Deloitte Placement-Paper


            Deloitee came to our college on 8th august 2010.Its ppt started around 10:30 in the thing i must tell u guys that it was very impressive and they were very down to earth and our college has taken part in that ppt very enthusiastically. So it was good sign to them that our college students are intrested in the company.

Aptitude test:- It started around 1:15pm and end at 2:00pm. There was 40 question and 45 minutes for it,frankly speaking time was not adequate for the you have to make stratergy according to their instructions.In my case there was no negative marking so i decided to solve for 40 minutes and in last 5 min i will go for random option for unanswered question.I was able to solve around 20-22 question rest i ticked  randomly.class average was around 18-20 questions.

 See profit and loss,speed time and distance,work and time and data intrepretation,comprehension type problem. Question was of Cat-level ,and in many question there was lot of data given and it was very confusing so it is my advice to read it very carefully and judge quickly what they are asking , just be calm,have patience,try to answer each question you attempt  correctly. Result came in the evening and i was among 59 out of 160 students who appeared.

Business Casestudy:- Next morning it started around 8 am in the morning.Here group of 6-7 people was formed and we were given a business problem and we have to work out that problem in a group.1 member from deloitte was with each group and was noting points put by each individual.Give chance each 1 to give their views be a good listener also and try to put your ideas in graphs.our problem was to  analyse market of

usa for

               i)a product nutrocrape(just like cerelac in india)for infants less than 2 years of age.

               ii)pills for Hiv and diabetics.

  For Solving this first be clear about your objectives and go for both pros and cons. Try to give rough data and estimate your product demand you can check…..


Presentation of casestudy:-It was of two minutes.Note that points you gonaa speak doesn’t matches with any of your collegue.After that they asked question on your presentation just be calm……..

HR Interview :- Ahhhh……,if you are here you are 80% done i was among 24 finalist among 59. This was totally HR round with very little knowledge of tecnical.You should be well aware of the things you have written on your cv, many of question they wasked was from my cv eg. My experience as a executive member of an event.

                        Prepare your summer project well,questions like tell me about yourself,why should i hire you,why you wanna join deloitte,for this type of question you can refer

And finally i was 1 out 0f 17 selected for Deloitte

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