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TCS new latest placement papers questions, TCS changed pattern-TCS email writingĀ  verbal ability tests ,technical hr interview procedure


TCS this year conducted campus recruitment in my college Techno India College of Technology , Newtown , Kolkata. TCS-Tata Consultancy Services Tata Groups -TCS is a leading global software company, with delivery centres in the US, UK, Hungary, Brazil, Uruguay and China, besides India. Tata Global Beverages is the second-largest player in tea in the world. Here Iam contribute my experience in TCS placement drives recruitment of graduate engineers TCS this years changed pattern in their selection process TCS added one news section for thier recruitment that is TCS Email Writing test ie., TCS verbal ability test. and like previous years TCS on line aptitude tests and Technical HR interview. Students who got above 80 % or top 5 in aggregate of 6 sem exams you need to appear only verbal ability test. Below I described TCS campus recruitment experience


TCS placement procedure students who got above 80% and top students

Hi friends, this is Suman from Techno India College of Technology , Newtown , Kolkata .

TCS recently recruited from our college.

The pattern for this year was a bit different.

The rule for our college was as follows :

1 > If you are in the top 5 (based on aggregate of 6 semester exams) then you need to appear only for the verbal ability test.

2 > Those not in the top 5 list would have to appear for both the verbal ability test as well as the analytical ability test.

TCS On line written test -AptitudeĀ 
The written for our college was held on 1st November. As I was in the top 5 category I was exempted from the analytical section .

TCS Verbal ability test and TCS e-mail writing test

The verbal ability test consisted of writing a mail with phrases provided to us.

The phrases given in my case were as follows :

TCS email writing phrases bring- camera- celebrations – cake – instruct – security personnel – not working area – only near pool – obliged.

The instructions on the screen were : Min 50 words should be used

Name of sender and receiver must be provided as given ,

All phrases must be in sequence otherwise it might lead to poor grades.

The round seemed quite simple and most of the top 5 guys expected to clear it.

However I was shocked when the results were declared. Amongst 25 toppers only 10 manged to clear it.

Overall 72 students cleared the aptitude from approximate 350 candidates.

TCS technical HR Interview procedure

Our interview date was slotted on the 15th of November at a TCS office in Kolkata (Newtown).

The interview was sort of pooled. Almost 10 colleges were called over a span of 2 days.

This was how my interview went about :

There were 2 interviewers in my panel . The first interviewer started the proceedings while the other was browsing through my campus commune details on the laptop.

I : Good morning , Please take your seat.
Me : Thank you Sir.

I : Please introduce yourself.
Me : Spoke about my academics ,family background, extra-curricular as well as my strengths and achievements.

I : So have you done any projects ?
Me : Yes.

I : Please tell what your project was all about and what was your role in it ?
Me : I mentioned in detail about my project . I started with why we chose the platform (j2ee) , why we decided to do the project , how many members were there , who took up which role and also mentioned my role .
I had mentioned that i worked in the db designing part.

So he asked me the following questions :

Explain normalization ? Tell me what would have happened if there was no normalization ? How has normalization helped the db designing process ?

What is denormalization ? Why do we require to do de-normalization? What would happen if we simply normalized the tables and did not perform any denormalization. Is it absolutely necessary to denormalization ?

I got a bit stuck here as I knew denormalization but the reason I gave him as to why de normalization should be done didn’t really satisfy him.

He then asked me to explain to him what a dbms was assuming that he was a class 5 student!!!! It was a bit tricky but I was spontaneous and explained the concept of dbms in a very lucid manner assuming that he was a class 5 student!!!

After that he gave me a sheet and asked me to draw the graphs for y=10 and y=|x|. I did that correctly but was quite surprised at the question!!

Then he moved on to oops and asked me to explain polymorphism , method overloading and arraylist. He also wanted to know what would be the problem if we did not use polymorphism and arraylist .

One thing I really liked was that the interviewer never demanded direct answers .

He also asked me to rate myself on Java for which I said 7/10. He immediately asked why not more ? For which I answered that java is huge and learning everything is not possible and there is always scope for improvement.

I had mentioned quizzing as my interests. He asked me the nobel prize winner in literature this year. I was not able to recall the answer!!

He asked me against whom is Viswanathan Anand playing in the recent chess championship? I got this right – Magnus Carlsen !!!

The he handed the resume to the second interviewer.

TCS HR Interview

The second interviewer was I suppose a HR guy. He started of asking me the difference between dbms and rdbms. He then asked some general HR questions :

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

What are the qualities of a leader?

Do you have those qualities?

What would you do to develop those qualities?

Then he asked why do you want a job in TCS ?

For this I answered that I joining TCS which is the number one company would give me satisfaction that no other company could give me!!

The interviewer looked towards the other interviewer and asked him jokingly : are we satisfied? and started laughing!! It was a hilarious situation.

And that was all ! He asked me to leave after that…….

After the interviews were over some were told to leave for the day while others were called in for another HR round.

Finally on the 17th of November at 1:30 am I received the offer letter!! It was such a happy and memorable moment!

However the number of selections from our college was dismal . Only 22 out of the 72 students who cleared the aptitude made it through. 11 from CSE, 7 from ECE and 4 from IT were selected finally.

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