Capgemini interview procedure

Capgemini interview procedure


About Interview 

An interview is a process which looks at how you react to various situations. It involves thinking on your feet. An interview gives an opportunity to the interviewer to peep into your mind and look at your thought process. Hence it is important that you do not answer the questions in monosyllables but elaborate on what you think about the issue being discussed. Look at each question in the interview as an opportunity to show more good things about yourself to the interviewers. You may wonder what the interviewer can assess about the interviewee in short period of time. Do not forget that the interviewers are experienced people – they know what to look for and will be able to do a pretty good job of mapping the profile of the candidate with the help of few questions that they ask the candidates in the interview….


Preparatory aspects of interview
1.Dress code
2.Entry and initial moments in the interview room
3.Sitting posture
4.Body language
5.Language to be used in an interview
6.Conduct inside the interview room

The main qualities that the interviewer look for the candidate are:

Level of knowledge the candidates possesses.
Conceptual understanding of issues
Clarity of thought
Communication skill
Planning of career
Basic personality
Reacting to a situation

Capgemini Sample HR Interview Pattern- 2012

Follow this steps before interview………….

(knock gently on the door, open it slowly and say)

Me : “May I come in,” (Clearly and loud enough for the panel to hear. After that “May I come in” you do not have to wait for a reply from the panel members- you can walk in… )

HR : Please wait outside……..

Me : sure….

(I moved out the interview room, and stay out till they are called again.. After a few minute they called me.)

Me : Good evening mam, Good evening sir (keep smile on your face.)

HR :Good evening, me Arun and handshake with me

Me : Also handshaked and told myself bhabani sankar and stood around 5 second

HR : Please sit down….

Me : Sat and told thank you sir

HR :Tell me about your self……….

(Suggestion: your answer to this question should cover your educational background very briefly. You should talk about your achievements, if any, either in your academic or in work or both.
Then you can add a few details about what type of person you are, your likes, dislikes, etc. Giving details about your family background is not compulsory. Before interview frame a good answer and practice in front of a mirror.)

Me : I told confidently……..

HR : Why did you select computer science? Why not other subject?

(Suggestion : Give a positive answer to this question)

Me : I chose to study computer science…………..

HR : what did you learn from the cultural and extra curricular activities you participated in? (In my CV I mentioned extracurricular activity)

Me : I learnt the value of team work and the need to cultivate a healthy competitive spirit .Also, I have learn value of optimism and importance of a never-say-die attitude.

HR : Why do you want to join Capgemini and not any other company?

(Caution: Never tell the reasons such as ONSITE or SALARY. That gives a negative impression on you.)

Me : sir, For a professional ……………..

HR : Tell us why we should select you?

Me :Told about my strong areas and team building capability. And told them for the above reasons I feel I am the best candidate for Capgemini.

HR : Do you Have any Question?

Me : I asked about the training opportunities……… and I asked – What qualities do you want to fills this job?

HR : He gave me a detailed explanation……..

HR : Ok thank you so much.

Me: Handshaked and told thank you so much mam. Thank you sir.

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