Capgemini latest Off and On campus recruitment procedure on September 17th and 18th

Capgemini latest Off and On campus recruitment procedure on September 17th and 18th 


Hii ..Im Amritha,      Capgemini was there in our campus(LBS Institute of Technology for Women, Poojappura, Trivandrum)  on September 17th & 18th,  


In capgemini recruitment process consists on line written test Group discussion and Interview.Capgemini recruitment First section  about 2 hours pre-placement talk 


Capgemini On line aptitude test procedure
No of questions-75
Time limit 1.50 hours


There were 3 rounds: Aptitude Test, Group Discussion, Interview.
There was a pre-placement talk for about 2 hours.


After that, the test began.


There were 151 students for the test.


The test had 75 questions and 1.5 hours duration.


69 were shortlisted.


Our GD topic was “Is HARTHAL a nice way to protest?”.


52 were shortlisted for the interview. End of the day, 33 got placed in Capgemini. I’m so happy to say that, now I’m a member of the Capgemini family. 🙂


The test was online. It was a bit tough for me.


In GD, try to initiate the GD. Plus, try to speak out through out the session. Also make others speak. Don’t wait for your chance to come. No one is gonna give you a chance.You have to find it yourself. Please don’t keep quiet. Speak out, atleast once.

Also, take initiative in concluding the GD.


The following are the questions asked to me by the interviewer.


1. What did you feel when you heard that Capgemini is coming to your campus?


2. If you are given a chance to ask something to us, what would you ask?
3. You have no problem with your job location ?


4. What did you like the most in the pre-placement talk?
5. Do you know the services of Capgemini?(I said ‘Yes’) Then he asked, ”What are they?”


6. What do you want to be in your life?
7. Did you visit Capgemini’s website? (I said ‘Yes’) Then he asked, ”What all did you read from the website?”


8. What are your extracurricular activities?
9. Have you studied C and C++?


10. Which is your favourite subject in IT? (I said ‘Compiler Design’) Then he asked, “What is Parsing?”
11. Have you studied database? (I said ‘Yes’) Then he asked, ”What is a foreign key?”


12. You are alone in a room. You are given multiple number of candles. You have no measuring aids with you. You have a match box with you. You have to accurately measure 45 minutes. The total time a candle takes to burn out completely is 30 minutes. How would you measure?


13. Do you know thermometer?


14. What is it used for?
15. Why mercury is used in thermometer?


16. Can thermometer be used to measure room temperature?
17. What is used to measure room temperature?


18. Are you basically from Trivandrum?


I think I’m done. Be yourself, while you are in an interview. Don’t sit quiet.


Tell something when the interviewer asks you anything.


When question like 12 comes, tell whatever coming to your brain. Please,


please, don’t keep quiet. Don’t give up. Atleast make an attempt. The same with questions 13 through 17. When it comes to Technical part, don’t try to fool them. Try to avoid telling ‘I don’t know.’ Simply, sit cool. Look into the eyes of the interviewer. If you know something related to what they have asked and if you are pretty sure that it is 100% correct, tell that point. Don’t act over smart. Be polite, when you answer. Don’t act politeness. Keep smiling always.
All the best!!! 🙂

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