Hai everyone. My name is Rajesh Kumar. currently i m pursuing MCA from IIMT Engineering College, Meerut. As I have given the written exam of Daffodil s/w Ltd. the question consists of two parts:
1) Technical – Basically From C (20 marks)
2) Aptitude (10 marks)

The technical questions were as follows :
A) Write a function to convert from infix to postfix (5 marks)
B) Write a function to generate a fibonacci number using recursive function. (5 marks)
C) Write a program to generate the following pyramid: (5 marks)

Section (A) was compulsory and from section (B) & (C) we have to attempt any one.Beside these there were 5 objective questions from which we have to either find the output or we have to find the error in the program.

The Aptitude Questions were as follows :
A) there are 2 buckets of 3 litre and 5 litre of capacity. we have to measure 4 litre of water using these two buckets only.

B) there are 10 person in a meeting and each person make handshake with each other. how many total handshake will be there.

C) what will be the next number in the given series
394 391 19 16 4 1 ?

D) last year john was three times the age of his sister. Next year he will be just two times the age of his sister. what will be the age of john after 5 years.

E) Rajesh purchases 100 candy form 1 Dollar. he purchases three types of candy having the cost $.05, $.02, $.01. if he purchases 10 candy of $.01 then find the candy of each type .

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