Indian-Airforce Placement-Paper

IAF (Indian Air Force ) EKT consist of two objective sections (1)ge1neral engineering (2)speciliazation
I am an electrical major . here are some of the questions
1)Darlington pair consists of the following two stages
______________ and ______________

2)the ratio of length of the drawing of the object to the actual length of the object is called a)resulting fraction b) representative figure c) representative fraction d) result

3)Piezometer is used to measure ______________

4) Hydrometer is used to measure _________________________
5) OTTO cycle works on _________________
a)constant P ,Q ,T…..

6)value of wavelength for maximum emmisive power given by _____________law

7)ASCII code is a 7 bit code for a)numbers b)letters c)symbols d)all

8)microcomputer register is __________a)address b)memory location c)register d) chip

9) outer part of thread is a) crest b) root c) flank d) depth

10) one of the three states of steam
a) water steam b) super heated c) dangerous d)volatile

11)modern nuclear power plant works on the principle of a) nuclear fusion b) nuclear fission c) nuclear absorption

12) In gas turbines , high thermal efficiency is obtained in
a) open cycle b) closed cycle c) in both

13)most of the voice energy is concentrated in the vicinity of
a) 100 hz – 1 khz b) 100 hz -3 khz c) 100 hz – 5 khz

Eelctrical questions

1) In Induction motorĀ  if load increseses then power factor _____

2) In DC generator polarity of interpole is_______________

3) Supply of DC shunt motor are reversed , what will be the effect on motor____________

4)direction of rotation of shunt generator can be reversed by interchanging
a) supply terminals b) polarity of field winding c) polarity of armature and field winding d) any of the above

5) Laplace transform of the unit step function u (t-a)

6) conjugate of (-a+ j b) is

7) differentiator are not used in system because_________________

8) Thermal runaway is associated with _____________________

9) Negative feed back in an amplifier results in ____ gain and ____ band width

10) A capacitor start capapcitor run 1 phase induction motor is basically ______________ motor

11) High pass filter can act as a) integrator b) differentiator c) a & b

12 ) what class of amplifier has least distortion

13) Saw tooth voltage in CRO is produced in a) sweep generator b ) colpitt oscillator c )………. d)……..

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