TCS Placement-Paper

Hello friends I m sharing my Interview Experience in TCS It takes around 1 hour 30  minutes

Technical Round and Managerial Round – (Went for 1 hr 30 min )

First of all they asked me to give my CV ,

Then told me to Introduce Myself

Interviewer- Tell me your favourite subject
Me- Sir, DS and C

Interviewer- Tell me among C and DS which one is your most favourite ? 
Me- Sir, C

Interviewer- Ok , then make a programme which you found the toughest one till now ??
Me- made programme of Palindrome..,.!!
Interviewer- Explain it
Me- Explained the programme from very first line
y I wrote #include<>, void main ,.,., body of main.,. !!
Explained them the logic of palindromes through example…,.,!!

Interviewer- can you make another program ??
Me- yes sir I will try my best you can give me any programme ,.,to write., !!
Interviewer- then he asked me to make a programme to print the string in reverse order .,. !!!
Me- ok Sir., I wrote and explain them .,..,!!
Interviewer- can u code in other way ?
Me- yes sir, then I told them logic how i can code the same programme in other way.,. !!

Interviewer- You have done so many certificates how you manage your time and prepare for this things?
Me- told them,., !!

Interviewer- any siblings or cousins?
Me – Yes sir , I have brother , told his occupation and where he is currently right now !!

Interviewer- So, why dont you go for Higher studies as your brother is doing Ms.,. !!
Me- sir , first i want to do job.,.blah blah.,. then if further required den will go for higher studies.,.,.and told them that in tcs there is plan that u can go for ur higher studies.,.,.and come back and join the company without interview.,.,.!!
Interviewer- Suppose, if u r in my team ,. under 4 year project then will u wait for 4 years and then go for higher studies??
Interviewer- put me in a hypothetical situation.,. !!

Interviewer- How many employees in TCS?
Me- told them around 2 lakh 80 thousand

Interviewer- Marriage Plans?
Interviewer- asked questions on java .,.and when u did your OCJP and what is OCJP??
Interviewer- asked questions on Project .., what is your role ,.. what u did??
Interviewer- After doing OCJP.,., have u done any other project other than your minor??

Interviewer- Ok .,. so u have DBMS as your favourite  subject too ??
Me- sir, too be frank I knew the basics of DBMS.,. !!

Interviewer- what is DBMS? difference b/w RDBMS and DBMS?? 
Me- explain them with example.,.!!

Interviewer- asked questions on Keys ?Me- explained Primary, foreign key thru example ,., !!
Interviewer- if i save data of 250 students in notepad then it  be database or rdbms ??
Me- Told them sir it vl be dbms and its not rdbms as it doesnt contain table.,. !!!

Interviewer- name few latest technologies ?
Me- told about cloud computing and defined it.,. !!
Interviewer – gud,.,.then rapid fire questions.,.!!
Me – answered them.,. most of the questions.,. as they want to check presence of mind.,.!!!

Interviewer- Do u have any question for us?
Me- asked few questions and asked Where u found me lacking and want me to improve so that it can help ur organisation ??
Interviewer- answered it ., !!

At last.,. they told me best luck for result.,., and shake hands

Just after My TR and MR round .,.Its HR call within 10 min .,. !!
(Went for arnd 45 min )

HR- Have a sit ., !!
Me – thank u sir,.,!!
HR- give your application form .,.and how you feeling??
HR- I found very few students who scored good in Eng den 10 n 12 what’s your aspiration ??
HR- Tell me about TCS other than what you read from Wiki.,!!

Then suddenly 2 HR entered the room,., !! beginning of Stress interview.,
HR2- Why u have tied your tie untie it.,. !!

HR3- How many buttons r there in your blazer and y to wear it remove it,., !!
HR3- U r negative person .,. !!

HR2- started talking about me.,. took my cv and application form., and asked few questions n my strength ,,., !!
then HR2 and HR3 left the room.,. !!

HR1- how many interviews you face till now ?/
HR1- what your occupation and what he do ? Why u want to join our company not your father business??
HR1- On which project TCS is working?? Name TCS clients and technologies on which we r working??
HR1- Do u have any question ?
Me- asked.,. few
HR1- ok lavish Thank u.,.,wait for result best luck.,.!!
Me- thank u sir.,., and have a nice day sir 🙂
HR1- same to u .,.and asked me to take lunch,.,!!!
me- thank u sir 🙂

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