Capgemini On line Aptitude Test

My experience in Capgemini,Capgemini recruitment procedure first section is aptitude test 90 minutes time limit which consists three parts, english reasoning, aptitude Tough section,


Capgemini written test marks level is 1 mark every correct answer, cutoff along with negative mark each wrong answer,
Capgemini On line Aptitude Test : 90 Minutes

First it was aptitude test started from 7:45am the test was for 90min and it was d ivided into three parts the first part being english(difficulty level medium)
The second section was logical reasoning(difficulty level easy) and the last section was quantitative which was tough there was sectional cut off along with negative marking +1 for each correct answer and -0.25 from each wrong answer

(Advice don’t try to attempt all question just 17 question correct in each section will get you through)

Capgemini PreplacementTalk

After aptitude there was pre placement talk they told general information about the company and about package after which they announced result around 60 people were selected after aptitude round

Capgemini Group Discussion Round

After this was GD round in which we were divided into different teams of 8-9 members like this around 7 teams were fromed each having seperate topic for GD

some of the topics were “Is corruption the price we pay for democracy”,”Dependency on Computers” and “Management should be taught in class or practically”
The gd went for around 40min with one hr to monitor us
(Tips for GD try to initiate the gd and give chance to other to speak and try to co-ordinate in the team and clearly express your views and stick to it don’t change it mid way give real life examples as much as possible and in the end conclude the GD)

Capgemini Technical and Hr interview

After GD only 28 people were selected around 3-4 member from each group then we had tech cum hr interview for me it was complete technical i
The interviewer asked me following questions

1.    what is dbms

2    What is rdbms

3.    Difference between dbms and rdbms

4.    Different type of dbms

5.    What is pointer

6.    What do you understand by link list

7.    write a program for creating link list

8.     Show link list diagramtically

9.    What are data structures

10.    What is visual basic

11.    what kind of lang is vb

12     what is the use of vb

13.    Can we perform operation using vb

14    .If we can create apps using dbms and vb why we need programming langs

15.    Difference between excel and dbms

16.    Different peration on table in dbms

17.    What do you understand by object oriented programming

18.    What are objects

19.     Difference between c and c++

20.    What are constructors

21.    Different type of constructors

22.    If we had not created constructor can we still create object

23.    Whats the use of constructor

24.    This pointer

25.     Different type of data type in data structure

26.    What is data structure

27.     Encapsulation

28.    Advantages of java

29.    Real world application of java

30.    Difference between tcp and udp

31.    To display a string in reverse order

32.    Why you chose cs

After this many question my interview was over and he asked whether I have some question for him (always be prepared with at least 2 question you can ask him which have not been covered in ppl such as length of training period or the platform you will be working on)

That’s it after this I had to wait for around 2 hours before they announced the result
and finally along with me 13 more people were selected in capgemini.

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