOOD, short and in A Nut Shell…

I cleared the Prelims and was asked to attend the SSB @ 2AFSB Mysore.You’ll be received by SNCO’s from Mysore Railway STN. Immediately after you reach , there will be another prelims which is also an Elimination, so don’t take it easy.In this test you’ll be asked more about Logical reasoning.For Example( Find the other part of CUBE). There were more questions based on CUBE, others included simple Grammar.THere’ll be 40 questions to be answered in just
17 mins. Be quick, the time is short. You’ll be given 2 question papers and asked to solve one after the other.

After this there’s another test known as PP & DT(Picture Perception and Description Test). You’ll be shown a Blurred black and White Photo/Picture.You’ll be given 10 Secs.
Character in the picture include +ve/-ve/Neutral. Try to think Positive, the Psychologist is an Expert.
All the candidates will be issued with respective Chest Numbers before the PP & DT test.You’ll be split into a group of 10-12.After the PP & DT test,the split batches will be send for Discussion Test, similar to GD, don’t argue or Dominate, just give your point of Opinion or Views.
The Results were announced . There were around 200 candidates, out of which 45 were shortlisted ,i was lucky to be among those 45. Other candidates were asked to leave and collect their TA.

Our Selection officer was Wg CMdr Xxx, he was enthusiastic, commanding and Sound.New Chest numbers were issued, Note that you’ll be called only by your Chest Numbers.

Same Day(Day 1) :
The 2nd Stage Included “Officer Intelligent Test”. These tests include :

1.Picture Story Writing(TAT,Thematic Appreciation Test).
Describe the story simple and short. Always be a HERO and think Positive. Time Is SHort. 12 Slides, 10 secs for display 10 mins to write the story. 12th slide is always a blank Slide,
prepare in advance.

2.WAT(Word Association Test):
60 words, 10 sec to write. Positive approach for every word.( Eg, NOISE: “Listen to soft music,relaxed mind”,DIshonest :”Honesty always wins”.)

3.SRT(Situation Reaction Test):
60 to be completed in 30 mins, the time is less ,try completing most, @ least above 50. The reactions to be simple and straight. Don’t complicate and waste time.

4.Self Appraisal TEst.
Self Opinion , Parent’s Opinion About You ,Teacher’s Opinion About You, Friends Opinion About You ,Enemy’s Opinion About You. Just explain what you are, don’t write essays, write legible in just few paragraphs.

All we guys enjoyed, got new frnds from different parts of the country. Guys you need to wake up early, 0530 hrs.There are speakers in All the rooms, also a mike 2 way.
Breakfast timing is between 0600- 0700 hrs, 0710 hrs is always the reporting time.Be punctual and do not delay.

Day 2:
I had my SSB interview by an Officer, he was Wg Cdr YYY. Gentle and smart. I was asked some personal questions regarding my family, i answered courageously to the point. Keep
in mind , speak only things that are relevant and confident about. This officer is also going to check if you have the right personality that you had mentioned in the Self Appraisal test. Remember everything that you had mentioned  in the Self Appraisal test, this would be a confirmation from Psychologist.
I was asked about My frnds in College and School Friends. Since i am an Engineer, i was asked some technical questions, was simple. Was asked to name any 5 IAF planes and Choppers(MiG-27,MiG-29,Jaguar,Mirage 2000,Deepak ,Kiran).
I was the equivalent of ranks in Army and IAF, i answered them right. I was interviewed for more than an Hour.
All were taken for Sight seeing after that, enjoyed the day.

Day 3:

GTO(Group Task Obstacles)
You’ll be asked to assemble for GTO early in the morning, White shorts and T-shirts.My Batch had 7 members in it.Every batch has a GTO Officer. Our GTO officer was commanding and was crisp in Thougth.
These Include:
1.Group Discussion(2 different Topics)
2.Group Planning or Military Planning:
A 3D model of Map with  Rescue Mission would be given to your group, a certain deadline is given within which you need to Accomplish your mission.
Do a team work Guys, that’ll help, do not Dominate, agree with all your members opinion.Allow others to speak.
3.Progressive Group Task:
Some materials will be given to your team like(Logs, Plank,Ropes & a Sensitive Material).Do a team work, get the ideas from your group members to finish the task ASAP.
4.Half Group Task.
The Group will be split into half.. Same task is given to both the groups in different slot of time. You wont be allowed to see the ideas adopted by your other half group.
5.Command Group Task.
You would be elected as the Commander to your group. You will be asked by the GTO to select any 2 members from your group members.An Obstacle would be given  Give commands, don’t shout, let your subordinates obey all your commands. Encourage them, pat them for the Good work done.

6.Snake race:
Again a team work.
Slots are given with 4 Different topics. You’ll be given 3 mins  to speak. Try to select the topic that’s given 1st among the 4. Usually the 1st and 2nd topics are tough. If no idea strikes you, go for the final one.
8. Individual Obstacles.
10 obstacles, 3 mins deadline. try completing most. Each one carries mark which is same as the number displayed in each task. 55 marks. you can repeat after you complete all the tasks. some of them were :
1.Burma Rope.
3.Wall Jumping
4.Monkey Crawling.
5.Rope Climbing.(Be careful, many get Burns while getting down.)
6.Walking Balancing on a Log.
7.Rope Climbing
8. Tiger Jump.or Leap.(Be careful, many get Burns while getting down.)
9.Getting through a Big Tyre.
10.Climbing up and Jumping Twice from a certain height.

Day 4:
GTO and Conference:
There would be an individual interview according to your respective Chest Numbers. The President of the Board would interview you.My commandant was a Group Captain.
There would be many Subordinates of the President. Each of them notice your every activity. Maintain a good posture while you sit. Answer to the point, and maintain an eye contact only to the officer who speaks to you.
I enjoyed the Stay there, The Interview here is a Challenging one.

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