Cisco Placement-Paper

The written test had two parts.

20 questions from aptitude and 30 technical

No negative marking.

Aptitude was quite a lot tricky.

Technical was Electronics + CS.

Three C programs

1) main()
int const a=100;
int *p;
Ans: 101 101

2) More questions between simple ones.

Two Network questions

ARP is used for?

End to End delievery is responsibility of which layer?

One computer architecture.

If virtual address is[0,514] then if page table contains an entry (032) then physical address is:
Ans append binary form of 32 with binary form of 514

Floating point representation: Simple one

If 23 bits are used for IEEE representation then whats the range of normalized nos. which can be represented?

One semaphores.

I’m from CS background. So don’t remember much electronics question.

Generally 2 technical interviews and one HR. But for some 3 technical and one HR.

Technical interview contained questions like:

Full form of SQL

Various functions in SQL

Decode, ltrim, rtrim, lpad, rpad, truncate etc..


Object oriented analysis and design: usecases, collaboration and sequential diagrams, difference purpose class diagram.

Data warehousing?

Networking client server basic concepts.

C program to count the no. of elements which are repeating more than size/2 times in an array.

Derive a mathematical equation to calculate the angle between two handa of clock.

What are different segments in a program.

When we malloc sm size where does it reside.

Where is a.out stored

Stack increases in which direction

Representation of stack and queue using linked list and then perform insertion and deletion

Models in software engg?. Explain extreme programming

What are triggers? example

3 properties of object oriented analysis and design

Normal forms in dbms?

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