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Aptitude Interview IT Company Verbal Reasoning

Capgemini new, latest campus recruitment procedure. This years capgemini on line tests was conducted cocubes.capgemini selection procedure consists on line written test s technical and hr interview. Here describes capgemini latest placement procedure and new placement papers pattern. Like previous years capgemini on line test conists Verbal ability-English language 25 questions 1 positive mark and -o.25 marks, Capgemini analytical reasoning and numerical reasoning same 25 marks same marking procedure Here some verbal ability questions to refer, learn, practice upcoming capgemini recruitment. This is the lists of all capgemini new pattern placement papers,capgemini latest question papers for all sections and capgemini previous years solved question papers of aptitude, numerical ability, verbal ability, free mock on line test of capgemini

Capgemini on line tests important guidelines and instructions
Capgemini First section of on line campus recruitment aptitude tests

English Usage No of Questions: 25,
Positive mark-1
Negative mark-0.25

Read the passage given below and answer the following Questions:
The questions relate to the words or phrases bold in the following passage. However, the entire passage may have to be read before attempting the questions.
An old specter is haunting Delhi. Abandoned elsewhere in the world by a merciless history, it has taken refuge in a place where there is no Pope or Czar to overcome. Communism, the unraveled lie of the last century, may have lost its original homelands in Russia and Eastern Europe. Doesn’t matter, there are always theorists in thrall who can argue with such dialectical conviction about the inevitabilities of scientific error in practice. So, there is always a socialist afterlife beyond the detritus of the Soviet empire and the fallen vassal states.

There are also revolutionaries like Prakash Karat armed with the book to guard against the possibility of Marx being exiled to the souvenir shop. Thank God, the revolution of Karat is bound by the armchair. The world as he sees it is a world hostile to the revolutionary ideal, and where counter-revolutionary viruses are on the offensive. He has identified them, and his diktats against them are the most decisive commandments in Indian politics today.

Q 1. ‘Thrall’ in the context of the passage means

A. Slave

B. Attendance

C. Abundance

D. Support

Q 2. Pick the pair of words which have the same meaning:

A. 1,3

B. 4,6

C. 2,4

D. 1,5

Q 3. The general tenor of the passage is

A. Critical of the stand taken by Prakash Karat

B. One of sarcasm against Prakash Karat

C. Appreciative of the stand taken by Prakash Karat

D. Supportive of the stand taken by Prakash Karat

Capgemini second reading comprehension passage
Read the passage given below and answer the following Questions:
Bamboo is a woody plant of the grass family. There are about 1,000 species of bamboos. They grow throughout the tropical and semitropical regions of the world, especially in southern Asia, at altitudes ranging from sea level to 13,000 feet (4,000 m). The pygmy bamboo of Japan is about the size of field grass, while in China, India, and the northern Andes Mountains of South America there are bamboos 12 inches (30 cm) in diameter and 120 feet (37 m) tall. The Culm, or stem, of most species of bamboo, like that of most grasses, is hollow and jointed. The culms grow rapidly, reaching their full height in two months or less. They do not grow thicker; the new shoots (sprouts) have their full diameter when they emerge. Delicate leaves growing from the upper nodes (joints) give the top of the Culm a feathery look. Bamboo grows in dense groves, new culms being produced by rhizomes (underground stems).Many species of bamboo flower only at long intervals”30, 60, or 120 years. When flowering occurs, all plants of that species, all over the world, flower at about the same time. Then the culms die. The grove, however, does not die, because some rhizomes survive to send up new shoots and some seeds take root. But it takes about five years for a grove to become fully reestablished, and the culms are not suitable for harvesting until they are three to five years old.

In some parts of Asia entire houses are made of bamboo. Bamboo poles form the framework and bamboo splints are woven into latticework for walls and partitions. Split bamboo is used for floors, and roofs are made of bamboo leaves laid on bamboo poles. Sections of Culm with a node at one end, depending on their size, serve as cups, bottles, jars, and other containers. Bamboo shoots are used in many Oriental (especially Chinese) dishes, and bamboo seeds can be roasted and eaten. Knives are made from the outer wall of the Culm, and paper from the inner wall. Many products are made of bamboo for export or tourist trade in Asian countries. Masts of boats are made from culms, and culms with the nodes bored out are used as water pipes. Bows and arrows are also made from bamboo. Large amounts of bamboo are imported into Western countries to make curtains, umbrella handles, walking sticks, fishing poles, baskets, chairs, cages, and wicker work. Cellulose extracted from bamboo is used in the manufacture of rayon and other man-made textiles. Carbonized bamboos served as the filament in early electric light bulbs. Bamboos are members of the family Gramineae. There are more than 50 genera. Only two species are native to the United States. Arundinaria gigantean is the giant cane of the canebrakes of the South. It grows as far north as Virginia and as far west as Louisiana. It reaches 25 feet (7.6 m) in height. The switch cane, A. tecta, grows to 12 feet (3.7 m), and may be found from Maryland and Indiana to Texas. Bamboos that grow as tall as 100 feet (30 m) include Bambusa arundinaceous of India (which now also grows in Florida) and Dendrocalamus giganteus of Burma.

Q 4. What is not true about the Bamboos?

A. Bamboo seeds can be used for eating

B. Bamboos were used as bulb filament in earlier bulbs

C. Bamboo culms are not suitable for harvesting before five years

D. Some of the houses are completely constructed by bamboos

Q 5. What is the use of Bamboo that is not mentioned in passage?

A. Knife

B. Floor

C. Paper

D. Pen

Q 6. All bamboos all over the world flower at same time when the flowering time comes-

A. True

B. May be true

C. False

D. Definitely False

Q 7. A Word in bold letters is given in following questions you are required to mark most synonym of the word as your answer from the choices available.

Take care of what u say! You will have to eat your words!

A. You have no food to eat.

B. You will have to take back what you have said.

C. You are not good with your language

D. None of the above

Q 8. Read each of the following sentences some part or the entire sentence is marked in Bold. Below each sentence is given four ways of phrasing the bold part. Select the answer from among the choices, which produces the most effective sentence, one that is clear and exact.

Police ransacks their homes looking for arms; they brutalize men and insult women.

A. Police ransack their homes looking for arms

B. Police ransacks their homes to look for arms

C. Police has ransacked their homes looking for arms

D. Police ransacks their home in the look for arms.

Q 9. They were having __ essential debate on __ role of women empowerment in __ auditorium.

A. a, the, the

B. the, the, an

C. a, an, the

D. an, the, the

Q 10. Following sentence contains one (and only one) error in grammar, usage or idiom. The sentence have been broken into four parts. Identify the part containing the error.

A. Companies that are ready

B. to abide with these guidelines

C. will be admitted

D. as members of the ‘Consortium for Social Cause’

Q 11. A Word in bold letters is given in following questions you are required to mark most synonym of the word as your answer from the choices available.

I racked my brains to solve this difficult problem.

A. I read a large number of books.

B. I consulted several people

C. I used my commonsense

D. I subjected my mind to hard thinking

Q 12. Each sentence is in direct or indirect speech and is followed by four alternatives of the opposite form of narration to that of the sentence. Choose the correct alternative.:

The man with the gun said to us, “Don’t move!”

A. The man with the gun requested us not to move.

B. The man with the gun warned us not to move.

C. The man with the gun said to us not to move.

D. The man with the gun said don’t move.

Q 13. Mark the most similar word with word given below


A. Professional

B. Charlatan

C. Practitioner

D. Spontaneous

Q 14. Mark the incorrect word among the ones marked in bold in the following sentence:

The marsupial kangaroo protects it’s young one from enemies by lodging it in the pouch.

A. marsupial

B. lodging

C. it’s

D. pouch

Q 15. Which of the following part of sentence is incorrect?

A. According to Buddha

B. the solution to all our woes

C. laid in our desire

D. for the fulfillment of our urges

Q 16. In the following question, four similar sentences are given, of which only one is grammatically correct, stylistically elegant and semantically consistent. Identify that sentence.
A. The judge observed that though the editor did not violate any rule, his publishing the article would tantamount to libel, as it tarnished the image of the august body.
B. The judge observed that though the editor did not violate any law, his publishing the article would be tantamount to slander, as it tarnished the image of the august body.
C. The judge observed that though the editor did not violate any law, his publishing the article would be tantamount to slander, as it tarnished the image of the a great body.
D. The judge observed that though the editor did not violate any law, his publishing the article would be tantamount to libel, as it tarnished the image of the august body.

Q 17. The following question contain three sets each of three sentences of which none/one/two/all may be incorrect. Which of them are incorrect?

1. Even though the newly developed seed did bring in a better crop, the farmers were not specious about the next year.
2. It is easy to explain the preference of aficionados of coffee to Robusta over Arabica.
3. The ‘Padmashri’ was a handsome reward to the distinguished scientist who had worked tiresomely for developing an electronic device for keeping pests away.

A. 1 and 2

B. 2 and 3

C. 1 and 3

D. None

Q 18. A Word in bold letters is given in following questions you are required to mark most synonym of the word as your answer from the choices available.

He was a king who ruled his subjects with a high hand.

A. sympathetically

B. Oppressively

C. Democratically

D. Generously

Q 19. What is the meaning of the following idiom.
Wild-goose chase

A. going on a hunt

B. tough competition

C. A hopeless quest

D. none of these

Q 20. Fill in the blanks:

The argument that the need for a new monetary policy to ..demand outweighs the need to .budget deficits its persuasive.

A. Assess, minimize

B. Outstrip, eliminate

C. Stimulate, control

D. Restraint, Conceal

Q 21. Choose the option which uses the correct word meaning ‘scared’:

A. My sister is afraid of cockroaches.

B. My sister is fearful of cockroaches.

C. My sister is frightful of cockroaches.

D. My sister is feared of cockroaches

Q 22. Ravi has trouble falling or staying asleep. I guess, he suffers from _______.

A. fever

B. anxiety

C. insomnia

D. cough

Q 23. Fill in the blank with the most appropriate option:

The .and hypnotically soothing voice chanting from Vedas .over a flood of old memories.

A. Euphonious ..glided

B. Dulcet.floated

C. Tuneful.drifted

D. Melodious.wafted

Q 24. Blue stocking means ..

A. Knowledge

B. Disappointment

C. Urgency

D. Enjoyment

Q 25. Words spoken as a magical spell or charm

A. Incantation

B. Hymn

C. Paean

D. Chorale
In summaries Capgemini online aptitude test 25 questions verbal ability-English language.. Start to prepare for upcoming capgemini placement drives for referring capgemini previous years solved question papers of aptitude, reasoning ,english and capgemini free on line mock tests. Capegemini candidate experience explains how technical hr interview procedure how can we crack these sections

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