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TCS new and latest placement paper aptitude questions based on TCS visited in RVR and JC COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING,in Andhrapradesh for Btech students.TCS this year new question papers and TCS Technical HR Interview questions and TCS campus recruitment procedure ,TCS new selection procedure, written test pattern shared by Jhansi campus recruitment experience

Hai, I am Jhansi Yarlagadda presently doing my B.Tech final year . Recently TCS visited our campus for recruitment ….

My aptitude questions are given some which I remember

1)A beaker contains 180 liters of wine each day 60lts of wine is replaced with same amount of water what is the amount of wine after 3 days?

2) a+b=3 ,a^2+b^2=7 find a^4+b^4=?

3)Paul started from home with his bicycle traveling 6kmph at 12:00 pm and john started at 13:30 traveling 9kmph. at what time john will 3km ahead of paul?

4) Saving = income-expenditure income in the ratio 1:2;3 and expenditure in the ratio 3:2:1 let persons income and expenditures be a,b,c .. find their savings in increasing order ..

5)  1*1!+2*2!+3*3!+4*4!+…….+2012*2012!

6)  A leap year it is and what is the probability of getting 53 Sundays ???

7) Jake is faster than Paul. Jake and Paul each walk 24 km. The sum of their speeds is 7 km/h and the sum of time taken by them is 14 hours. Then Jake’s speed is equal to :

8) 60% of male in a town and 70% of female in a town are eligible to vote. out of which 70% of male and 60% of female who are eligible to vote voted 4 candidate A. what is the value of votes in % did A get?

9)  A number( exactly not is a four digit number started with 7) is given 9393 should be added to it so that it must be divided by 12,24,32,54

10) There is a circle with 2 triangles inscribed in it. in opposite direction making a star. The triangle is equilateral of side 12. u have to tell the area of the remaining portion of the circle. 11)  A man has 3 shirts, 4 pairs of trousers and 6 ties. What are the number of ways in which he can dress himself with a combination of all the three? 12) A, E, F, and G ran a race.
A said “I did not finish 1st /4th
E said “I did not finish 4th”
F said “I finished 1st”
G said “I finished 4th”
If there were no ties and exactly 3 children told the truth, when who finishes 4th?

TCS Technical interview questions asked in this years new and latest campus recruitment i RVR&JC COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING  AP.TCS Asked technical questions are lnaguages C,C++,java projects,truncate etc Below I described my Technical interview in TCS and me

TCS Technical  interview
First I knocked the door  

Me: may I come in sir
Tr: come in Me: good evng sir,
good evening (two members in panel Tr and Mr)

Tr: good evening, good evening sir please take your seat
Me: thank  you sir

Tr: give your resume
Me: gave

Tr: introduce yourself
Me: Told For 10 mins

Tr: define artificial intelligence
Me: told

Tr: diff btw c, c++, Java
Me: Told

Tr: Can you  give different stages to deliver a project
Me: told

Tr: what are roll back and delete operations
Me: Told

Tr: What is truncate?
Me: I told but it’s not up to the mark

Tr: Write a query using 10% salary hike only employee joined in leap year
Me: Wrote but not up to mark but I explained it how we can get that

Tr: Asked me to write a program to add N and the results should be single digit
Me: Wrote

Tr: Are you  an IT candidate can’t you be ashamed of not writing a code properly?
Tr: Look and ECE guy wrote it look
Me: sir it’s not the program u asked he wrote code for Armstrong

Tr: can I show you result am I am I???
Me: no sir I got it. It can be coded in that way too Sorry sir

Tr: tell me ur project!!!
Me: Told

Tr: I don’t know why you study by mug up all programs if I ask you fibanocii , all the listed programs u did I know u can write these but that why I asked this to write
Me: gave a smile

Tr: why u people are doing this?
Me: me sir can I try it again

Tr: yes, u can
Me: took a min and wrote but it’s not up to his mark

Tr: yah this is good than previous one. Nice try
Tr: mr: would you like ask her anything? Mr: no
Tr: any questions
Me: no

Tr: okay you can leave now
Me: Thank you  sir it’s pleasure to get interviewed by u!!

Tr: smiled

TCS HR Interview questions in campus recruitment in RVR&JC COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AP
Here in our college some panels have all the three tr, mr, and hr Next….
HR After 5 mins..

Hr: okay Jhansi tell about you yourself not in CV
Me: told about the club I initiated 

Hr: is that still running?
Me: yes sir

Hr: gave me water bottle tell me use if it other than filling fuels
Me: sir, if we fill it with some sand and place a rocket (Diwali cracker) we can launch it easily wit out any sort of fear  I am thinking for other use

Hr: okay Jhansi why tcs?
Me: told
Hr: why u have been in Guntur since 8 years why not u have chosen other place
Me: sir , I am not a gunturian but for my studies I have been living in Guntur bacically I am from ongole and I told him that I have got seat here and I am staying in hostel since 8 years

Hr: why RVR only
Me: its best college aggregated my NBA 5 times. It’s stood in top ten in Andhra and top 92 all over Indian colleges

Hr: what are u doing to improve in English?
Me: told

Hr: are willing to do night shifts
Me: yes sir

Hr: are willing to go anywhere
Me: yes sir I am and I love traveling I have been to Munnar , ooty and I visited all most all South Indian places if I get chance to join tcs I will vist north too
Hr: okay Jhansi can u talk about water bottle for one min?
Me: yes sir Hr: can u can u???
Me: yes sir I can Hr: okay start
Me: waste bottle it’s I made up of plastic. Its shape depends on its maker. It has a wrapper. It has a cap which is blue in colour. We can use it to blow horn by placing a rubber to its mouth. This bottle is product of Kinley Hr: okay stop

Hr: do you know about bond?
Me: no sir

Hr: explained
Tr: why tcs why not other company
Me: TCS is the best company without boundaries for career growth

Hr: it’s best so u opt tcs???
Me: no sir I can put all my skills if I work for tcs and I can get global exposure and chance to work with multiple employees across 81 nations

Hr: what are the other companies visiting your campus
Me: to my knowledge tcs is first and we have inter graph. , mahindra stayam and some other companies

Hr: why should I hire you?
Me: sir as a fresher I don’t have any experience but if get chance to work in tcs I will never let your decisions down. And I am skilled, talented and I work hard too

Hr: do you wana go for higher studies?
Me: no sir, but if at all my career growth insist me to do higher studies then I will do. Moreover we have online opportunities too

Hr: do you have any back logs
Me: no sir no back logs no year gaps

Hr: can u sign bond?
Me: yes sir Hr : any questions

Me: no

Hr: okay Jhansi you can leave now.
Me: thanku sir…
Hr: see you again.

At last he smiled to me At last came out and cried because if tr scolding’s This is is my TCS Experience ..These questions based on my memory TCS Aptitude Technical and HR interview experience in my college recruitment procedure  will help you guys  This is my first interview. I am from RVR&JC COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. I hope this may help you …all the best guys. I have got offer letter from Tcs on November 8th 2013. Out 900 Students appeared 114 got selected and I am one among them.  

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